To deliver our best, we need to adapt ourselves to the changing times. With work from home becoming a new normal for many of us, setting up the right office space in our homes is very important. A dedicated space with just the right amount of comfort and spot-on ergonomics is the need of the hour for most of us.

The HomeLane team also believes in staying relevant with the changing times and brings the best home interior ideas to you. Once you have chosen the right corner to set up your workstation, you can trust HomeLane to deliver you the finest quality at all times.

HomeLane delivers the perfect home office furniture concepts at your doorstep. Let’s take a look at some of the best furniture concepts in 2020.

Study Table for the Home Office

The work desk is the most important part of your work station. While providing sufficient space to work comfortably, it should also match the existing décor in your home interior. A top quality table should offer the right ergonomics and also provide enough space to spread out your work. At the same time, the dimensions need to be perfect to set it up in an existing space.

HomeLane offers various types of study table designs, and here is a look at some of the best-sellers from our home interior collection.

The Duplex Study Table

This is a specially designed study table that reduces the strain on your back, making it perfect for long periods of office work. It can also be used in both sitting and standing positions. Additional features include a whiteboard and sufficient storage space at the back. Stylish and functional, this is a table that impresses with its simplicity.

Dash Wall Mounted Study Table

If you want to set up your home workstation in a compact space, this innovative wall mounted study table is a perfect choice. The minimalist design makes it compact without sacrificing the overall ergonomics. Additionally, there are drawers and hooks to provide sufficient space for small items. No matter the space you have, it allows you to work comfortably from home.

Tuck Fold Away Work Desk

This is another unique product from Home Interior by HomeLane. Designed for compact spaces, you can fold this table when not in use. This unique design frees up space in your room for other activities. The height can also be adjusted depending on your needs. As usual, you can be sure of the top quality and superior craftsmanship from HomeLane.

Fluid Portable Study Table

As the name suggests, this study table is marked by a fluid design and ease of movement. Thanks to the lockable wheels, you can move it around to any corner of your home. In addition, you also get an organiser and a cabinet leveller. If you are looking for something simple but effective, this is a great choice.

POD 180 Large Study Table

If you are looking for a large table with ample space for all the necessary items that you need, we have the right product for you. This study table also has lockable wheels that allow you to move it around with ease. Other features include storage spaces, smooth wire management, and an effective cabinet leveller.

POD 180 Small Study Table

This is a smaller version of the previous product that offers sufficient space while staying compact in size. It also comes with lockable wheels that allow you to place it in any area of your choice. There is plenty of storage space that can hold all your digital accessories along with sufficient space for a laptop.

Oblique Study Table

This uniquely designed table comes with a bookshelf and ample storage space. It is spacious enough for using your laptop comfortably for long hours. At the same time, the lightweight and sleek design make it perfect for a modern and trendy home. The use of pastel shades also makes it fit perfectly with any setting in your home.

Ingress Study Table

This is a top-quality study table that offers the perfect balance of style and utility. The ergonomic design makes it perfect for long sessions of work and plenty of storage spaces adds to the overall convenience. The neat and efficient design makes it one of the best choices as a home-office workstation.

Nook Study Table

This study table is specially designed to set a cosy workstation in your favourite corner. Custom crafted to perfection, it perfectly balances attractive looks with efficacy and ergonomics. With sufficient storage space, it also maximises the utility of the available space. If you want a traditional touch in your home interior, this is a great pick from all aspects.

Flux Study Table

If you are looking for a workstation that will stand out in your home interior, this model can be worth picking. The superb fit and finish along with easily accessible storage spaces make it a stylish and convenient choice. On top of that, you also get a cabinet leveller and wire management for smooth use.

So these are the top ten products from the home interior by HomeLane to help you set up your home workstation. As always, you can be assured of the top-class quality and reliability that come with every HomeLane product. With our established safety and sanitation protocols, we ensure that every product delivered to your home is the best from every aspect.

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