Are you someone who hates the very thought of housework, but still want your home—or at the very least, your kitchen— to be spick and span all the time? Easier said than done! What with all the masalas, oils and spices that go into dishing up an elaborate home-cooked Indian meal, keeping your kitchen in a spotlessly clean condition can seem a daunting task.

We’re here to help! Here are some kitchen design and cleaning tips that you can steal, so you’ll always be ready for drop-ins! 

Tip #1.  Plan for plenty of storage

There’s nothing that looks quite as disorganized as cluttered, messy countertops. Free up space on the counter by planning dedicated storage space for all your kitchen equipment. Deep drawers for large vessels, a roller shutter unit for appliances, and handy wall-mounted organisers for ladles and pans will keep your countertops clean.

kitchen storage for clean kitchen

Tip #2. Choose the right materials

While it’s definitely important to choose finishes that look gorgeous, it’s as important to pick something that’s easy to keep clean! Your designer will help you to select materials that are stain-proof, scratch-resistant, non-porous and anti-bacterial. Quartz or granite for countertops, vitrified tiles for the backsplash, and stainless steel sinks are low on maintenance and come highly recommended for Indian kitchens.

kitchen material

Tip #3. Minimise tile joints

Tile grout is a magnet for grease and grime, and unless you want to be scrubbing your walls every day, you should opt for a seamless backsplash. A large slab of granite, Corian or back-painted glass are popular options that do away with unsightly tile joints and are way easier to clean.

Tip #4. Use the right cleaning tools

Long-handled brushes, microfiber cloths and liquid organic cleaners are must-have kitchen cleaning staples. As a thumb rule, a 1:1 solution of vinegar to water in a spray bottle is all you’ll ever need to spritz and disinfect your countertops, sink, and appliances. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can wipe it down afterwards with a napkin soaked in lemon water. Try to stay away from harsh chemical cleaners, and choose re-usable microfiber cloths rather than paper tissues. Regularly throw your kitchen towels, aprons and napkins in the washer, so that they always stay fresh and clean!

Tip #5. Buy a chimney with a high suction capacity

A chimney that’s easy to clean and has a powerful suction capacity will help to keep smoke and oil fumes out of your kitchen, keeping the air clean. Pick a chimney with a baffle filter that allows smoke to escape, while trapping the grease. Make sure that the filters are cleaned every few months, so that the suction capacity is not reduced.

Tip #6. Opt for glossy finishes

High gloss finishes are far easier to wipe clean than matte or textured finishes. Shutters that have simple, non-contoured surfaces will not accumulate dust and grime, and you can choose laminate or glass shutters that are dirt repellents. Always ensure that cabinet surfaces are wiped down regularly, and cabinets are cleaned from the inside out at least once a month to avoid the breeding of germs.

Tip #7. Clear out crumbs and spills

It’s very important to wipe up spills and remove crumbs after every cooking session. Allowing spills to sit can cause stains, and will turn your counters and floors very sticky and messy. Rather than deal with a bigger mess later, it’s far easier to clean up at once! What’s more, any food crumbs that are left around will attract roaches and other creepy-crawly critters.

Tip #8. Reduce open shelving

While open shelves may be the latest trend, they are dust magnets. Unless you have the time—and the patience—to dust every day, open shelves aren’t the best choice for you. Not only is it hard to keep them dust free, but you’ll have to make sure that what you put on display is always lined up and looks neat. 

Tip #8. Banish dark corners

Dark, shady corners are impossible to clean, simply because you can’t see the dirt that’s harboured there! Task lighting below the counters will keep them looking bright and clean. Plan to have ambient light in the ceiling, focused light on the cooktop and below counters, and mood lighting if you wish to create the right ambience.

Tip #9. Be mindful of waste management

It’s a given that cooking will generate a lot of waste, both wet and dry. Segregate your waste, separate out the bins for wet and dry garbage, and store them neatly in bins that have lids. Use waste bin liners, and ensure that the bins are sanitised after every use to maintain kitchen hygiene. An under-sink crusher fitting can help dispose of wet waste in a very hygienic manner.

Tip #10. Store foods at the right temperature

It’s important to store foods at the right temperature to prevent them from spoiling, and to avoid the breeding of germs and mould. Frozen foods should be kept frozen, veggies and fruits should be in the chiller, and dry groceries should be stored in airtight containers at room temperature. Clean the interior of your refrigerator thoroughly at least once a week, to ensure that hygiene levels are maintained.

store food in fridge

Tip #11. Set up a regular cleaning routine

Set aside sometime every day to give your kitchen a quick clean. For most people, twenty minutes at the end of the day is all it takes, but what’s important is to make it a regular habit. Start by emptying the sink, and wiping it down with mild soap and water.  Clean the counters and wipe them down with an organic cleaning solution. Next, clear the splatters off the hob and backsplash, and then get down to sweeping the floor. Finally, take out the trash!

A clean, well-designed kitchen can make cooking a joy. Need help designing the kitchen of your dreams, that’s easy to maintain and a joy to work in? Set up a call with HomeLane, and let’s get started right away!

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