Republic Day is celebrated on the 26th of January and is marked by parades and festivities that pay tribute to India’s rich culture and traditions. The spectacular Republic Day parade that is traditionally held on the central Rajpath avenue and features the Army Navy and Armed Forces in their full regalia is indeed a sight worth witnessing. Traditional dance troupes and floats from every state, as well as helicopters putting on a sky show, are the main highlights of this parade.

You can also get into the spirit of patriotism by decorating your home on this special day. Here’s how!

Say It with Tricoloured Cushions

While redecorating the entire room is hardly an option every year, you can show your love for the national colours by bringing out white, green and saffron cushions. In your master bedroom, get into the spirit by using saffron bed linen, white pillows and green plants.

Idlis That Show Your Love for the Country

Your Republic Day breakfast can start off the day on the right note, with idlis that are coloured green, white and orange. Think of adding carrot paste and spinach puree to get the shades you want. This will be a sure hit, especially if you have kids in the house.

Floral Décor For Your Vehicles

Many people like to deck their cars up with flowers. You can use marigolds, jasmine and green leaves to get the tricolour effect; add a flag to complete the look.

Republic day theme Floral Decoration

A Flag at the Door or on Your Balcony

Hoist your own flag on the balcony, or right at the front door. Let it fly high to reflect your pride in our nation.republic day decoration ideas

Put up a Banner

A creative banner can be a lovely floral tribute to the nation. Make it a community project and put it up at the entrance to your road or in front of the building. Use petals rather than whole flowers to get a neat and defined outline.floral banner decoration idea

Paper Flowers Decorations on Republic Day

If craftwork is your thing, then you can try your hand at paper roses fashioned out of coloured crepe paper, glue and wire. Use these paper flowers to decorate your home—you can show them off as a bunch in a vase, or make a string of flowers to hang in your window.paper flower decoration idea

Tri-Colour Floating Flowers

A brass uruli filled with tricoloured flowers and leaves floating on water would look great at your doorstep. Add some floating candles for a gorgeous effect.tri color flower decoration

Paper Craft Decorations Ideas

Here’s some more papercraft that you could try. Use a template to cut out floral shapes from coloured card sheets. Use your creativity. You can also make cutouts that are star-shaped, heart-shaped or shaped like little dolls. Create posters, banners or garlands with these pretty shapes.paper craft decoration

Rangolis Designs

Intricate rangolis made out of powdered chalk or coloured powders can brighten the entrance to your home. If you want to go the eco-friendly way, then use flowers like jasmine, marigold and green leaves to create your rangoli design.Rangoli Designs for Republic day

Republic Day Party Balloons Designs

Planning a Republic Day party at home or office? Use helium balloons in orange, white and green as the highlight of your décor!Republic Day theme Balloon Decoration

Republic Day is a great time to show your patriotic side. Think of all the ways you can decorate your home using the three national colours, and you can’t go wrong! Vande Mataram!

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