You may not be too keen to hire an interior designer. However, if you undertake your home renovation or designing project yourself, without the help of a professional, there is a chance that you can make many expensive mistakes. Many homeowners tend to make some basic home decorating mistake that ruins an otherwise beautiful home. Read this article to know what they are and how you can avoid making these decorating mistakes

Common Home Decorating Mistakes

Everything is Proportionate

When you design the interiors yourself, you tend to make a basic mistake – you get furniture in the same size and same type. This is an error, as most of the leading interior designers believe furniture should be of different shapes and sizes. Going the mismatched way is the new trend. To avoid these decorating mistakes, rather than getting a uniform set of sofas, a matching centre table, a similar dining table, etc, look to mix it all up. Get a leather couch and pair it with an antique coffee table and perhaps a glass top dining table.

interior design mistakes to avoid


Scattered Arrangements

You may have a number of showpieces around the house, scattered at different places. This is a major home design flaw and home decorating mistake. You cannot have one bird sitting on the center table and another sitting on a shelf at another corner of the room. It is crucial to arrange similar objects in groups to give the place a proportionate look.

interior design colour mistakes


Improper Lighting

One of the main aspects of a beautiful home is its lighting. The right lighting doesn’t just make the place bright, it accentuates the aesthetic appeal of the room too. In the absence of an interior designer’s advice, you need to carefully select the right lights. Many people make the mistake of buying fewer or too many lights that spoil the mood and feel of a beautifully decorated room.

interior design mistakes


Small Rug

Rugs go a long way in beautifying a room. But for this to happen, the rug needs to be of the perfect size. Lots of people end up getting rugs that are too small. We often find couches and tables placed outside the radius of a rug. This is an error you must avoid at all costs. Take proper measurements before you buy and get a rug that’s large enough to accommodate all your furniture items.

interior design mistakes to avoid



Big isn’t always beautiful, and this holds true in interior designing. A large number of items thrown into a small space makes it look cluttered and chaotic. When designing the home yourself, you may be tempted to add a number of beautiful things (furniture, art pieces, lampshades, etc) in one space. This is a mistake. Keep it simple and get only what you need. Cluttering is a big no-no in the world of interior designing!

Home interior mistakes


Blindly Following Fads

You will find many design trends around. But rather than blindly following every trend you see, assess them and decide what actually suits your home. For instance, a dark living room that gets very little natural light won’t look good if painted in a soft pastel shade. You need to find a perfect shade, based on the location and natural attributes of the house.

Do and don't of Interior designs

Getting a Fancy Dining Table

When buying your dining table, you need to be practical. How many times in a week would you have lavish, sit-down dinner parties at home? And how many times would you sit down with your family for a quiet dinner? Space is always a constraint in the modern-day homes and a large dining table can eat into a lot of space. Get a smaller dining table in a modern and chic design to cater to your need and to make your space look beautiful.

interior mistakes


Not Making a Budget

When you hire an interior designer, one of the first things he or she hands you is a budget. The budget and financing component is extremely vital. You need to sit down and work on it before you proceed with the design and implementation. If you don’t have a budget, you won’t be able to shop properly. The price of a couch, for example, can vary from a few thousand to lacs of rupees. So make a budget to see where you can be lavish and where you must be careful with your money.


No Accessories in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is among the most important rooms in the house. So you need to decorate it with a lot of care. Many people make the mistake of installing the basic kitchen cabinets and countertops. But you need the correct accessories to make a kitchen functional. From the small hooks to the little shelves and the stand for a water dispenser, you need to accessorize very carefully.


Even if you want to design the house on your own, it won’t hurt for you to consult an interior designer first. You can discuss your ideas and get some advice and then proceed with your own designs. This will help you to avoid these decorating mistakes.

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