What do you think will be the popular interior design trends in 2020?

Whether you’re a stickler for trends, or you prefer to follow your own heart in home design – it’s a good idea to watch upcoming trends so you can plan any home updates accordingly.

We’ve rounded up a few here.

Read on to find out what could be in store in 2020 and our home decor tips to stay on top of these interior design trends.

Mixed-use Spaces

Interior Design Trends 2020
Interior Design Trends 2020 – Mixed-Use Spaces

Urban lifestyle changes warrant the need for creative design ideas to be brought into homes. Most rooms are likely to be mixed-use spaces. The idea of traditionally separated living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, and dining rooms just seems to work less for modern homes. For instance, social butterflies love an open plan kitchen, dining room and living area for cooking while entertaining. Bedrooms will need to double up as workspaces, and so on.

Our simple tip is to plan your homes around your lifestyles. Sorting out what you want out of each room will make the design process simpler to start with. Use flexible and multi-purpose furniture to suit your needs. Create meaningful spaces for your hobbies and daily routines even if the square footage isn’t huge.

Smart Homes

Smart Homes
Smart Home Interior

The Alexas and  Amazon Echos will ensure that technology turns into an indispensable part of everyday life. Homeowners will look for cooling, lighting and entertainment automation, as well as home security systems. At the same time, high-end appliances and gadgets such as refrigerators with wifi enabled LED screens, remote-controlled blinds, wifi smart bulbs, and table lamp with wifi speakers may make its way into our homes. Internet of things technology enables a lot of ease and convenience for the smart home interiors.

Your home interiors will have to be planned thoughtfully to accommodate many more gadgets – wired and wireless, concealing them intelligently. In short, ensure your tech devices seamlessly blend into your home design creating smart living experiences. The other aspect to cater to is the culture of working from home – you can very well plan a creative workspace blending into your home design.

Add Natural Elements to Home

Natural Element

Natural materials will strongly influence modern furniture designs in 2020. And décor lovers will continue to welcome natural elements home. With diminishing greenery in cities, people will want to bring in greens and other nature-inspired elements indoors.

Go for unfinished or distressed wooden furniture as your accent pieces. Why not pick patterned, raw cement tiles for your patio or balcony flooring? Choose coffee tables with stone or marble tops. Metallic accents will up the sophistication quotient of your home. Rattan will be reimagined in many new avatars – so be sure to keep your eye on the latest designs by big brands and small designers alike. Think cool rattan and bamboo armchairs in your bedroom maybe.

Plants and more indoor plants will be a good idea. Instagram already bursts with feeds of “plant mamas” and “plant dads” and this healthy trend is set to continue. Greenery enthusiasts will continue to plant and propagate and create a living, breathing retreat for a home.

A Play of Textures

Textured Interior
Texture Walls Interior Design

Trying out interesting textures and mixing a range of them in a room is here to stay. Walls, for example, aren’t smooth off-white by default anymore. Wardrobe and kitchen cabinet finishes, as well as wall and floor treatment trends, have been exciting to watch with textured surfaces having a moment of late.

In a room, layer on a variety of materials including soft fabrics, flowy textiles, stone and wood. Wall paint can be textured with warm or cool undertones. Take floors up a notch with the gorgeous tile options available these days, or using stone tiles, or rustic concrete.

Hang unique handwoven pieces or a rug amidst a gallery wall of paintings to give it depth. When you choose cushions, pick different textures ranging from satin to macramé in the same colour or complementary colours to make the nook more inviting. Tabletops can be marble cladding, and false ceilings can feature embossed details. Experiment with velvet and metal details in your bedroom to create a feeling of cosy luxury.

Gold, Brass and Warm Metallic Accents

Metal Accent

Gold isn’t a new trend – but it seems to be a favourite among designers with many new styles being experimented with it. Brass, copper and other warmer metallic elements will also be in fashion.

Pick copper wall scones, gold dipped centre tables, a metallic sculpture, or a decorative metallic mirror to adorn your entryway.

Personalized, Authentic, Warm Spaces

Personalized Space in Living Room
Personalized Living Room Design

There will be a shift towards creating warm, personalized spaces that reflect your lifestyle and tell your stories, rather than building cookie-cutter homes. Personalization in materials used, colours, décor accents and more will be in demand.

In your home, work with designers who can envision your lifestyle and design a home around it. Whether you pick furniture that is sophisticated, ethnic, farmhouse style or sleek, make sure they are comfortable and functional at the same time. Then weave in your much-loved collectables, heirloom antiques, favourite artwork and other accents into this scheme of things. The key is to create an inviting, authentic space that is not formal and wraps you and your crowd in its warm cocoon at the end of the day.

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