As everyone knows, trends and fashion fads get outdated very quickly. What was considered hot and happening yesterday can quickly become the décor gaffe of the century. We asked our top designers which trends are no longer popular. When you’re redecorating your home, make sure that you stay far away from these trends!

1. Paisley Bedcovers

Paisley prints were immensely popular in the hippie-culture of the 70s and had undergone a revival in the past decade, but its time that this teardrop based pattern is retired— at least from the bedcover scene! Solid colours or bold modern patterns are now in.

outdated trends in 2021

2. Arched Cabinet Shutters

Kitchen cabinet shutters embellished with beaded mouldings and arched panelling are firmly a thing of the past, and must stay that way! Straight lines with a simple décor outlook are not only easier to clean, they go with today’s non-fussy minimalistic trend.

interior design trends whats out in 2021

3. Shag Carpets

We do agree that shag carpets are the ultimate in comfort, but (and this is important in today’s world where hygiene comes first!) they gather dust and are very hard to keep clean. Especially if you have kids or pets at home, opt for low pile carpets underfoot.

shag carpets

4. Day Beds

They may have looked fabulous in the past, but day beds or chaise lounges must be avoided at all costs. Whatever the style or fabric used, they can make your décor look outdated and boring. Today’s trends are more casual and chic, and daybeds as a décor piece have been overused in the past. 

day beds

5. Artificial Plants

Artificial plants might seem like a great idea, as they never need maintenance and at first glance can fool you into believing they are real. But natural plants clean the air, refresh your spaces and reduce your carbon footprint. All good reasons to stay away from fake plastic plants and upgrade your décor with all-natural greens!

artificial plants

6. Window Valances

This style of window dressing was perhaps considered charming in the past decade, but is definitely not to be emulated if you want to stay trendy! Upgrade to Roman blinds or eyelet curtains for a more modern aesthetic.

window valance

7. Floor Cushions

Floor seating and low beds were a popular trend in the 90s, but this décor fad doesn’t cut it anymore and only looks messy. Instead, pile your couch with throw cushions in bold prints and instantly upgrade the comfort quotient of your seating.

floor cushions

8. Animal Skin Rugs

Whether they are fake or real, animal skin rugs are frowned upon by most of us who love our furry friends, and with good reason too. Enough said; these rugs are a strict no. Opt for any other kind!

animal skin rugs

9. Dark Coloured Sanitary ware

There was a time when burgundy sinks and emerald green pots were considered very stylish, but modern bathrooms prefer the simplicity of white sanitary ware. There’s a practical reason too; darker colours show up mineral stains from hard water that are difficult to keep clean.

bright sanitary wear

10. Crochet Lace Table Covers

Crochet lace table covers and doilies are charming and elegant, but really belong to your grandmom’s generation, and should ideally stay there. Today’s era calls for fast food and easy-to-clean table linen!

interior design trends to avoid

11. Bean Bags

Bean bags are a staple in college dorms, but let’s leave them there. Your home décor shouldn’t have to suffer this outdated style of seating. What’s more, the rexine material and polyfill used for the beanbag could be very harmful to the environment as it is not biodegradable. 

12. Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper that puts you in the middle of a garden of flowers can overpower the décor of the entire room. Today’s décor styles prefer to use floral patterns in an understated way, not as the focus of the entire room. 

13. Tufted Headboard

Tufted furniture, whether it’s in a bedroom or the living room,  just looks ostentatious and boring. We’d like to give it a definite thumbs down if you’re looking to stay ahead of the trends! 

tufted headboards

14. Four Poster Bed

Four-poster beds, especially the ones with canopy curtains and valances, have all but disappeared from the look book of designers. Smaller room sizes and low ceilings make this once popular bedroom trend inconvenient for today’s homes. As canopy beds have a large frame, they tend to make a room appear to be very cramped. 

four poster beds

15. Marble Countertops

While marble was used extensively in kitchens in the past, it is porous and gets stained and pitted with cooking acids like turmeric, vinegar and lime. But if you like the elegance of marble, try new-age materials like quartz that give the same look but are hard, durable and very easy to wipe clean.

marble countertops

16. Wooden Panelling

It’s time to rethink using a lot of wood in your home, for a simple reason; natural forest reserves are dwindling and there just isn’t enough wood available! Besides, wooden wall panelling is outdated and makes your room look dark and stuffy.

wooden panelling

17. Bead Curtains

A trend that survived for a while from the days of hippie culture, string and wooden bead curtains were a popular décor trend in the 70s and 80s, but (yawn!) they are so, so boring.

bead curtains

18. Platform Beds

Platform beds and floating beds were once considered a smart way to create extra storage in the bedroom. Today, we prefer cleaner lines and a single floor level across the room.

platform beds

19. Circular Decorative Ceilings

The age of ostentation is out! We cannot in the world imagine why we ever thought a circular floating ceiling would look good atop the living room seating. For the same reason, ceiling mouldings and cornices are no longer a sought-after aesthetic. 

circular ceiling

20. Wall Mirrors

IKEA had come up with the trendsetting idea of stick-on wall mirror tiles in different geometric shapes, and quite suddenly they were found in every other house in the early 2000s. Now, of course, we are quite over this look! 

wall mirrors

Is your home décor outdated, and would you like to give it a facelift? Whether you want to follow the trends or create your own personalized style, the HomeLane team is happy to help you upgrade your home décor!

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