2020 has been a very unpredictable year, to say the least. But if there’s something that most of us have cherished this year, it has to be being home with family. In just two months, we will be welcoming 2021 and hoping for new joys and changes.  The new year will also bring in new and exciting trends, especially in home décor. When you think of home, what does it remind you of? Perhaps, the essence of a home can be conveyed through this beautiful quote –

“Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams.”

Let’s take a look at the top 8 home décor trends and the three outdated trends you should avoid.

Top 8 Interior Design Trends of 2021

Naval Colour Trend

The darker blue shade will be much more common in the coming year. Naval colour ensembles a spark of royalty and elegance, while maintaining the contemporary look.

Rustic Vogue – An Elegant Approach To Cottage Core

The love for Cottage and rustic interiors have witnessed massive popularity globally. The Rustic Vogue focuses on the combination of modern comforts and the touch of details of rustic décor. You could add this by including items that are old, yet hold meaning to you and blend them with your new furniture.

The reason why Rustic Vogue will be a massive trend is because of its depiction of life. It doesn’t highlight perfection, but rather it shows you the rawness which gives your house a personal and unique touch.

What you should comprehend here is that balance is the key to this décor. The raw touch should be in harmony with the sophistication of modern interiors.

Sustainable Modern Design

The world understands the importance of sustainable design, and therefore the list of Interior Design Trends 2021 is incomplete without the mention of Sustainable Modern Design.

You will see multipurpose furniture crafted with materials that are sustainable and have a low or zero impact on the environment. Reused materials and new bioplastic materials will be the significant elements in this environment-friendly trend.

Art and Craft

Handmade crafts have finally gotten their long-overdue appreciation. People have realized the value and beauty that art brings to their décor, and you will be witnessing this trend a lot in the coming year.

Moving away from the machine-dominated products, this trend will establish the handcrafted decorative pieces’ momentum in 2021.

Natural Elements

Using elements from nature to create an organic connection in the décor will be a favourite trend of 2021. It will allow you to give a natural touch and establish a human-nature connection in your ambience.

Natural textures and earthy colour palettes inspire this trend. You will see a blend of cool colours such as grey with the natural elements in this trend.

It will also allow you to soak in the feel of the exterior life, while enjoying your modern comfort.

Classic Traditionalism

As the name suggests, it’s a classic trend that means it’s a timeless trend inspired by the 18th century. This décor involves antiques and arts, along with other pieces of history.

This kind of décor brings the essence of sophistication and harmony to your living space. It is advisable to use this décor with soft furnishing to enhance the ambience.

Industrial Interior Style

We live in a time where work from home is in high demand. The industrial interior style offers a perfect blend of contemporary work and home space. These are termed as hybrid homes. This trend is expected to be a favourite among millennials, as they prefer open spaces.

Moody Mineral Shades

As the trend has been moving towards natural elements, this one is also inspired by natural forms. The Moody Mineral trend is about the atmospheric colour palettes embodied with luxury fabrics.

You can also include metallic décor and colour tones, which showcase the visual effects found in minerals.

Now that you’re aware of the interior design trends of 2021 let’s take a look at the top 3 outdated trends. This is important because you should know what to look for and what to dodge, while looking at home décor trends.

Top 3 Outdated Interior Design Trends

Tile Countertops

While in the 1970s to early 2000s, tile countertops were the rage, today, their time is up. Functionality is far more desirable than fashionable, and hence, there has been a conscious move towards ergonomically designed modular kitchen elements, including natural stone or metal countertops.

Fast Furniture

As designs are focused on sustainability, “fast furniture” is out of the picture today. While it is an excellent way to temporarily save money when you think of the long term, investing in long-lasting furniture is beneficial and sustainable.

Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders have been used in schools and homes on a global scale. But according to the experts, it’s time was up long ago. So, don’t age your décor by applying them.

Home is where you feel like yourself. There can be many guidelines for decorating your home, but ultimately, the interior and the décor should express your style.

interior design trends 2021

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