What better time than Father’s Day to express how much you care for your father! How do you plan to shine the spotlight on him on this special day? With this year’s social distancing norms in effect, you may not be able to head out for a dinner or an outing. But you can always step out to get the things he loves. Or, you can celebrate this Father’s day in a new way. Maybe organize a Father’s Day brunch, or redecorate your home to convey your love and a lot more. Well, we’ve done all the brainstorming and rounded up some of the coolest Father’s Day décor ideas to celebrate the special day a bit differently this year.

Make some DIY Props

Give your dad a surprise when he wakes up by decorating his room a bit. Hang paper lanterns, party streamers, banners with cool messages written on them by you and your loved ones. Make a paper flower bouquet for his writing desk, tie up the morning newspaper with a ribbon, write a personalized message for him, make him breakfast in bed and so on. There are so many little ways to show your dad how special he is.

father's day home decor

A Fresh Coat of Paint

How about sprucing up your home or your dad’s room with a new colour for the walls, placing a new wallpaper, or revamping the space a bit. Just buy a bucket of paint and pick one wall that you would like to paint with some textures.

father's day revamp

Declutter His Room

It’s a good idea to spring-clean and declutter your dad’s room. Clear up all the old newspapers and magazines that have been lying around, clear up his work desk and maybe his wardrobe too (make sure you don’t throw away anything precious to him during the process!). Move the furniture, dust the crevices and the corners, and wipe the room sparkling clean for him.

father's day celebration

Refresh the Furniture and Upholstery in His Room

Hit refresh on the decor in his room. Replace his cot with a new four-poster bed, a new mattress, or get a set of sleek side tables to place in different corners of his room. Set up a cosy reading corner he’s been longing for, with a space for his favourite books and magazines. Get him a new work chair, preferably an ergonomic one to give him some extra comfort. We’re sure he’ll appreciate all the small additions.

father's day decor ideas

Create a Special Corner for His Hobbies

Set up a special corner in your home for all the things he loves to do – yoga, reading, listening to music, painting, a small space to do gardening and a lot more. Make sure it’s a space with plenty of natural light. If he is a yoga lover, place a rack for his yoga mat and other accessories. Arrange a few plants, a few of his favourite photos or artwork on the wall, place a music system for him to play workout videos or music, and so on. Gift him a corner of his own!

father's day ideas

Set up a Picnic in Your Backyard

Picnics can never go out of style. You can organize an outdoor brunch or lunch on your patio or balcony with a few chairs and side tables. Use a colour scheme that you think your father would love, play his favourite music, serve his favourite food and drinks. Celebrate the day an old way!

Father's day dining table decor

With the special day just a week away, prep up your home in time for Father’s Day. Try out some of these ideas and give him a pleasant surprise. Reach out to our experts at HomeLane and we’ll help you do it in a jiffy!

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