DIY planters deserve a special mention in the ‘Home Interiors Wall of Fame.’ They are easy to implement, cost-effective, and lend your home a personalised touch that is unbeaten. Luckily, there are thousands of ideas to choose from. You can experiment with the material, colour, pattern, texture, and shape to give your home a fresh look and feel. This summer, if you want to add more pockets (and shades) of green to your home, consider the DIY planter ideas showcased in this blog. Let’s get to it right away.

Hack #1: Paint Your Way into DIY Planters with These Bright-Coloured Pots

One of the most popular ideas for DIY planters is colouring the pots in your style and shades of choice. And why not? They’re easy to implement. You just need a handful of materials at your disposal. Take a look at these concrete cement pots that come in beautiful shades of green, pink, and blue. If you have red and green succulents at home, this idea is sure to hit it off. Place it on a white wooden shelf against a white wall background near a glass window for maximum effect. You’ll thank us later!

Paint Your Way into DIY

Hack #2: Old Kettles are Always In, Particularly in the Sustainable Circles

If you’re someone who loves all things reused, here’s an amazing planter idea that you’ll love: If you have spare second-hand kettles, saucepans, or even old teapots at home, consider converting them into useful planters that can be placed in and around your home–be it your room, balcony, or even kitchen. Experiment with the colours and easily turn these into garden flowerpots. Embrace this winning idea and make way for a low-waste lifestyle–a win-win for all!

Old Kettles are Always In

Hack #3: The Beauty of Contrast and Dichotomy–As Seen Through Planters

Here’s another idea that can elevate your concrete, pyramid-shaped pots to the next level. Use copper and white tones and paint the planter in a design of preference. You can go for geometrical shapes or play it up with the colours. Then, place your plants next to a glass window and let the sunshine do its magic.

The Beauty of Contrast and Dichotomy

Hack #4: Fun-Looking Planters are All the Rage!

If you’re looking for something more fun, take a look at the planter designs shown below. Whether you have small planters or ultra-big ones, paint them white and add cute faces to the pots to literally add a personality to your plants (pun not intended). Here too, we suggest going for shades of white to ensure that the pots themselves stand out, as do your plants. This one’s a trendy idea that will never go out of style.

Fun-Looking Planters

Hack #5: Reused and Recycled Planters Never Fail to Impress

Here’s another killer idea along the lines of reusing waste: If you have old saucepans and pots that are of no use any longer, paint them a bright shade (blue in this instance) and convert them into cute-looking garden flowerpots. You can always add jute or a thick rope and hang these planters to give your windows a colourful lift. Be it sunrise or sunset, these planters will serve as a beautiful backdrop in your balcony.

Reused and Recycled Planters

Hack #6: Macramé Planters are as Timeless and Classic as They Come

Here’s an expert-approved idea that takes inspiration from the streets of Bali. We all love marcame because of its versatility. Even when it comes to your potted plants, you can go for handmade macramé, place your pots within it, and hang it near the window. Whether you’re placing your plants indoors or outdoors, this style works on all kinds of plants and gives your home an ultra-cool and relaxed vibe. Pair it with bohemian soft furnishings, and you’re good to go.

Macramé Planters

Hack #7: Coconut Planters for the Nature-Lover!

Saving the best for the last, here’s a super creative idea that’s sure to engage all your senses. If you have dry coconut shells lying around, use them as a planter as shown here. You can place smaller plants in this type of planter. Here, you can see basil leaves potted. Hang these sustainable planters with thin wires and make your home garden project a success!

Coconut Planters

The writing is on the wall: You don’t need to invest in expensive plants to give your home a luxuriously ‘green’ feel. Invite your friends over, engage in a fun DIY planter making afternoon, and make a day of it. If you want a more professional touch, connect with our team of design experts at HomeLane.

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