One of the most creative tasks of all is decorating our home. Who doesn’t like doing that? It’s a place where we live, and it is our responsibility to make it look good and clean. If you would like to give a Bohemian touch to your home, read on because we got plenty of Boho Nursery Décor Ideas. Adding colours not only makes your home look beautiful but adds a subtle warm and soothing atmosphere to it. 

Bohemianism refers to a style of living that is unconventional and is often in the company of harmonious people with minimal permanent relationships. It involves music, art, literature, and spiritualism. Bohemians are wanderers, vagabonds, or adventurers who are always on the move, travelling from one place to another and spreading their culture.  

Introduction to Bohemian Home Décor

Bohemian Home Décor is something that never goes out of trend whether you’d like Bohemian Designs for your home or your baby’s nursery. It’s effortless to give a Bohemian touch to your home. You only need to know about specific elements that are Bohemian, and then you can mix and match and finally create a rare blend of Bohemian Design for your home. 

Boho Nursery Décor Ideas

There are plenty of Bohemian Nursery Ideas that you can use in your baby’s nursery to give it a Bohemian touch. We have researched and found some of the best Boho Nursery Ideas for you and hope you’d like them. The best thing about these ideas is that you can not only apply them in your child’s nursery, but you can use them anywhere in your home as well; you only need to find the right spot. Some of the best Boho Nursery Décor Ideas are as follows:


There are plenty of Bohemian plants out there waiting to get planted and looked after by you. Some of the Bohemian plants are monstera, ferns, succulents, pothos, and philodendrons. In case you’re not a natural gardener, you can opt for faux plants instead, like silk cacti. 

Wall Tapestry

They come in many different designs, shapes & sizes, and once you’ve found the one your house resonates with, hang it in the Boho-Chic Nursery. They look wonderful and can replace artworks or other things that are present on a gallery wall.

Vintage-Inspired Kilim Rug

You can add a Boho look to the nursery with the help of a vintage-inspired rug. The design is such that it can easily hide any dirt or scuffs, especially when your child learns crawling. 

Macramé Plant Hangers

A set of about five macramé plant hangers would aesthetically look to the nursery. They can easily be filled with manageable plants, or instead of plants, you can add baskets and fill them with essentials for your baby.  

Floor Pillows

They are a great way to make the room feel Bohemian in nature and global-inspired. It all depends on the size of the nursery. If you have a large nursery, we would recommend you add a more significant number of pillows to it compared to a smaller nursery. This would create an extra hang-out zone for your kid as they grow.

Beaded Chandelier

One of the best Boho Nursery Ideas is a wooden beaded chandelier that gives the room a soft look and is a lighting fixture. You can even hang tassels from the fixture. However, we recommend you choose a soft LED light for it so that the room feels warm, cosy, and comforting for the child. 

Braided Basket

Braided baskets, whether big or small, give a Boho look to the room. They are one of the best accessories for a child’s nursery as they can hold toys, blankets, diapers, clothes. You can either choose all the baskets to look uniform, or you can use different baskets. 

Tribal Textiles

To give a Bohemian look to your to-be Bohemian Nursery choose tribal-inspired bedding for the crib. You can mix and match and combine different patterns and create a unique combination that will look good and comforting.  

Abstract Artwork

Abstract artwork adds main theme elements of beauty and fun to the room. For a nursery, we recommend you choose bright colours and intriguing patterns for your baby. You can even get creative and make your artworks using some old fabrics or vintage textiles. 

There are numerous more ideas that you can incorporate in your Bohemian Nursery for it to look Bohemian. You can find details about the main theme elements of a Boho-Chic Nursery and how to incorporate it in a nursery more at HomeLane. Give a bohemian touch to your little one’s room using the mentioned ideas and create a magical and adventurous atmosphere in the room. Abstract art and wall hanging may inspire your kid to become more creative in what they do. These home décor ideas can also be used anywhere in your home as well. 

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