Does an empty wall in your home cry out in desperation for use? Would you want to transform it into a storage space without diluting the aesthetics?

Wall Shelf Design Ideas

In fact, would you like to upgrade the overall decor? Then the following 17 wall shelf design ideas would be perfect for your requirement.

1. Minimalistic Wall Shelf Design

Minimalistic Wall Shelf DesignKickstarting this list of wall shelf designs, we have this minimalistic yet super cute wall shelf. This simple wall shelf design is highly versatile as you can install it in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom, and it would fit right in.

The wooden plank for the shelf base and the metallic mounting brackets reinforce the sturdiness of the wall shelf, due to which you can place multiple items on such shelves. Plus, you can line them up, space them out, or stagger them at will.

2. Hexagonal Wall Rack Design

Hexagonal Wall Rack Design

Are you looking for a modern wall shelf design? Then this hexagonal wall rack is perfect for you! The sharp, geometric lines add to the chic, modern appeal of this wall shelf design, and you get 2-3 racks to place your item.

Remember that this wall shelf is not height adjustable, so you may find it restrictive in terms of the items you can put on display. However, if you seek innovative wall shelves ideas, then this should top your list!

3. Cosy Cubby Wall Shelves

Cosy Cubby Wall ShelvesThis simple wall shelf design is a no-brainer if you have the space available. This criss-cross of racks facilitates better and neater organisation, which will make Marie Kondo jealous! You could even install adjustable light fixtures in each cubby for a more dramatic effect.

At the same time, you could get glass doors to protect the items placed on this shelf and convert the whole setup into space-saving furniture! Such a wall shelf design is perfect for the kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and walk-in closet.

4. Hawking Tray Style Wall Shelf Design

Hawking Tray Style Wall Shelf DesignThis wall shelf design is reminiscent of a hawker’s tray, hence the name. The mounting brackets are concealed behind strips of leather or suede to ooze a warm, rustic vibe. While in this design, we see a marble slab, you can comfortably replace it with wooden slats to keep up the country theme.

You could also install service trays as wall shelves and secure them with thick rope. All in all, it would grant a very homely feel to your home and complement the decor if that’s your theme.

5. Trippy Tetris Wall Shelf Design

Trippy Tetris Wall Shelf Design

This is yet another modern wall shelf design that will sprinkle the space with some eccentricity and personality of its own. While every shelf of this wall rack design is in the same pattern, you might notice how the placement makes a world of difference.

Plus, you can use this in your favour and play around with the usable surface area – some can accommodate full-fledged books while others hold pots and candles. So even if you have a different layout at one point, you can always switch it up later!

6. Repurposed Drawers as Wall Shelf

Repurposed Drawers as Wall Shelf

Think that drawers around your home have overstayed their welcome? Turn them into fancy wall shelves! The different shapes, sizes, and orientations of the drawer will lend some character to your wall as you curate an entire gallery of tchotchkes.

Apart from breathing life into your wall, such wall shelf design ideas are also eco-friendly and produce less waste! So, you can have a beautiful home without weighing down your conscience. Talk about a win-win situation!

7. Customisable Wall Shelf Design

Customisable Wall Shelf DesignDo you like to switch up the look and layout of your wall from time to time? Then you will fall in love with this wall shelf design idea! It features a pegboard that allows you to play Mr Potato Head with the entire wall. Affix the pegboard into a sturdy frame and install it on your wall.

You can then have shelves of different sizes that you can peg into this new “wall,” and just like that, you get a modular and highly customisable wall shelf! This wall shelf design is perfect for bedrooms and workstations where you would want to personalise your space.

8. Hanging Wall Shelf Design

Hanging Wall Shelf DesignThis swing-mounted wall shelf design is ideal for a playful yet minimalistic setup. You have ropes weaving through solid boards, knotted to wooden rings that you can suspend on a hook for a highly portable wall shelf.

Naturally, the installation is quick and easy, and the end result looks rather artistic. Plus, you can turn up the glamour of these wall shelves ideas by incorporating some macrame designs for a boho feel that hits the right spots.

9. Circular Multi-Storeyed Wall Rack Design

Circular Multi-Storeyed Wall Rack DesignAre you looking for wall shelf designs that are a statement of their own? Then this design is what you need. These absolutely gorgeous wooden wall shelves can deck up your living room, foyer, bathroom, closet, and vanity – you name it.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this multi-storey wall rack design is also extremely utilitarian; after all, have you seen the number of shelves on that thing? Use it to organise your jewellery or display ornate showpieces; either way, this wall shelf will serve your needs.

10. Pallet Wall Shelf Planter

Pallet Wall Shelf PlanterIf you are eyeing wall shelf designs primarily for plants, pots, and planters, then this wooden pallet box wall shelf would fit the bill. It can easily hold your plant or plants or the pots holding them. Clearly, it would be more suitable for indoor hanging plants and creepers, such as pothos, spider plants, philodendrons, ferns, strings of pearls, etc.

The overhanging foliage will add depth and dimension to the wall and your home, in general. As such, these make excellent wall shelves for living rooms or similar common spaces.

11. Invisible Wall Shelf Design

Invisible Wall Shelf DesignThis simple wall shelf design becomes inconspicuous just by blending in with the background! All you need to do is match the colour of the shelves with that of the walls. One can even say that it is virtually invisible from certain angles!

Such a clean, minimalistic appearance can work wonders if you are looking to give your home a pristine, decluttered look. At the same time, the items placed on the racks break out from the single-plane view and make the space look alive.

12. Console Wall Shelf Design

Console Wall Shelf DesignHere are a perfect set of wall shelves for the living room. This console-style wall shelf design is as functional as it is aesthetic. It can fit more seamlessly in your living room design ideas if you have a wall-mounted television. Simply place this wall shelf underneath for an extremely useful console where you can place your set-top box, TV remotes, and even your home theatre!

In fact, if you get a high-quality, durable shelf design on the wall, you may even place your TV on top! What more would you want?

13. Interlinked Triangle Wall Shelf Design

Interlinked Triangle Wall Shelf DesignIn yet another modern wall shelf design, we have this wall shelf with its clean lines, angular edges, and geometric patterns. Each triangle shape fits into each other to form a honeycomb of geometric designs that are pretty impressive. And why stop at just triangles?

You can even try out combinations of hexagons and octagons and their segments to keep things more abstract. The resulting wooden wall shelves are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.

14. Metallic No-Fuss Wall Rack Design

Metallic No-Fuss Wall Rack DesignAlright, this metallic no-fuss wall rack design may not be one of the most innovative wall shelves ideas. However, it sure is one of the most practical solutions. Install it in your bathroom, and you will have a spot for your toiletries. Place them in your kitchen to hold your pots and pans (large size) or spices (small size).

It can also house your beloved collection of books. Or you can display your plants on it in the lobby. In short, this wall rack design is nothing short of space-saving furniture. So, go ahead and place them wherever you want!

15. Table-Top Wall Shelf Design

Table-Top Wall Shelf DesignWant a wall shelf but do not want to mount it or take up floor space? Then a table-top wall shelf design is what you need. As the name indicates, these tiny yet useful wall shelves can be set on tabletops to make the most of the space available.

The sorting stations inspire the design at post offices – and it sure will help you stay sorted. You can place this wall shelf design in bedroom vanities, libraries, work desks, and similar spots where your space requirement is less and organisation is of greater priority.

16. Wall to Wall Shelf Design

Wall to Wall Shelf DesignThis wall rack design takes up the entire wall and can accommodate multiple items of varying shapes and heights. Seeing as how it can convert the floor space it occupies into multiple folds, it can also be viewed as space-saving furniture.

So, whether you plan on putting wicker baskets to hold your kids’ toys or using this wall shelf design as an open closet – you get a lot of flexibility to experiment with different styles and applications. And while we don’t pick favourites, this would surely be one of them.

17. Mesh Basket Wall Shelf Design

Mesh Basket Wall Shelf DesignWhile this is not a wall shelf design in the strictest sense, it sure is one of the closest and trendiest options out there. It can primarily hold magazines, which means that you can install these in your living rooms and bathrooms. You can even use it to decorate commercial spaces where you might want to make magazines, flyers, brochures, and information booklets readily available and accessible.

For a more generalised use, you can look for wider baskets to hold your personal items and plants. Alternatively, mesh trays that often come as stationery organisers may also do the job.

Closing Thoughts

The above wall shelf designs can turn up the style factor of your home and balance out style and functionality. From holding items of use to serving as a statement piece to adding personality to a boring wall – these wall shelf design ideas can do them all.

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Q. How do you style wall shelves?

There are several ways to style wall shelves. You can place books, plants, souvenirs, CDs, showpieces, and other trinkets on top of it. You can decorate them thematically — say, use seashells and conches for a nautical theme or use fake creepers for a jungle one. Then, based on your style, preferences, and decor, you can layer items, space them out, and reposition them on the basis of colour, height, design, genres, etc. In simple words, have fun and go crazy!

Q. How do I decorate my living room with a wall shelf?

If you choose some of our 17 wall shelf designs, those alone are enough to function as decorations! On top of it, you could always decorate using the styling tips above. Think of your wall shelf as the focal point of the room and try to find ways to capture and retain attention; that would be all you need to use the wall shelf as a decorative piece.

Q. How do you make homemade wall shelves?

The process of making your very own homemade wall shelves would vary depending on the design. You can use the above wall shelf design ideas as inspiration to get started on your new DIY project. Alternatively, you could contact a professional to take up this task and save your time, money, material, and effort!

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