If you wish to revamp your house’s exterior, enhancing the look of the front wall is the most promising option. You can go for any house front wall cement design that fits your temperament, individuality, and lifestyle. However, to ensure that you get the most durable and aesthetic front wall, it is prudent to choose the best ideas for inspiration for your house front wall remodelling.

 wall cement remodelling design

Wondering how? You can create your house’s front wall at a reasonable rate by simply using cement. Select any house front wall cement design that is best suited for designing your first dream home from the following list as per your preferences-

1.  Modest Front Wall Cement Design for a Chic Look

front wall cement design

This design will make the overall front wall look clean and sophisticated. Moreover, it is the best design to keep your house front simple without experimenting. The beauty of this design gives a classy look and will uplift the house’s charm, making everyone fall in love with your home.

With this simple and modest exterior wall front wall cement design, you can complement the beauty of the lawn and garden surrounding your house. You can also match the house’s interior based on the subtle look of your house’s front wall.

2.  Brick Front Wall Cement Design for That Classy Feel

classy wall cement design

Do you fancy giving your home a bohemian look? Using the combination of standard and boho styles, you can design a brick wall pattern using cement for the front wall of your house. Rather than using original bricks, this cemented fake brick wall will offer you a more classy look. 

The benefit of using cement instead of actual brick is that the edges of the authentic brick wall do not look symmetrical and reflect the look of a broken wall, but this design using cement looks perfect. You can pick this if you want a simple front-wall cement design.

3. Interactive Panelling Wall Cement Design to Bring Uniqueness

simple wall cement design

If you are looking for a striking yet elegant house front wall cement design, this is your cue. This design will add beauty to your front wall as it embarks the stylish decor of your exterior. These perfectly carved panels complement your house’s surroundings smoothly.

You can add yellow lights to your front door to enhance the overall beauty. This design style is best suited for homeowners who like to dwell alongside contemporary decor trends and embellishments and are inclined to change with fashion.

4. Countryside Natural Stone Wall Cement Design for a Wholesome Vibe

stone wall cement design

Are you a fan of an elegant yet vivid front wall design for your home? Consider using stone.
Stone is available in a combination of colours and textures to find an excellent type of stone for your house.

By using stone for your home front wall design, there is no way it won’t look like a beautiful and timeless appearance for your home. You can take white stones if you want a gorgeous look with a modern layout on your front wall. This is the most popular design among people who want an ambience of grace.

5. Enchanting Warm Coloured Wall Cement Design for a Homely Feel

coloured wall cement design

Do you want to give a warm and cosy feeling to your visitors? Then this house front wall cement design is for you. This design gives a leisurely look to homes that are not very high-roof or have massive structures. 

This front wall design speaks volumes in terms of style. Warm-coloured minimalist compositions adding to the delicate features of the house are yellow, orange, and light brown. This warm-coloured simple front wall cement design will leave an impression of your elevated lifestyle to your visitors.

6. Regal Touch Front Wall Cement Design

elegant wall cement design

This one can turn out to be the best home front wall design if you like big houses with a monarchic look. You can add a beautiful royal interior to your home and design the front wall using cement.

A statement roof design can add a regal touch to your front wall. It will help you create a royal vibe to the exterior of your house. Try adding white or yellow light to the house front to complement the royal look focusing on the statement exterior.

7. Abstract Front Wall Cement Design for That Modern Vibe

abstract wall cement design

You can choose this standard abstract design for the front wall if your house has been designed for a modern look. You just need to match it with identical abstract interior decor for your house to complement the overall look.

Moreover, if you want to add some colour to your wall, it is recommended that you pick monotonous and neutral colours. It will give a perfect contemporary look to your home front wall.

8. Monotonous Pattern Front Wall Cement Design for That Minimalistic Vibe

pattern wall cement design

A monotonous pattern looks perfect for homes with irregular structures. You can add a single monotonous design to your house exterior. You can use any additional design to experiment with, like fish scale, mesh, symmetric polygons, etc.

To give a simple monotonous look, you can use lines and circles to design the wall. You need to keep the space clean for an authentic look, so try to design the border of the wall in the simplest fashion. You should keep your outside clean and clutter-free to help the pattern of the front wall be visible.

9. Royal Arch Moulding Wall Cement Design

arch wall cement design

Your house front wall design must fit right with the overall architecture of the house. So to accomplish this, you must pick a front wall design that is unique and specific. If you have the space or a big entrance, try incorporating this design, as it will give your house a grand feeling.

This design covers a major area of any entrance with its arch-shaped pattern that gives vibrancy to your overall exterior and will shape your front gate. You may apply plaster-based detailings on your front wall to give it an elegant and stylish appearance.

10. Commix Metal Front Wall Cement Design for the Chic Vibe

metal wall cement design

Using geometric patterns is a new language of modernity in the home decor and lifestyle industry. You can opt for geometric designs if you want to integrate metal into the house front wall cement design. Subtle colours will bring your wall a sophisticated look using this combination.

You can use metal for the corners of the exterior and cement for the rest of the part of the front wall. Artistic designs and contemporary designs are examples of this pattern. Try adding some greenery to the house’s exterior to make it look exquisite. Style your living room with some cool living room ideas.

11. Urban-Style Narrow Stone Wall Cement Design

narrow wall cement design

Narrow stone designs are becoming a massive favourite among urban homes, and design & decor experts are projecting many variations of these house front wall cement designs. You can use any combination of stones with cement on your front wall to create a design synergy.

You can use these sharp and multi-coloured stones on one side of the wall and cement-textured patterns on the rest of the part. This design will bring a voguish look to your house’s front wall with an extraordinary sense of modernity.

12.  Contemporary Tiles Front Wall Cement Design

contemporary wall cement design

If you want to design your house in a trendy manner to modify the overall look, this front wall pattern will suit you perfectly.

Go on attaching tiles of any design and shape to your front wall. You can also use cement to give your wall a tile-like look instead of actual tiles. This house front wall cement design will give a solid and monarchic vibe to your house.

13. Wood-Attached Front Wall Cement Design

wood-attached wall cement design

Wooden attachments are known for their warm properties. You can give your home a warm vibe by attaching wood and cement to the front wall. It is ultimately an excellent combo for house front-wall cement design.

This combination will give your house an elegant and polished appearance. Your house exterior will get decorated like a villa, and wood will give you a cosy cottage-like feel. But you need to be aware of your location before using wood on your wall; if you live in a humid area, it is not suitable to use wood.

14. Core Cladding Front Wall Cement Design

cladding wall cement design

Cladding is a new technique used in designing surfaces with materials like panels, tiles, or marble, known as cladding materials. They are of excellent quality and feature to use on your front wall. They will give a sophisticated look to your mansion’s wall and enhance its beauty.

This home front wall design gives a contemporary touch to the outer wall, and you can use boho-style planters to attain the perfect look. This design works best for giant or medium-sized houses. Applying this design for tiny houses is not recommended, as it may look messy.

15. Quirky Front Wall Cement Design for a Picturesque Feel

quirky wall cement design

This design is the perfect combination of beauty and simplicity. It is a simple front wall design to provide a subtle look with minimal experiments.

This design gives your house a modern touch along with a quirky look. To achieve this look’s actual feel, keep the outer area clean so that the centre point will be the front walls. There is no designated pattern for this design, and you can choose any modern and elegant look.

16. Contemporary Pastel Wall Cement Design

pastel wall cement design

It is one of the newest and trendiest looks for people loving pastel colours. Although you can pick any colour of your choice, this metallic colour will give a perfect look to the front wall. Make sure you are mindful of the contrast of the interior decor with the exterior environment for the perfect result.

You can decorate your exterior with some plants and emphasise the feelings of the texture of the pastel-coloured wall. It would be best to style it with simple, tidied spaces with slick, clean stripes and artistic flair.

17. Bizarre Textured Design

textured wall cement design

Take your home front design elevated with this attractive facade design in blue. It increases the functional purpose of protection, adds a geometric vibrancy to the structure and creates a masterpiece that will get you a lot of praise.

Make use of concrete on the floor to complement the exterior of your house. Some architectural details you can add to the spotlight to insinuate your home with bizarre interior design effortlessly. It is a creative and bold-looking design embedded in the present. You can score a point with this alluring patterned wall.

18. Horizontal Moulding Design

horizontal wall cement design

Moulding is a modern design trend that will never disappoint you! If you want to deliver a more trendy vibe to your home, try applying horizontal moulding on the front wall. You may add other features, such as windows or doors, to the moulding façade for additional appeal.

You may give your home a smooth and contemporary impression by using white plaster for the front wall. This horizontal moulding design focus on simplicity and functionality. For this look, you can choose colour contrast for walls and windows/doors- white and black, green and white, brown and yellow, etc. are some top-notch alternatives.


common wall cement design

In India, it is not very common to encounter diverse front wall designs, as most are concrete. But travelling across different cities and states, you will find vast architectural styles and front wall designs using cement.

Everyone loves to put their creativity to use and build something unique. You can start decorating your house’s front wall with the various designs discussed above. Please get in touch with the consultants at HomeLane if you want expert guidance on how to go about choosing proper front wall designs for your house.


1. Types of Cement Used in House Front Wall?

White cement is the right choice for cement used in the house’s front wall. It is expensive and made of raw material that is free of iron oxide. It is used for architectural objectives such as going through precast front walls and boards, terrazzo covers, etc.

2. What Is the Benefit of Cement Walls?

The major benefit of cement walls is their durability and strength, which can resist adverse climatic situations. Cement walls add value to your house both in financial and perseverance terms.

3. How to Design Cement Walls?

To design cement walls, you can use plaster on the wall, design using geometric patterns, decorate the front and frontier walls to complement, and blend curves and straight lines.

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