Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture. The Sanskrit word Vastu means a dwelling or house within a given plot of land. 

A house built with love becomes a home for a happy family. A home constructed as per the rules of Vastu Shastra ensures prosperity, happiness, satisfaction and wealth. According to Vastu Shastra, every home has a specific type of energy. People dwelling in a house inhabit a particular field of energy, which influences them in one way or another. Vastu Shastra has successfully yielded positive results for ages, which is why people are drawn towards its principles even today.

 A child’s room needs to have a nurturing environment. Creating a personal space for children fosters a sense of responsibility and independence among them. As children spend most of their time in their rooms, a room designed according to Vastu Shastra would be harmonious with cosmic energies and encourage them to have fun and bring good health. 

Vastu Tips for Children’s Bedrooms 

Direction is Important 

Children’s rooms should ideally be constructed on the western side of the house. Furthermore, it is ideal that the child sleeps facing east, as it is the Sun’s direction. The idea here is not to constrict access to sunlight.

The sun is a powerhouse of positive aura and energy in several mythologies. Ensure that the room has natural lighting as facing the Sun’s rays will inspire the child to rise early and fill the room with positive energy. 

Ideally, a kid’s room should be square or rectangular to represent all four directions and elements of nature. However, the room must also have no sharp edges that obstruct the flow of energy. 

Placement of Furniture

The bed in a child’s room should not face a door, window, or mirror. According to Vastu Shastra, the bathroom is a low-energy space that drains the positivity of a space. Thus the wall adjoining the bathroom should be left bare, and it should be ensured that the bed is not facing the bathroom door.

The bed must be placed in the west or southwest corner of the room to bring good health and success. It must be made of wood as a metal frame fosters negative vibrations. Further, there should be some gap between the walls and the bed. 

The centre of the room is called Brahmasthan, and any kind of furnishing placed here creates an obstruction. Thus, the placement of objects in the middle of the room must be avoided. Also, avoid placing any beam-shaped objects in the room and avoid sitting or sleeping under those. 

Mirrors can sometimes rid the space of positivity by creating illusions. If your child has a dressing table, ensure that it is without a mirror. Experts also say that a mirror facing the bed depletes personal energy and causes sleeplessness. 

Placement of Study Equipment as per Vastu

The child’s study area should always be clutter-free and neat. Cluttered and dusty rooms give way to negativity and a disorganised mind. Clean rooms ensure clarity of mind. 

The study table should face east, north, or north-east. It should not have shelves filled with books. The laws of Vastu state that it is better to have the bookshelf placed on the side as a separate entity which would ensure that the child is not overwhelmed by the enormity of studies. The books on the shelf must also be neatly arranged. Place the shelf either against the south or the west wall. 

Further, high-back chairs undoubtedly result in high achievers, and it is believed that if the height of the desk is in line with the child’s navel, it generates positive energy.


Colours radiate energy of their own and affect our mood to a huge extent. Green, the colour of growth and prosperity, is ideal for a child’s bedroom. Moreover, looking at it has a soothing effect on the eyes as it is the colour of nature’s endowment.

Blue is recommended for kids who get agitated easily as its tranquillity helps soothe them and temper their impulses. Thus, shades of green and blue are the ideal colours for a child’s bedroom associated with freshness and positivity. Provocative and bright colours like red, orange, purple, and black create negative vibes.

Placement of Objects for Good Luck and Removal of Gadgets

Awards and trophies can act as a source of encouragement for the child. Thus it is recommended to put up a child’s awards on their wall as a source of motivation for your child. You could also hang a beautiful painting on the wall opposite the door, which is easily seen as a person enters the room. Keeping potted indoor plants on the study table also helps in growth and rejuvenation.

Avoid placing too many electronic gadgets in a child’s room as they produce high electromagnetic stress. The harmful radiation could have a negative effect on a child’s concentration power and lead to endless distractions. 

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