It’s that time of year again! Time for adorable young couples to make cheesy declarations to their current crush, and for lovely older couples to reaffirm their love to one another! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking to fill your home with heartfelt décor style you’ve come to the right place!

Refresh your romance and put your heart on your sleeve, with our Valentine’s Day home décor tips.

DIY Heart Wreath

Let the magic begin right at your front door! Bend a wire hanger into the shape of a heart, and decorate it with red tinsel paper for this glittering declaration of love. Cupid is sure to come a-knocking!

Here’s a tutorial to get you started.

valentine day home decor ideas

Blow Up Those Balloons!

Quite the easiest (and cheesiest) décor refresh is with a bunch of helium-filled heart balloons. Tie them together in the shape of a giant heart (all it takes is bits of string, some cello tape and a lot of patience!)….or just let them float up to the ceiling.

balloon decor ideas for Valentine

Hearts Galore

You just can’t go wrong with a décor palette of black, white and red. Heart-shaped wallpaper, heart graphics and alphabet cut outs shout out your message of love in this Valentine-themed living room. Sprinkle some rose petals on the floor and declare your intent with a big bunch of red roses on the coffee table.

Wall decoration Ideas for valentine's day

Light Up Some Candles

The soft flickering glow from scented candles is perfect for creating the right mood. Use white or red candles, wrap them with cinnamon curls, and add a polka-dotted red satin bow to make your evening as perfect as it can be!Candle decoration ideas for Valentine's day

DIY Garland

Super easy to make, this DIY garland uses heart-shaped cut-outs with messages in crayon, hung on a string using clothes pegs. You can intersperse roses, charms and photographs in between for a more personalised look.

Here’s a tip: Fold the craft paper and cut out half the heart along the fold. Open it out for a perfectly symmetrical heart-shaped cut-out.

Mood Lighting

Candlelight is mesmerizing and magical and adds the special ambience you need to create on Valentine’s Day. Give your home a lighting makeover, with a collection of candles, tea lights in votive holders, and strings of fairy lights bunched up in a jar.

romantic mood lightings

String Art

If you’re an avid DIYer, you have probably already tried your hand at string art! This retro craft idea is something you can work on with your kids on a lazy weekend afternoon. Draw out a heart on the wooden base, space nails around the outline and evenly pound them into the same depth. Starting from one end, tie the string around the nails at opposite ends in a criss-cross pattern, filling the space in the middle with crossing threads. Finish up by outlining the perimeter with the string to define the shape.

string arts ideas

Heart Pennant

Cut out triangles in jute material and fold in one side for the string to run through. Punch out hearts from craft paper and glue them on the triangles for an instantly festive look. Let those warm, fuzzy feelings shine through!

Heart Pennant

Heart-Shaped Cushions

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite as much as these heart-shaped balloons on the couch. Get ready to watch Valentine’s Day Netflix specials, even as you whisper sweet nothings to each other all night long!

heart shaped cushions

Stuffed Hearts

Use scraps of fabric, cut into heart shapes and filled with sponge, to create these miniature squeeze toys. Hang them up across the window or over the headboard of your bed to add a playful touch to your Valentine Day theme.

stuffed hearts

Love Mobile

Say it with cookie-cutter baked treats, cut into alphabet shapes and beautifully iced in shades of white and pink! Hang up your cookie mobile on a string and decorate with iced flowers, stars and circles.

baked treat

Towel Art

Watch this tutorial to find out how you can fold your towels into lovely origami swan shapes inside a heart, and set the scene for a romantic evening! Use one large bath towel and two hand towels for this creative display.

romantic ideas for Valentine's day

The Blues Have it!

Who says hearts have to be always in red? Step away from the groove with this blue folded paper artwork in the shape of a heart. Accessorize with a blue vase and tiny glittering blue metal balls in a jar.

valentine's day decoration ideas

Just the Way You Look Tonight!

Set the mood for a romantic evening with magical fairy lights, glitter and confetti on the floor, and an old fashioned guitar! Gather your loved ones and get ready to dance and croon to some of the most loved romantic ballads.

valentine's day home decor

This Valentine’s Day, let the love shine through in the choices you make for your home décor! For more DIY ideas and décor tips, connect with HomeLane. Loved this article? Let us know just how much, in the comments below!

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