This summer, with the pandemic raging on, more people are looking to book holiday rentals that feel like a home away from home. For a vacation with family, hotels or resorts seem too impersonal—and holiday homes are all the rage these days. Not only are they considered to be the safer option, but they offer unique experiences that are imbued with local flavour for a magical holiday.

Building and owning a weekend retreat is a dream come true for those who love to get away from it all once in a while! Ever thought about building a holiday home that you could escape to when the humdrum of everyday life gets too much for you? The rest of the time it could be rented out to tourists, and can earn its own keep! 

Sounds exciting? Here’s how you can create the perfect holiday home.


Most people choose their holiday based on the location so this, of course, will determine whether your holiday home is financially successful or not. If you can choose a spot that’s close to a tourist attraction or a scenic locale, you’ll be sure to get people interested in renting your property. But if you’re looking at a holiday home that’s for your family only, then accessibility and proximity to your home would be important criteria.

Plan the Space You’ll Need

How many bedrooms will you need? An open plan layout will allow for more togetherness if it’s rented to a single family, but if the home will be used by different families at the same time then they would need privacy. Dining areas, family rooms and kitchen spaces that are shared would be a good idea, but do allow for private bedrooms and some cottages that could be set away from the main property.

Integrate the garden with the house, and try to create decks and courtyard gardens that blend the indoors and the outdoors. You don’t want to be cooped up inside when you’re on holiday! A large swimming pool, and several smaller splash pools and water bodies, with plenty of greenery all around, would be a lovely idea for summer fun and frolic. 

Choose a Decor Theme

Whether you’re recreating the décor from scratch or upgrading it, it’s important to choose a style theme. You can go sassy and wild with Boho lifestyle choices, or go subtle with French romantic themes; pile on the country charm or usher in breezy coastal decor. Perhaps you could even choose a different style for each room! 

Here are some ideas.

Rustic Charm: Countryside Living

Farmhouse décor is all about cozy warmth and the simple comforts of the countryside. Think vintage gingham curtains, reclaimed wood-topped dining tables, large jugs of farm-fresh milk and the aroma of home-baked bread. Healthy and wholesome, this rustic style is sure to appeal to all those who are tired of the frenzy of urban living.

Très Chic, French Style

Understated elegance and refined lifestyles are what the French are known for, and nowhere is this more evident than in their homes! Muted colours and natural materials, fluted and frilled edges and distressed wooden cabinets are the hallmarks of this French-style bedsit. Filled to the brim with charm and timeless style, this is French living at its finest!

Recreating the Past: Vintage Glory

Vintage themes retell stories from the past, paying tribute to our ancestry in ways that add meaning to the present. This décor style takes a bow to the past, and fills our homes with the warmth of simpler times. Sleep in the comfort of a four-poster bed in this bedroom that turns back the clock; with its polished red oxide floors and paisley patterned wallpaper. Slow down to the speed of life!

Sea and Sand: Coastal Décor

Even if your vacation home is far away from the coast, there’s nothing that says you can’t recreate the feel of the sea and sand in your home! Tranquil colours, and an easy, casual decorating style can usher in the relaxed ambience of a coastal holiday. Pick a white and blue palette, and opt for sandy accessories to get coastal colours into your theme.

Sassy and Smart: Boho Chic

Bohemian décor is all about breaking away from the trend, which is what you should opt to do when you’re on holiday! Chart your own path, explore new territory, and break all the rules. This Boho-chic retreat follows free-spirited living, with wicker and straw, plants and sunshine. This summer, dare to be different.

Tips to Decorate Holiday Homes

  • While you will be living in your holiday home some of the time, you could also be letting it out to guests who are strangers to you. Pick furnishings that are easy to launder or inexpensive to replace.
  • Especially if your vacation home is close to a river, pool or the sea, opt for carpets that can be washed. Or even better, go with tile floors that are low maintenance, and get rugs that can be vacuumed easily.
  • Plenty of plants, both inside and outside, will turn your holiday home into a tropical paradise.
  • Pick a neutral colour palette and add pops of vibrancy in the furnishings. When you are decorating for a variety of guests, it’s best to keep things simple.
  • Pick wallpaper that goes with the decorating style you have chosen for each room.
  • Pay careful attention to the bathroom décor. A luxurious soaking tub and an indoor garden will be a value-add that will create lovely holiday memories.
  • Opt for the most comfortable mattresses and bed linen you can find. A good night’s sleep is always high on any holiday itinerary.
  • A barbeque area on the deck, and a safe spot for bonfire evenings, is a must.
  • Kitchen hygiene is a high priority. An industrial kitchen with countertops and work surfaces that can be sanitised easily is a top priority. Plan for plenty of storage for groceries, especially if you are far from city shops. 

What else would you like in your dream holiday home? Call a HomeLane designer today, and let your dreams do the talking!

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