Patterns – they’re what make life interesting. We look forward to predictable patterns that help us be the best. We also seek new patterns that can help bring an added dimension to our lives.

This holds true for our homes as well. The framework and structure of a home are brought out by its layout and furniture. However, its character and essence shine through the patterns used in its furniture, drapes, upholstery, etc. Patterns and weaves are what help showcase your home’s personality.

Have we made this sound complicated? Well, it’s not. All we are saying is that you can play with patterns and prints to help change the look and feel of your homes completely.

Printing Style Statements in Your Home Space

Okay, so patterns are the thing. But how do you know which pattern works for you and your home? We have the ultimate list of upholstery patterns and styles to help you choose.

Geometric Prints

Geometric prints are the trendiest and most happening designs in home décor today. Geometric designs have evolved to be contemporary, global, ethnic, and quirky. Depending on the impact, you can choose from:

Stripes: The most basic among the patterns, you cannot go wrong with these. They are ideal if you look at a more conservative effect and are best used on drapes.

Trellis: This is a pattern that looks a little like a fence. A set usually has closely intersecting lines and most commonly uses a two-colour scheme. Try using this in 3-dimensional form as the upholstery of your sofa or chairs to go truly bold.

Geometric Prints

Ogee: This is like a diamond, but it has rounded ends on two sides. This design produces a more ancient, middle-east vibe. It works wonderfully on curtains and carpets.

curtains and carpets.

Moroccan Lattice: This one is a little more ornate, like the ogee design. Although a very traditional Turkish design, this style creates a contemporary look in all spaces. The ability to use multiple shades of the same colour makes this a very popular choice. Try using the Moroccan lattice as a rug or in your dining space.

Moroccan Lattice:

Polka dot: We cannot complete this session without talking about the timeless polka dots. Although they have a strong retro vibe, they are also very modern. You can use any colour with polka dots and find the same striking impact. Try using this for your dressing area or kid’s rooms. Makes magic in the bath area too!

Polka dot

Medallion: This is much like your polka dots with a twist. This bold print is a big circle that may be slightly elongated for an oval-like effect. Alternatively, you may just find it like a big circle with a leafy print. This is a great, refreshing print for your bed linen and curtains in more informal spaces.


Chevron: This sounds like a simple pattern, but its visual appeal is unbelievable. This appears as a simple zigzag design in at least two colours. Often, one of them is white or cream to give it a strong base tone. Today, with dimensions and effects, the appeal has increased manifold. Perfect to use in your accessories like throw pillows.


Ikat: What do you get when a diamond has had too many drinks? An ikat print, of course! A diamond pattern with blurred edges is what the typical ikat design is. Today, several modifications have been made to this design to give it more character. Try this pattern on your drapes, bed linen, cushions, or even walls! You can opt for a single colour tone or even a medley of colours like this one here.


Floral Prints

Do you know what they say about floral prints never failing to impress? They weren’t joking. Any floral print can add softness and ethereal touch to a room. They are several varieties you can experiment with within floral prints too. Take a look.

Chintz: Chintz is among the oldest fabrics that have been used in home décor. Today, it is glazed for added shine. Conventional chintz designs have floral themes. However, the contemporary interpretations include jewelled motifs and embeds. These patterns work beautifully on your bed linen or as embellishment cushions for a chaise lounge or sofa. You could even try and use this in your cotton curtains if you want to try and create a light, easy look in the room.

Floral Prints

Chinoiserie: China is known for its richness in texture and patterns, especially when it comes to fabric. A traditional Chinese design, Chinoiserie includes a variety of colours and patterns. While the floral element is the base, it is common to find animals, people, and birds in the print too. This is an ideal pattern if you want to stay away from the solids but create a subtle impact. Try it on your cushions and throws.


Fleur-de-lis: This is a typical French design inspired by the lily. While there are usually four petals resting on a horizontal band at the base, the design has been interpreted and modified to create several different versions that lend beautifully to home décor. This very classy pattern is used best in more traditional or formal spaces, in neutral colours. You can try using this pattern in your sofas, carpets, or drapes.


Digital Prints

Digital prints are an amazing choice since they can use any pattern you like. What’s more, they can be customised to work into the curves of your sofa and other furniture to take on its shape. Digital prints make the patterns and colours sharper and provide added effects like 3-dimensional angles. If you are looking for a more contemporary impact in your spaces, pick this one.

Digital Prints

Checked Prints

Although we think of checks as a simple pattern, several versions include the gingham, Greek key, harlequin, or tartan styles. Although checks seem dull and drab, they can create a muted look when used on sofas and recliners. If you want a room that feels easy on the eye, you should consider this option. If you don’t feel bold enough to have an entire sofa made in checks, try breaking the solid colour’s monotony with some checked cushions instead.

Checked Prints

Textured Styles

Textures like brocade, jacquard, and damask have a beautiful touch and feel to the fabric. It is important to remember that these designs tend to look more traditional, so choose them if this is the look and feel you are going for. The important thing about textured styles is that they tend to add a touch of richness and class to the room. Opt for brocade curtains, damask in your dining area, and try using jacquard to upholster your sofas for the best effect.

Textured Styles

Abstract Patterns

If you want to get stylish and different, try going abstract. The world is your canvas with this style. You can pick abstract patterns, incorporate animal prints like zebra and leopard, or even try the houndstooth design for impact. These work brilliantly on a statement chair, recliner, rug in a guest room or study, or even as curtains in informal spaces.

Abstract Patterns

Sometimes having too many choices may be more of a problem than having too few options. These are just the starting point, and you have an array of different colours, textures, and styles that can recreate any look and feel you envision.

If you want to better visualise your home and its décor, HomeLane can take you through a three-dimensional virtual tour that can help make your colours and patterns come to life. We can also help you create your home in the layers and shades you have always wanted. A dream home is one lane away!

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