Looking to step back from the chaos of everyday life and embrace the joys of simple living? All of us lead busier and more stressful lives than ever before, and the idea of simplicity offers a welcome respite. It’s about finding calm amidst the frenzy, stripping away the unnecessary to reveal what truly matters.

Simple living isn’t about grand gestures or over-the-top displays; it’s about going back to the basics. It’s finding contentment in the quiet moments and creating ways to nurture a sense of peace and clarity. Simple interior design helps to create more mindful living spaces; unpretentious homes that are quiet and calming, without any of the visual chatter that ostentation brings.

In this guide to simple house interiors, we’ll rediscover how to pause, breathe, and appreciate the beauty found in the uncomplicated moments! From decluttering your living spaces to creating functional yet elegant designs, let’s find practical ways to create a more serene environment.

The Essence of Simple Room Design

Simple interior design and minimalistic spaces share many similarities, both prioritising a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. But while minimalism is inherently stark, simple interiors can be as warm and personal as you would wish. You can add colour, quirky touches or greenery, but just remember to keep it honest.

All said and done, a simple lifestyle is one that has less stuff, but gives you a lot more joy. And honestly, in the end, isn’t that what we all want?

Armchair pillow glowing lamp paint pot

So picture this, and you will get the essence of simple room designs:

  • Clean lines, and uncluttered surfaces allow the essential elements of the room to shine.
  • There’s an abundance of natural light that showcases the beauty of simple textures and organic materials.
  • Each piece of furniture is carefully chosen for its purpose, with deliberate intentionality.
  • There’s a lot of negative space that allows the eyes to pause.
  • Form follows function, and spaces have meaning and flow effortlessly into each other.
  • Simple design is not about sacrificing personality; which means that you can add your own special touches; perhaps patterns that you love, and a few objects that hold special meaning for you.
  • Colours could be neutrals, but don’t have to be. The colour palette could be carefully chosen with bursts of vibrancy that set the tone without overwhelming the space.

Simple house interiors allow you to pause and reflect, without rushing headlong into doing things that don’t have a deep purpose. It’s about finding beauty in the little things that really do matter. Does this sound like just what you need?

Simple Flat/House Design: Making the Most of Limited Space

Interior light living room grey sofaSmall spaces can be very challenging, in that they can get filled up with objects all too quickly. You have to find the right balance between items that you need, and the need to create visual pause. Every element must feel just right and must be chosen with care; as much for its practical purpose as for the feeling it evokes!

We’ve got some tips to help you nail the simple look.

  • Assess the space and plan the layout wisely. Each area should have a clearly defined purpose; for instance, there’s a sleeping zone, a space for relaxation, one for cooking, and so on. Give focus to each space by defining clear zones.
  • This doesn’t mean that a room cannot have different purposes at different times of the day! Flexibility is key. If your home is compact, then by all means have a sofa that pulls out into a bed at night. In this case, you’ll be defining the activity with respect to time of day, which is also a good thing.
  • Think of clever ways to conceal storage, so that you can stow away items that you don’t want lying around all the time. Physical clutter leads to mental chatter, which affects our well-being. Hidden storage beneath the bed, for instance, or an additional loft in the kitchen, are a few ideas.
  • Open up spaces as much as you can. If you can do away with confining walls, do so; and add definition to each zone with an area rug or even just the placement of furniture. A glass partition between rooms also looks great without blocking sightlines.

Loft bedroom sea view design

  • Pay as much attention to the space around each object as to the object itself. This is an abstract idea that must be understood, to get this concept right. Negative spaces are those that are blank and empty, and give much-needed visual relief. So, give each piece of furniture breathing space, and don’t pile up or crowd elements together.
  • Pick lightweight furniture and furnishings that don’t have visual weight. Chairs with spindle legs, tables with glass tops and so on look less heavy and don’t crowd your space.
  • By the same yardstick, neutral colours have less of a visual footprint than bright and saturated tones. White walls reflect the light and make your space feel more generous. But remember, we’re talking about simple design here and not minimal. So if you’re a fan of warm colours, by all means add them, but without overwhelming the space. That part is very important!
  • Leave windows open to let in as much light as possible. This will also make a small space look larger. If you must have curtains, choose lightweight sheers that don’t block out the light.
  • Artwork or artefacts provide visual interest, but keep them in one space rather than letting them spread everywhere. Pictures on one wall, a sculpture on a table or a striking mural above the couch are all good, but leave blank space in between as well.

Above all, it’s important to make the spaces work for your lifestyle! Get creative, and have fun with your home. Pared down and highly efficient spaces are all right, but without the stamp of your personality, even the most well-designed home holds no meaning!

Crafting Welcoming Spaces: Simple Hall Design for Home

Wooden sofa pillows white lounge ladderThe hall is often the first glimpse guests get of your home, setting the tone for the entire experience. How do you transform this transitional area into a space that feels both stylish and inviting? Here are some thoughts on this:

    • Keep clutter down by planning built-in cabinets, storage below window seats, sleek console units with drawers, or woven baskets to corral small items. Keep everyday essentials organised and hidden, yet readily accessible.
    • Choose a rug that complements your colour scheme and defines the entryway to your home. Carpets and rugs should be chosen with care; one large rug rather than many smaller ones will keep the look simple.
    • Bare walls give space for pause, but too many bare walls lack personality. Hang artwork or create a gallery wall in one focussed spot; behind the main sofa is a good idea!
    • Breathe life into your hall with indoor plants. A potted Monstera in a woven basket gives out tropical vibes and is an easy way to add texture and colour.
    • Make furniture choices with care. Keeping sofas away from the wall will give a greater illusion of space. Choose sofa and table designs that allow you to feel the space beneath, rather than ones with a heavy base that cut off the floor below. Similarly, a floating entertainment unit will look lighter than one that’s on the floor.

Your Personal Oasis: Simple Bathroom Design in India

Modern,Bathroom,With,Stylish,Design.,Wasroom,In,Cozy,Interior,WithSimplicity is a lifestyle choice and should prevail in every room in your home, even the bathroom!

      • Opt for white, grey, or beige as your base, creating a calming and spacious feel. Introduce subtle pops of colour through towels, plants, or artwork for visual interest. You can also choose to go monochrome, with variants of a single shade for a streamlined aesthetic.
      • Avoid vanities with ornate details and choose sleek, floating units with drawers instead of open shelves. Integrated sinks with seamless countertops help to minimise joints and maintain hygiene.
      • Built-in cabinets, recessed shelves, and mirrored medicine cabinets offer space for hidden storage and help to keep essentials out of sight.
      • Use glass shower doors and shelves to create a sense of openness and lightness. Opt for frosted glass for added privacy.
      • Adding plants to the counter and in corners will infuse your bathroom with freshness and life. Pick simple ceramic pots or hanging planters for a minimalist touch.
      • You can choose to have just bare walls, without tiles, in the dry area and tile only the shower space. Hang minimal art—like charcoal sketches in a simple black frame—to add character.
      • Choose white or neutral-coloured towels and linens for a clean and cohesive look. Keep them neatly folded or rolled for visual order.
        Finding Serenity: Simple Bedroom Design in India

Modern peaceful bedroom zen style sereneYour bedroom should be a peaceful and relaxed space, a place where you can unwind and recharge. When it comes to design, simplicity is often the key to achieving this tranquil atmosphere.

      • Choose simple and functional furniture with clean lines. Invest in a high-quality mattress and comfortable bedding for optimal sleep.
      • Choose natural materials like cotton, linen, or wool for bedding and throws. These textures add warmth and comfort while maintaining a simple aesthetic.
      • Don’t crowd your bedside table with too many things. Select a few meaningful pieces of artwork, a small plant, or a scented candle to personalise your space without creating clutter. Less clutter equals less visual noise and makes for a calmer mind.
      • Avoid having a TV in your bedroom. Steer clear of electronics before you sleep, and try not to keep checking messages on your phone! A tech-free zone will help you to disconnect and make for a refreshing night’s sleep.
      • Thoughtfully designed built-in closets, under-bed storage, and decorative baskets help to keep your belongings neatly stored out of sight and well organised.
      • A space that’s dark will help you to sleep better. This is one room where heavier drapes at the window do make sense! Layer the curtains and use sheers to let in the light during the daytime.

Home Gallery Design: Simple and Stylish Homes!

Here are some simple and stylish home design ideas to inspire you!

Black and White

Minimalist bedroom fur rug black whiteBlack and white makes for a dynamic duo that never fails to make an impact. This main bedroom is high on style, and notches up the drama with a graphic striped bed sheet and pillows. Window drapes are all white framed in black, and the sleek furniture falls in line with thin black metal legs.

Textural Interest

Real photo living room interior sofa

This simple living room offers plenty of visual breaks, with white walls merging seamlessly into the white floors. There’s textural interest in the form of throws, a velvet-upholstered wing chair, and rough-hewn wicker surfaces. The gallery of pencil sketches above the couch are very low in impact, so faint as to be almost indiscernible!

An Abundance of Sunshine

Sunlight floods this family room through large slanted windows in the ceiling, keeping this simple space looking spacious and bright. The white brick wall adds interesting visuals, while the furniture in the room is sleek and very lightweight.

Let’s Slow Down to the Speed of Life, by Keeping Things Simple!

In our fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to lose track of the little things that really matter. Embracing a simple lifestyle can be a powerful tool to reclaim control, find peace, and connect with the essence of life. Simple interior design helps you to do just that: with thoughtfully designed spaces that allow you to breathe, detox your world, and slow down to the speed of life!

Want to get started on creating a more peaceful and simple life, starting from the inside out? Get in touch with the HomeLane team, for help with designing your simple interior design. We’ll help you create a calm and peaceful home that you’ll fall more in love with, every single day!

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