Shoe racks make up an important part of households, especially in Asian culture. Most people prefer to take their shoes off when they enter their homes and change into “indoor footwear.” This not only helps to keep the house clean but also contributes to a change in mindset. Indoor shoes evoke a sense of comfort and ease. The physical act of changing your shoes equates to leaving the outside world behind.

outdoor shoe rack

Some people prefer to keep a shoe rack outside their homes, whereas others choose to keep a small space inside the house, near the front door. Outdoor shoe rack wooden designs are more suitable for independent houses or townhouses where the risk of having your shoes stolen runs low. On the other hand, apartment owners prefer to have a small, simple shoe rack inside the house.

Let’s look at 12 different shoe rack wooden designs that can enhance the overall appeal of your living room, entrance, or closet.

1. Stoic All-White Shoe Rack

As the picture shows, this shoe rack wooden design has the potential to effortlessly fall in line with the decor of the rest of the house. When you are overwhelmed by the different colour choices, white is the ultimate neutral shade to introduce into your home. It can serve as a pop of colour in an otherwise minimalist decor or bring about a sense of neutrality if there are too many clashing colours. This particular wooden shoe rack design also doubles up as a coat closet. Depending on your space, you can add a door to keep the dust out or leave it open for a more inclusive feel.

all-white shoe rack

2. Rustic Bamboo Stems

Bamboo culms or branches are the way to go if you prefer a rustic and outdoorsy decor style. It adds an Asian aesthetic to the house. It is easy to combine this wooden shoe stand design with some screen doors to make the decor look Japanese. Another advantage of using bamboo stems is that they help to reduce odour and prevent mould. This is especially useful for tropical climates where the humidity tends to be higher than in European countries. This wooden shoe rack design for home is a useful addition to your garage. Alternatively, it can also be placed near the entrance of the house.

wooden shoe stand

3. Wooden Drawers to Match Your Closet

Another way to add shoe shelves when running out of space is to add drawers instead of a simple wooden shoe rack design. They can be used to store shoes, slippers, sandals, boots or even shoe maintenance gear like brushes and polish. A section of the drawer can also be used to store your socks so you can easily reach for them without wasting time looking for them in another part of your closet. Use the same wood panelling as your closet for the drawers to give your wardrobe a holistic look.

simple wooden shoe rack design

4. Versatile Shoe Rack with Coat Hangers

This portable and simple wooden shoe rack design with wheels are light, portable, useful and ideal for a small family living in an apartment. It can be painted in any colour, depending on the living room decor, and be the perfect space saving furniture. Use it to hang your coats in the winter and rainy seasons, and place your boots on the bottom shoe rack. It can also be used as an additional rack for drying your clothes on a rainy day. If you’re running out of living room space, you can easily place it in your bedroom.

versatile shoe rack with coat hangers

5. When in Doubt, Choose Classic Wooden Panels

While designing your home, too many design choices tend to seem overwhelming. It is always a good idea to return to classic design ideas. There is a reason why wooden shoe rack designs for homes have been used for shoe storage for centuries. It simply works. Moreover, these shoe racks are also easier to clean and maintain. Adding space between the back panels allows ventilation and allows the shoes to breathe. This prevents to smell from building up in the rack and spreading to other shoes.

classic wooden panels

6. Light Brown Wooden Shoe Rack

Opt for light brown paint varnish to give your wooden shoe rack an extra edge. This little trick brightens up all your wooden furniture and elevates the look of the entire living room. This simple wooden shoe rack design has been built with no back panels to allow maximum space for your shoes and easy ventilation. If your shoes are too big, simply pull the shoe rack away from the wall to accommodate those pointy toes.

light brown wooden shoe rack

7. Beige Shoe Drawers for your Closet

So you went a little overboard and bought some new footwear but have nowhere to put them. This picture shows another example of adding a wooden shoe rack design to your existing closet in a clever way. You can add drawers to keep the dust out (or to hide them from your siblings/significant other). Another option is to add a wooden panel to the bottom of your closet to make space for more shoes. Matching the wooden panel with the drawers gives this closet a cohesive look.

shoe rack design

8. Wooden Planks on a Metal Frame

This cost-effective wooden shoe rack design combines wooden planks on a metal frame. It is ideal for outdoor spaces like farmhouses or big lawns that require gardening work. You can make enough space to accommodate your tools and work boots. Since it is meant for the outdoors, it looks rustic and conveniently blends in with the natural environment. It is easy to build and doesn’t require much maintenance other than regular repairs due to wear and tear.

shoe rack wooden planks

9. All White Shoe Rack with Cabinet

This wooden shoe rack with a door combines panels and metal bars for additional space. It blends seamlessly with the rest of the decor. It has been combined with the cabinet and the coat hangar for a holistic look that stands out. Using dark metal bars against the all-white painted wood creates a stark contrast and matches the doors’ colour. This style is perfect for penthouse apartments that have ample space.

all white shoe rack with cabinet

10. Wall Mounted Wooden Planks

This shoe rack design for home is a great example of the efficient use of space. Any wall with a plain background can create simple shoe racks that are open, well-ventilated and useful. The thickness of these planks will vary depending on what kind of shoes you’d like to place on them. Go with thinner planks if it is meant for walking or gym shoes and flip-flops. However, if you’d like to use them for rain boots or hiking shoes, we’d recommend something a little stronger.

Wall Mounted Wooden Planks

Final Thoughts

Your shoes deserve as much open space and carefully crafted storage as your clothes do. The more we take care of them, the longer they last. This is where shoe racks come in and make our lives simpler. Adding a wooden shoe rack with a door outside your home or near your front door encourages your family and friends to take their outdoor shoes off before entering your home.

For these and more ideas on shoe rack designs, reach out to the experts at  HomeLane to create a product that suits your needs.

simple shoe rack design wood


1. Which Is the Best Wooden Shoe Rack to Buy for a Big Family?

For big families, it is important to make maximum use of the available space. If you have a large empty wall near the entrance, wall-mounted wooden planks will work well. On the other hand, if most family members wear heavy shoes, combining a wooden shoe rack design with a cabinet would be best. This ensures the house doesn’t look cluttered with shoes. You can choose to place the larger, dirtier shoes inside the cabinet. Moreover, the top of the cabinet can also be used for decorating or adding a seating space.

2. Which Wood Is Best for a Shoe Rack?

Any type of wood can be used to make a wooden shoe rack design. However, to make the right choice, you must consider what shoes you usually wear. Wood panels can be used for work wear or party shoes. However, if you want to paint the shoe rack, we recommend using white pine wood. For a more natural finish, we recommend using Cedar since it is durable and can be varnished easily. 

If the wooden shoe rack is placed outdoors, make sure to use wood that can withstand harsh sun, cold weather and moisture from the rain.  

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