Gone are the days when false ceiling design for the lobby was restricted to commercial buildings or historical constructions. It is now possible to have the same luxury right at your home! You can decorate the lobby at home using Plaster of Paris – popularly known as POP.

false ceiling design for lobby

POP design for the lobby makes absolute sense considering that POP is lightweight and easy to install. The fact that it is pretty pocket-friendly with great flexibility for styling using your creativity or imagination just adds to its already accomplished list of qualities. At the same time, it also offers acoustic protection and insulation, which can improve the quality of life in such spaces. As such, POP lobby designs can increase the aesthetic value of your home while also adding to its functionality without costing a bomb. What more would you want?

If you are struggling to get started, here are eight POP designs for the lobby that you can consider.

1. Minimalistic Monochrome POP Design for Lobby

down ceiling design for lobby

While we could have started with any intricate plus minus POP design for the lobby, we would like to start with something simple and understated. After all, minimalism is in and here to stay. From the image, it may appear like there isn’t a lot going on, but it all boils down to your preferences.

For starters, designing a false ceiling for the lobby is pretty straightforward, but you can upgrade it with geometric shapes and mosaics. Similarly, the recessed lights add a layered effect to the lobby’s lighting – something you can experiment with using coloured or mood lights. The interplay of black and white can also be upgraded using a shock of colours for the walls, fixtures, doors, and furniture. In other words, you could pick up the template for a no-nonsense lobby decor or personalise it to your heart’s content based on how you like it!

2. Vintage POP Lobby Ceiling Design

vintage lobby ceiling design

While minimalistic designs are the epitome of modern, contemporary architecture, let’s go back in time to explore this antique lobby POP design in the old-school plus-minus design. This antique POP lobby design for lobby features a false ceiling with recesses to have a classic trough-like effect. Such layering adds depth to the ceiling.

The use of built-in lights at the four corners blends form and functionality as it will light up the lobby evenly and leave no dark corners. However, the central dome-like moulding that houses the chandelier truly pulls the vintage vibe together. You can add to the look by picking out lamps and fixtures that look old-timey and get a lobby decor that is a blast from the past.

3. Fresco Painted Ceiling POP Lobby Design

fresco painted ceiling pop lobby designIf you are the artistic kind who wishes to ascribe your personality to the POP lobby design, then this Fresco-painted ceiling is perfect for the job. Pick a medieval painting of your choice and a skilled artist, and you can have your lobby’s ceiling look like a page from the book of Renaissance! You may choose to stay as basic as getting the ceiling painted and framing it in a POP mould.

Alternatively, you can go all out and have the designer prepare a false ceiling containing a mural of the painting for more depth and realism. It essentially depends on your vision, budget, and artisanship. Either way, this POP design for the lobby will leave every visitor stunned.

4. Stars and Galaxies False Ceiling Design for Lobby

stars and galaxies false ceiling design for lobby

If you want a false ceiling design for the lobby that is a few notches above minimalistic but a few notches below the intricate Frescoed ceiling, then this POP design for lobby hits the sweet spot. While the false ceiling is pretty basic, what you do with it sets it apart. The false ceiling allows you the opportunity to install light fixtures – of varying shapes, colours, and sizes. You can use it to recreate a slice of the galaxy and orchestrate constellations and other designs of the universe.

Once the false ceiling is installed, it is only a matter of painting it in inky black and blue with sprays of yellow, red, and pink, and you can host the entire galaxy in your lobby! Such a POP design is best for a spacious lobby with two fans. The plus-minus design can also complement high ceilings.

5. Modern Geometric False Ceiling Design for Lobby

geometric pop design for lobby

We have gone back in time, checked out the latest plus minus POP design for lobby, and even travelled into the galaxy. It is now time to enter the future! This modernistic POP design for the lobby reminds us of all the sci-fi films that have painted a picture of what the houses would look like in the years to come. The design sports a repetitive print of top-side-up and upside-down triangles with embossed edges.

The repetition creates a sense of symmetry, which elevates the appearance of such geometric POP designs for the lobby. And triangles are just an illustration; you could pick any shape or combination of shapes that fit together to get this look. Also, if the white-on-white getup appears too sterile for your liking, you can have the trimmings painted in metallic shades of golden, silver, copper, etc., to retain the modernity without changing the design.

6. Light and Shadows POP Design for Lobby

light and shadows pop design for lobby

Remember how we said you can pick any shape of your liking and repeat it to create beautiful POP designs for lobby? Well, this is a somewhat similar example using circles! However, this design is worlds apart from the previous one considering that rather than embossing the arc of the circle, the false ceiling is scooped out for a domed effect. Each dome contains a light bulb, which cobbles together a dramatic effect using lights and shadows. It also reminds us of vanity mirrors and how glamorous they look.

At the same time, you have POP trimmings around the circumference, and the empty spaces between the circle contain gorgeous floral motifs in POP. This is a great POP design for lobby two fans, as you can install the fans at any point by swapping the lightbulb with a fan.

7. Spiral Down Ceiling Design for Lobby

spiral down ceiling design for lobby

Are you looking for a plus-minus POP design for a lobby without a ceiling? We’ve got you covered! This spiral-down ceiling design for the lobby is perfect if you have a villa or a multistorey home – especially when there is no construction above the lobby and its ceiling extends endlessly to the roof!

As shown in the picture, tiny slabs can be stacked together to have a domed effect that closes in. The mix of materials – such as glass and POP – creates the illusion of a spiral. You can try the same with other materials like natural stone, wood, and even metal. The spiral eventually leads to the crescendo of a stained glass roof, which you can customise to your tastes. As long as you have a high ceiling for your lobby, this plus-minus POP design for the lobby roof would be the show-stealer at your home.

8. Natural-Looking POP Lobby Design

natural-looking pop lobby design

This false ceiling design for the lobby is quite easy to pull off, even if you are on a limited budget. At the same time, it does not require expert craftsmanship, so you can engage any contractor of your choice. After all, all they need to do is install gypsum boards for the false ceiling with room for ceiling floodlights. Then, it is simply a matter of accessorising the POP design for the lobby with palleted frames, hanging planters, and suspended lamps.

As we can see, the mix of materials and elements exudes a cosiness that will make the ambience of your lobby warm and hospitable. Another great USP of such POP designs is that it offers immense versatility to choose or customise any plus-minus POP design for the lobby roof. So you can try different variations and placements until you find what clicks.

Closing Thoughts

Your lobby offers the first impression of your home. It is here where you greet guests, interact with them, or get them to wait. So, why not give your lobby the TLC it needs? We have discussed some of the trendiest and most stylish POP designs for the lobby. We have tried to cover homes of all kinds – big and small – as well as designs of as many types as possible. We hope that some of these may have left you inspired to revamp the splendour of your home’s lobby. Feel free to use the ideas as they are or customise them to your preferences.

latest plus minus pop design for lobbyHowever, if you are looking for something truly unique, then consider scheduling a consultation with a HomeLane design expert. We will factor in all your wants and recommend the best designs to truly transform your home.

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