The charm and beauty of a well-designed modular kitchen are undeniable. In addition, the idea of assembling all the paraphernalia in your kitchen into a single unit is intriguing.

And yet, you have to wonder, is it all it’s made out to be? Isn’t the cost of a modular kitchen prohibitive? Well, daunting as it may seem, there are many reasons why a modular kitchen not only improves efficiency but is also infinitely more appealing than having a carpenter hammering away at the cabinets while you can enjoy some home-delivered food!

Let’s check out some reasons to choose modular kitchens.

Better Space Management

In run-of-the-mill kitchens, there is often a wastage of space as certain areas are not accessible due to the cabinets’ design and construction.

Modular kitchens, on the contrary, make maximum use of the given space, keeping functionality in mind. The best part is that the extra storage fits seamlessly into the kitchen’s decor.

Maintenance is a Lot Easier

Cleaning and maintaining a modular kitchen is easy, as each section is collapsible. If and when the need arises, repairs can be handled quickly, with minimum fuss.

With each corner of your kitchen becoming more accessible, cleaning too gets easier.

Affordable Installation

Modular kitchens are very different from kitchens constructed by carpenters on site. As these fabrications are mass-produced, they are economical. An entire kitchen system can be assembled in less than a week. Also, since the cabinets are collapsible, installation is easy. What’s more, installation can be done without disturbing the whole neighbourhood.

Customisation is an Option

There is a vast range of colours and materials from which to choose. Be it chic, sleek, modern, or vintage, you will find something to your liking when you browse through the options.

As modular kitchens can be customised according to your taste and needs, minor variations in the original design or more conventional designs can be worked out per requirement.

Scope for Remodelling

By their very nature, modular kitchens are accommodating. This allows you to change the design of your kitchen whenever the need arises. You need to put in new cabinets or give a backsplash of colour on your walls with glazed tiles.

Moving to a new home is also not difficult as the cabinets can be removed and installed in the new space. You will need a few tweaks, but you will not have to spend a bomb on a new kitchen.

Which is Better: A Modular Kitchen or a Normal Kitchen?

Modular kitchens may well be the Mona Lisas of the kitchen world. Apart from the exemplary finish and the sleek design, modular kitchens have the added advantage of fit-in appliances that can make all the difference in your kitchen decor.

Ovens and refrigerators can stick out like sore thumbs in normal kitchens. The free space on the countertop in a modular kitchen can be a blessing when you have everything in its place and a place for everything.

While it is possible to get a semblance of the same appeal with the help of your contractor, you may have to put up with the excruciating sound of the saw cutting the tiles or the countertop to get the perfect fit. And rest assured, they will not leave your home in a hurry!

But, before making a decision, it’s always a good idea to closely examine the pros and cons of both types of kitchens to make an informed choice. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of a modular kitchen vs a normal kitchen.

Modular Kitchen: Pros and Cons

  • Can be relocated when you need to move
  • Systematic and organised for better efficiency as everything is within reach
  • Can be more expensive than standard kitchens
  • Easier and quicker installation process
  • You can enjoy the luxury of fit-in appliances
  • Highly functional as the kitchen is planned to make access easier
  • You get a breathtakingly beautiful kitchen
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Normal Kitchen: Pros and Cons

  • Not easy to customise
  • Cannot be shifted when you relocate
  • Fabrication is time-consuming, and you have to depend on the carpentry team.
  • Comparatively cheaper than the modular version
  • It may not be as well organised as a modular kitchen
  • No features for fit-in appliances
  • May not have the ease of use a modular kitchen can provide
  • Cleaning and maintenance are not as easy as in the modular version

It’s all about making an informed decision. However, once you set your sights on modular kitchen design options at HomeLane, you may as well give up on looking around, as nothing else will do for you.



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