To keep up with the modern lifestyle, modular kitchens have become a popular choice as it offers a more organized and systematic kitchen layout. Studies have found that India has witnessed a 300 % jump in demand for modular kitchens over the last six months.

This article lists some of the bestselling modular kitchens of 2022 for modern homes. The kitchen is not just a place for cooking anymore. It has become a favourite spot for gathering as it complements every other room inside a house. Therefore it is important to equip a kitchen with complimentary walls, user-friendly designs, unique drawers, and contrasting colour schemes.

U Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs

A ‘U-shaped kitchen’ is a perfect choice for individuals who want sufficient space in the kitchen and prefer to have a design that is a bit separated from the living area.  It also gives quick access to the dining area. Houses that have sufficient space can also consider including an island table at the centre to make it look more elegant. It is a common choice for families with more than 4 members and likes to have dinner together. 

best selling modular kitchen designs

L Shaped Modular Kitchen

L shaped kitchens are always the first choice of homeowners as it has a compact and beautiful look. Users can easily separate the cooking and washing area as per their needs. Besides, assembling the different accessories and appliances inside the kitchen becomes a lot easier. The L-shaped kitchen allows multiple people to work in the kitchen simultaneously. It has sufficient space for shelves, drawers, and large cupboards for easy storage of groceries and other items.

Parallel Kitchen Design

Parallel kitchen designs are perfectly suited for small spaces. It is a gallery-type kitchen design as the floor is allowed to be empty. The floor space inside the kitchen serves as a central walkway. Parallel kitchen designs make efficient use of walls as coverage that reaches the top of the ceiling.  The kitchens are ideal for homeowners who need an outlet in the kitchen in a door or window.

Island Modular Kitchen Design

Such a type of kitchen design features a counter space inside the kitchen. Owners can choose to fit any kind of counter as per their needs and budget. It serves as a sensible work area for preparing food and cleanup. If fitted with cabinets, it can also serve as a separate storage area that does not intrude into the cooking space. Island modular kitchen is a great alternative to the dining hall for small families. Considering the looks, it adds more value to the overall aesthetics of the Bestselling modular kitchen of 2021  with the help of various lighting elements.

modular kitchen designs

Stainless Steel Kitchen

Stainless steel kitchens are probably the most user-friendly as they have easy maintenance, are flexible, and are corrosion-free. Most of the storage compartments are mounted on the wall to save peace. The most noticeable advantage of this kind of kitchen is its eco-friendly and durable nature. Homeowners can also choose to use glass and wood to add a vintage look to the kitchen. 

Peninsula Modular Kitchen Design

Peninsular kitchen design is somewhat similar to island kitchen designs, but there is a noticeable difference in the size and position of the island. It serves as a permanent dining area for the house. The placement of the counter is neither completely inside the kitchen nor away from the kitchen. It also includes a sink area that provides additional space in the kitchen for preparing the food. Besides, it allows more than one person to work inside the kitchen at the same time. The kitchen layout is very useful in houses with limited space. The island’s shape is not a concern as it can be designed as per the requirement and space available to the user.

Chris Haver

Matte Theme Kitchen with Quartz

It is one of the most trending Best selling modular kitchens of 2021 among new-age homeowners. The matte finish on the surfaces gives a classy look to the kitchens. There are noticeable variations of encounter colours like white and grey with address in the industry look to the kitchen. Gone are the days when black was considered a negative colour. This type of kitchen design uses black to match the living area to give it a more appealing stance.

Tropical Kitchen

A tropical kitchen is another trending design as people want to become one with nature. It gives a laid-back ambience inside the house. One of the most noticeable things about the tropical interior is the traditional design and ornamental carvings on the wood comprising tropical plants. Such a design is perfectly suited for vacation homes and beach homes. The ambience and look of the kitchen can be easily altered with the help of different lighting elements.

Kitchen with Material Finishing

The use of materials like wood, marble, steel, granite, and artistic appliances gives an excellent view of the simple appearance of a kitchen. It also allows the homeowner to organize the kitchen and dining area as per their preference. This kind of kitchen gives complete freedom to the homeowner to organize a kitchen and sink area as per their needs. The dark-coloured elements add contrast with a rich and elegant appearance. 

Modular kitchen designs have become an absolute must for 21st-century homes. There are numerous online websites homeowners can either buy or design their kitchens. Homelane is a leading provider of custom-made modular kitchens that can fit in a vast area of homes. They provide modular kitchens for every budget and space. Feel free to check out the HomeLane to learn more.

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