Having an overly cluttered and filled bathroom space can make you feel unhappy and restless. Additionally, if your bathroom space is small, it becomes even more important for you to incorporate minimalist bathroom ideas.

If you are struggling to find some good and effective minimalist bathroom design, you have come to the right place. We have compiled the top 8 minimalist bathroom designs you can take inspiration from to create a peaceful, decluttered, and cosy bathroom.

Neutral Colour and Crisp Textures

You must embrace neutral colour shades like white, grey, beige, black, and mauve if you like minimalist bathroom designs. These colours make small spaces look big and roomy.

You can also experiment with glazed refractive surfaces combined with neutral shades to create an illusion of space.

For textures in your minimalistic bathroom design, stick to clean and crisp textures which are easier to clean and complement golden & white lights. For instance, the vanity countertop can be a statement white marble top or large-scale tiles.

minimalist bathroom ideas

Small Potted Plants

If you do not have a small bathroom but still want to experiment with a minimalist bathroom décor, you can keep some potted plants in your bathroom.

The small burst of green in the bathroom will help you break the monochromatic pattern created through neutral shade countertops and flooring in your minimalistic bathroom design. You can keep snake plants or ferns, as they grow extremely well with minimal lighting.

minimalist bathroom décor

Hotel Inspired Twinning

Minimalistic bathroom design gives you the liberty of budgeting and saving money. You can invest the extra money in double basin sets for you and your partner.

This way, each of you will have plenty of time to get ready in the morning without getting in each other’s way.

You can incorporate both basins in the same countertop to keep the minimalistic bathroom design without cluttering the space too much. You can use a colour combination of a white marble top with gold faucets to give your bathroom a luxurious look.

minimalistic bathroom design with countertop

White Tub and Black Tiles

Colour combinations and textures can make or break your minimalist bathroom design. If you are looking for a bathroom tub design, you can opt for a plain white tub and combine it with darker shade tiles.

The glossy white surface of the tub will give your minimalist bathroom design a clean and crisp look, whereas the darker shade tiles will create a subtle and aesthetic bathroom pop design.

If you are in a more experimental mood, you can opt for other solid colour tiles like mint green, sky blue, etc.

white tub and black tiles

Transparent Shower Space

Use glass separators to create a shower space, serving as a central point for your minimalist bathroom design. The clear glass panels will allow you to have an enclosed shower space but, at the same time, have an open feel to it.

You can add bold wallpaper on the wall inside the glass-panelled shower space to give it a modern look. If not wallpaper, you can always go with classic square tiles with some floating shelves.

transparent shower space

Historical and Rustic Look

Adding some rustic elements to an otherwise modern and minimalist bathroom design is trending nowadays. To add a dominating rustic element, you can use copper basins and copper-rimmed wall mirrors with ancient red stone.

Your bathroom door design can also have a rustic touch through classic-looking door handles and knobs. The rest of the minimalist bathroom design can be achieved with other elements like floating vanity, small potted plants, etc.

historical and rustic look minimalist bathroom


We sincerely hope this article has given you some inspiration to come up with your own creative and aesthetic minimalist bathroom design ideas. However, at the same time, we also realise that finding and working on a minimalist bathroom design alone can be extremely exhausting, confusing, and time-consuming. Hence, if you are looking for more guidance and inspiration or need an expert opinion, feel free to contact our consultants at HomeLane.


1. What Is a Minimalist Bathroom Design?

Minimalist bathrooms can be defined as elegant, functional, and decluttered bathrooms. Minimalist bathroom design ideas can be achieved by incorporating elements like hidden drawers, keeping only functional items, using wall-mounted fixtures, working with light shades, and much more.

2. How Do I Make My Bathroom Minimalist?

To achieve a minimal bathroom décor, you can incorporate elements like floating shelves, wall-mounted fixtures, monochromatic bathroom tiles design, gold light fixtures, small potted plants, open showers, white marble countertops, etc.

3. How Do You Design a Small Bathroom?

It is advisable to design a small bathroom as minimalistic as possible to incorporate both practicality and elegance in your bathroom. Ensure all the colours and textures are in neutral shades complimented by small light fixtures.

Additionally, keep only functional objects in your minimalist bathroom design and avoid chunky objects.

You can also experiment with floating and vertical shelving to save floor space.

4. What Items Should a Minimalist Bathroom Have?

The only functional objects a minimalist bathroom décor must include are wicker baskets for towels, glass jars for small item storage, small potted plants for a touch of nature, transparent soap/gel/shampoo dispensers, focal medicine cabinets, etc.

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