Lacquer effect wallpaper comes with high gloss and a smooth surface that bounces back ample light into the room and lights up the space.

If you are planning to give your room an instant makeover, this guide is for you. We cover 6  lacquer-effect wallpaper ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Let’s get exploring!

lacquer-effect wallpaper

1.  Add Style to Your Bedroom with Dark Maroon Lacquered Walls

Make an intensive style statement while you ensure the high durability of your bedroom wall surface. This dark maroon lacquered wall adds instant artistic depth to your bedroom and enlivens a tinge of luxury.
You can use the lacquer effect wallpaper on one of the bedroom walls to create visual interest. Pair it up with chic portraits, opulent table lamps and white linen for a classy ambience.

dark maroon lacquered walls

2.  Enliven Countryside Vibes in Your Living Room with Floral Green Lacquer-Effect Wallpaper Ideas

This lacquer effect wallpaper brings warmth and hygge to your living room that cannot be achieved by paint alone. The floral wallpaper design with different shades of green and a perfect glossy finish gives your living room a pop of vibrancy.

You can thoughtfully incorporate the lacquer effect wallpaper ideas on one of the walls of the living room for an additional visual appeal. Pair it up with crisp furniture, indoor lush green plants and modern aesthetics of your choice.

floral green lacquer-effect wallpaper

3.  Lend Oomph to the False Ceiling of Your Living Area with Lacquer Wallpaper

You can add luxe to your living space by using timeless lacquer wallpaper for false ceilings. This white false ceiling wallpaper paired with opulent lighting levels up your interior decor. Lacquer-effect wallpaper ideas come with high durability, a luxurious sheen, and a glossy finish, which makes the room look spacious and airy.

living area with lacquer wallpaper

4.  Add Luxe to Your Living Room with Ocean Green Lacquer Wallpaper

Ensure high durability and glossy smoothness with lacquered walls. This ocean-green lacquer wallpaper is an amalgamation of chic and elegant. You can give your living area a bright and vibrant ambience with lacquer effect wallpaper ideas. Pair it with exclusive wall hangers like mirrors and chandeliers for opulent lighting.

ocean green lacquer wallpaper

5.  Get Creative with Vibrant Orange Lacquered Walls

This unconventional orange lacquered wallpaper is a mix of stunning aura and vibrant visual appeal.

Ensure a smooth finish and classy ambience by incorporating lacquer-effect wallpaper ideas in bright colours. It introduces timeless beauty and magic to your refined space that never goes out of style. Pair up the orange lacquered walls with crisp white bespoke furniture and earthy planters for an elevated look.

vibrant orange lacquered walls

6.  Design an Aspirational Room with Cerulean Blue Lacquered Walls

Opting for cerulean blue lacquered walls can be an incredible pick for all room types. It provides an elevated look along with a tinge of artistic versatility. A blue lacquered sheen prevents the walls from having an earthy drab look.

Rather it provides a high-end glossy lustre that brightens up the room. Ensure a soothing ambience with blue lacquer-effect wallpaper ideas. Pair them with eclectic aesthetics and exclusive flooring tiles for a conversational style.

cerulean blue lacquered walls

Wrapping Up

Lacquer-effect wallpaper ideas exhibit functional style and sophisticated artistry. Lacquer wallpapers come with a bright sheen that can light up your space and mood in no time. From false ceilings to bedroom walls, lacquered walls are highly durable and come in various colours.

For more tips and tricks on choosing the perfect lacquer wallpaper for your room, get in touch with the consultants at Homelane.

lacquer wallpapers


1. What Is Lacquered Wallpaper?

Lacquered wallpapers are made from natural lacquer. Coloured paper surfaces are combined with lacquer and applied in layers using a brush to create a smooth finish. Lacquering is a traditional and old technique of transforming your walls into glossy, polished surfaces. Similarly, lacquered wallpapers have a rich texture and brilliant shine for walls, ceilings, etc.

2. How Do I Make Wallpaper Look Like Paint?

Lacquering is not considered a DIY-friendly option. Hence, you need professional help to make your wallpaper look like paint.

3. Where Does Lacquer Effect Wallpaper Look the Best?

You can use lacquer effect wallpaper ideas for any room or hallway that requires a tinge of drama and brightness. From a white high gloss kitchen to an elegant false ceiling, you can use lacquer effect wallpaper to uplevel your interior decor.  They have a perfect finish that bounces light into the room and creates a brilliant flair.

4. Are Lacquer Effect Wallpapers Durable?

Yes, lacquer effect wallpapers are highly durable. Lacquered walls are tough and highly resistant to flaking or chipping. However, they require proper maintenance to create a visual appeal.

5. What Are the Best Colours for Lacquer Effect Wallpapers?

You can use bold colours for a perfect sheen. Make a bold and intensive style statement by opting for rustic red or black lacquered walls. Bold colours create an artistic charm and make your room stand out.

They account for a unique ambience to create for a gaming room, a romantic bedroom or a chic library studio. If you love unconventional, bold-coloured Lacquered walls are the right pick for you.

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