With the sun blazing down upon us, and the COVID-19 pandemic posing a threat to mankind, it’s becoming difficult to socialize in public. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we need to completely stop hanging out with our friends too! Every problem has a solution, and this current problem has a home décor solution that is gaining popularity lately – A GAME ZONE right in your home!

What Is a Game Zone?

Games have always been a major form of entertainment, and that is the reason why there is a gaming centre in every city. However, with access to better and cheaper options, people now have gaming zones in the comfort of their homes; an exciting, innovative, and creative social space where you can unwind with your friends to feel refreshed. 

Gaming Zone is a closed space that fills you with excitement and joy as soon as you enter it. Hence, it is essential to make the interior of the room a bit edgy to keep the vibe intact. Right home décor ideas can elevate the idea of a  game zone into a practical space that invites attention.

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Types of Game Zones

When we mention game zones, there is a general assumption that it caters to only video gamers. However, the definition may differ depending on what interests you the most.

Irrespective of age, people find solace in the games room. After all, age never defines fun, does it?

If you are someone who likes to be engrossed by crazy graphics of video games, then probably a high tech gamer space will make you drool. However, if you are someone who loves to chill around a pool table, a gaming room similar to a sports bar would suffice your needs. 

However, there are some who want everything under one hood –  a high-tech gaming zone and a comfortable lounge area with an ambience of a sports bar. When we are striving to achieve a combination of both, the equipment needs to be up to the mark. 

But, it is not all always about what is in the room. It is also about the whole set up that makes it stand out.

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Purpose of Game Zone

We have our day divided for different kinds of activities, out of which we dedicate a major part of our day to our jobs.

We all need a small part of the day for ourselves, where we can stimulate our creative cells and let the professional cells rest. A gaming zone in the house serves the purpose perfectly. If you are one of those who seek fun, recreation, excitement, and adventure, or just want to chill after a long day of work, a game zone/game room is what you need.

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Setting Up a Game Zone

Now that we have covered the ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ of a game zone in your house; let’s talk about the ‘hows’! 

Like all the other rooms, this one has its special needs –  space, lighting, ambience, soundproofing, themed decorations, etc. It is the ultimate hang out place in your home, and these aspects help you engineer your game room and create an enthusiastic vibe.


This room should be chosen wisely. You don’t want this room to look too crowded or way too empty when people enter. Hence, the correct positioning of equipment plays a major role. The strategic planning of setting up the room is essential because the poor placement can make the room overcrowded or bland, depending on the amount of equipment you have and the total area. With a word of advice and perfect execution of the plan, your room can be a perfect place for a nightcap.

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Gaming Zone Walls:

When we are talking about a  gaming room, the walls need to speak. Putting up gaming posters, gaming figures, or frames on the wall can amp up the vibe of the room. The colour of the paint can elevate the whole setup entirely. If you are looking to build a game room for kids, paint it in light colours and make it kid-friendly

In case, it is for adults, dark coloured and brick walls help you give an edge to the room.

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Gaming Zone Lighting:

We all know, lights can make any room stand out, and that is why we prefer it a lot. The idea is to create gaming effects through lights.  To do that, you can choose from an assortment of hanging lamps, bar lights, track lighting, pool table lighting etc. You may even choose neon and UV lights to make your room look edgy and striking. After all, it’s all about inviting attention!

Another important point is that the game room should have a source of natural lighting that will enable you to adjust the lighting of the room as per the mood. A game room is also a lounge room, and not everyone likes to spend their time in a dark area filled with knockout lights.

gaming room lights and ambiance


The room which is supposed to be loud and needs to be soundproof. Also, we know how much you love enhanced sound effects of crashing cars and guns. When you are playing in the room with a bunch of friends, you don’t want the rest of the family to be bothered by your hurrahs and alas! 

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When you are putting up a screen in your game room, you must keep the broadest wall reserved for it. Using a petite desktop screen can harm your eyesight. Also, the screen should be big enough to make your experience worthwhile.

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Gaming Accessorize:

The room is going to be your favourite place to hang out. Hence, you will have to make sure the seating is comfortable, and your consoles are not just lying around in the middle of the room. That is why it is essential to put all your consoles in a manner that they look decorative and part of other accessories. With all the gaming posters and gaming figures you have put up on the wall, put up shelves to decorate your consoles of video games. It will give an extra edge to your game room.

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Did you get all the answers you were seeking for a perfect game zone? Still, got questions? Well, our experts at HomeLane will help you design a suitable gaming zone. Our interior design experts are here to give you solutions for your gaming zone set up. HomeLane is all about comprehensive home decor solutions. With a keen eye for detail, we aim to make your house a dream place to live in.

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