Mark Zuckerberg is said to have started a trend when he spoke openly about his wardrobe choices. People close to him know that he sticks to a very minimalistic wardrobe, almost like a uniform—he will almost always be seen in his signature light grey tee shirt or dark grey hoodie. The reason behind this is simple; he doesn’t want to waste his time in the morning choosing his clothes for the day! He believes that by doing this he is avoiding ‘decision fatigue’, and saving up his energy for more important tasks that have to do with how he runs his multibillion-dollar company Facebook.

While most of us would not like to conform to such a stark style in clothes, it’s a fact that today’s professionals are generally always rushed for time, yet need to be very well organized. This should reflect in their wardrobe layout as well. Here, we give you the low-down on how to go about designing your wardrobe for maximum efficiency!

You should also check out this video that will give you a quick view of wardrobe internals designed for a professional:

Dress Code

The dress code that professionals go for varies greatly depending on the type of business they do. Those who run their own business, such as start-ups, interior designers or graphic designers, restaurant owners and so on, would probably wear casual clothes more often than they wear formals. Their wardrobe would comprise of business casuals worn to meetings, which would be jackets paired with trousers or even jeans. On regular days they would wear just about anything that is comfortable. Women who are professionals wear anything that is appropriate for the occasion, ranging from casual tees, jeans, and skirts to saris and ethnic clothes.

Wardrobe designs for business person

Calculate The Space Required

Based on your style of business and your personal preferences, plan for adequate hanging space so that your ironed clothes do not crease. Standard hanging space for a coat is 110 cm, while long dresses, overcoats, and kurtas take up to 170 cm of hanging space. Saris would need around 75 cm of hanging space. If you have space on the floor of the shelf below the hanging rods, you can store smaller items in the boxes.

Space For Accessories

Along with the larger items of clothing that you need, accessories are very important to finish your look. Accessories like belts, watches, ties, cufflinks, and jewellery need a separate section in your wardrobe. A tray with organizers will keep them accessible when you need them. Don’t forget your perfumes.

Trousers And Jeans

Carving out space in your wardrobe just for your trousers and jeans will make organizing them and finding them much easier. Since most of us tend to have a fewer number of trousers and jeans than shirts (and t-shirts), the section for this doesn’t have to be very big. It can be at the bottom of the wardrobe. If you want, you can get pants to rack to hang your pants. Standard trouser racks fittings are available that slide out and neatly holds all your ironed trousers without any creases. If you are using a regular hanging rod, you could opt for clip-on trouser hangers instead of the regular ones. Do keep in mind, though, that the clips could mark fine fabrics.

Indian Wear

Women can wear smart Indian outfits as semi-formal or even as formal workwear. It also depends on the kind of office you work at. Your Indian outfits can be ironed and folded in a separate section of your wardrobe. They can be hung on hangers to avoid crease marks. If you want to hang them, make sure that you have enough height in your wardrobe.

Fold And Keep Your Casual Clothes On Shelves

Your tees, shorts, and other casual clothes can go on the remaining shelf spaces. Try folding your clothes neatly and in a compact manner like Marie Kondo.

A Drawer for Your Delicates

Undergarments are best stored in a drawer, with separators that give everything its own compartmentalized space. If you have more than one drawer for your undergarments, keep one of them just for socks. Socks can be divided into ankle socks, gym socks, winter socks, etc. You can buy dividers or plastic baskets online to keep everything organized and tidy.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

It’s always a great idea to have a safe in your wardrobe to keep important documents, jewellery, and other valuables. That way, even if you have help at home, you can just keep your safe locked instead of your whole wardrobe when you step out.

Space For Your Work Bag

If you have a designated space in your wardrobe for your bags, you won’t have to think twice about where to store your laptop bags and handbags away when you get back from work. This space can be at the bottom of your wardrobe like in the diagrams.

Here’s what a wardrobe design for a professional man could look like:

wardrobe designs photos

Here’s what a wardrobe design for a professional woman could look like:

wardrobe designs photos

For the common area of the wardrobe that is shared by two professionals; a man and a woman, the following would be a good wardrobe design:

wardrobe designs photos

As a professional, you must know that efficiency is the key to a smart organization. Stay away from clutter, and make sure that everything is in its place at all times. If you need more ideas, do call the HomeLane team for custom-created interiors that will be the envy of all your friends. Here’s to a super-organized lifestyle!

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