No matter how beautifully designed the home is, for most of us, it remains incomplete without a TV. So how do you find a TV that looks great in your home interiors? When it comes to purchasing a TV, there are some specific factors to consider.

Viewing Distance

Perhaps the most important parameter while selecting the perfect TV for your space is the size of the room. TVs are available in a wide variety of sizes these days and buying a TV that’s too large is a common mistake people make. If the TV is too large, the picture may seem pixelated, and it can cause severe strain on your eyes.

So, see how big the room where you plan to place your TV is. If you have a big home, you can place a large TV in the living room and perhaps a smaller TV in the bedroom (if you like watching TV in bed). Some people prefer having a single TV in their home to watch with the entire family, especially if they have a smaller home.

Make sure that you measure the distance between your sofa or bed and the TV. Here’s a table that can guide you on making your decision based on the range:

Distance to TV Size of TV
130 cm 32 inches
160 cm 40 inches
180 cm 46 inches
210 cm 50 inches

right tv size for your home

Other Important Points to Consider

Type of TV

Gone are the days when choosing a TV was as simple as choosing between a black & white one and a coloured one. Now you can choose between regular flat-screen TVs, smart TVs, HD TVs, 4K TVs and much more. Do enough research so that you can compare the performance, benefits and issues of each type. For example, a smart TV can be connected to the internet, which makes it convenient if you love to watch web series directly on your TV.

The Brand

Nearly every leading electronic company manufacture TVs. Choosing one is the hard part because each has its pros and cons. Again, doing plenty of research is essential to figure out which is best for you. One thing you can do is talk to friends and family who own a TV from a particular brand. Check out the reviews, warranty and product specifications on various platforms. Also, check the reviews for the brand’s maintenance. If something goes wrong with the TV, how easy is it to get someone to come to fix it? 

TV Price

Many new brands sell TVs in a budget-friendly price range because they are unique in the market. These brands offer just as many (or more) features as their well-known brand counterparts. Whichever brand you choose, make sure that you check out the reviews of their service.  

right size tv for your home interiors

Installing the TV

Once you buy the TV and get it home, you need to fix it properly to ensure it adds value to the aesthetics of the house. First and foremost, you need to find the perfect spot in the room. Then, you need to decide how you will install it – will you place it over a stand or have it wall-mounted? If you choose to get an entertainment unit, it must go with the other furniture in the room. The spot you choose must have access to a switchboard and plug point. If there aren’t multiple socket points to plug in your PlayStation or other electronics as well, think about getting a spike buster.

Before you drive over to the closest electronic store and pick up the first TV you see, make sure you take some time to narrow down from all the different options available. Do your research, take the measurements, check reviews and prices before you make your final purchase.

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