With people embracing the work-from-home lifestyle, home office ideas are in demand. So how do you put together the right design? For starters, there are practical aspects like office furniture.

home office design

Additionally, there’s decor like colour schemes, furnishings, wall art, and more. Here are some ideas for a fabulous home office design.

1. Try a Rustic Minimalist Look

small home office ideas

A rustic minimalist workspace is a great idea if you are looking for a clean look that is not distracting. With a simple wooden desk, a bare wooden shelf, and some green plants, you have a calm and serene atmosphere to help you feel more grounded.

This soothing and unassuming workspace can be your oasis from the rest of the house. Some basic but chic wall art and a couple of earthy, clunky accessories on the desk can prevent it from looking too bare. 

2. Make It Look Cosy

cosy home office design

Yes, it’s a home office, but that doesn’t mean it has to look cold and uninviting. With different work-from-home setup ideasyou can make your home office look cosy and inviting, which can encourage you to get down to work.

A carpet is a great way to brighten up the room so that it doesn’t feel like a boring, drab office. To give the room a more personalised look, you can add some classic wooden bookshelves and unique wall art. 

3. A Sleek Base for Your Laptop

sleek base for laptopYour work desk is the crux of your workspace. So why not make sure your laptop looks great? A sleek base for your laptop can make all the difference to the look of your desk. It also makes for a more comfortable working experience.

Depending on the most convenient height, you can select how high you want the laptop base to be. For an optimal look, match the laptop base with the desk and the room decor. 

4. Accessorise Your Desk

accessories for the desk

Small home office ideas like accessorising your desk can make your workplace look more appealing. Accessories could include a stand for your laptop or computer, a pad for the mouse, and a base for the computer keyboard.

For a coordinated and stylish look, you could select a theme for your accessories, like matching wooden accessories. 

5. Give Your Desk a Chic, Modern Look

modern home office ideas

For a chic, modern look, try out some modern home office ideas and design your desk around the colour white with some black and metallic thrown in. A sleek white desk with white walls and understated accessories can be aesthetic without being distracting. This can go well with a minimalist decor room. 

6. Get Quirky!

quirky home office ideas

The best part about a home office is that you get to decorate it in the way that you like and make it uniquely your style. So go all out and make your home office ideas quirky, fun, and experimental! Spruce up your workspace to make it more engaging with accessories that are out-of-the-box. 

7. Make It Vintage

vintage home office look

A vintage look can make your home office design classy and professional at the same time. Black and white are great work colours to help you stay focused and not be distracted by bright colours. Metallic furniture like desks, tables, and chairs with metallic legs can go well with this decor. 

8. Go For a Clean Wooden Theme

wooden theme home office design

A wooden theme for your home office can include wooden panelling for the floor, a lovely wooden desk, and large wooden shelves. To keep it light and not too heavy, select a light or cream-coloured wood.

If you want a clean wooden aesthetic, avoid accessories and wall art, or keep it minimal. Smart space-saving furniture is a great bet if you’re looking at compact home office ideas. Make sure you let lots of light in so that the room looks airy and clear and doesn’t feel too heavy. 

9. Don’t Hold Back on the Wall Art

wall art for home office

Wall art is a great way to make your home office look fabulous! It’s a way to personalise your office and make it a beautiful place to work in. Another modern idea is to have a device table where you keep your devices in one place. For a more neat look, you can place each device on a stand of its own. 

10. Specialise to Look Niche

niche home office look

If you are using your home office for a specific kind of work, then you can consider giving it a specialised design to make it look niche. This makes it feel more focused and professional. It also makes it a fun place to work in. For this, you can explore some experimentative home office design ideas.

11. Keep It Colourful!

colourful home office design

The best way to make your home office inviting and peppy is to make it colourful. An aesthetic colour scheme can make your office look trendy without it being distracting while your work. Pick colourful furnishings and match them with the colour of the walls and some funky wall art. 

12. Have a Reading Corner

reading corner for home office space

A reading corner is a great idea to incorporate when you design your home office space. It ensures that you have a space where you can take a break from work and read something light. You can keep a chair or a couch if you want something more comfortable. You can have a side table where you keep books and magazines. You can also keep a drink or refreshment for your breaks. 

13. Make It Glamorous and Classy

classy home office design

Do you want a home office that stands out and makes you feel amazing to be at work? Make your home office glamorous and classy so that you can shine your best at work. Marble and polished wood are great materials to use to furnish the room. A sleek white desk and an air conditioner are some more elements to add to this glam office. Make sure it feels like you are at work, not at home!

14. Add Flowers to the Scene

flowers for home office

Flowers are a great way to brighten up your home office. They can make your office look beautiful and scenic in a way that no other decoration can. With a lovely small table to place them on, you have a breath of fresh nature in your work atmosphere.

If you’re looking for budget home office ideas, flowers are a small thing that can change the look of your workspace. Flowers can look especially wonderful in an airy and spacious room with a lot of sunlight coming in. 

15. Make Room For Comfortable Furniture

comfortable furniture for home office

Comfortable furniture doesn’t have to be reserved for just your living room. You can have a couch or a soft chair in your home office too. This is for when you get tired of sitting at your desk and need a break. It’s a nice way to switch locations without getting out of the room so that you are still in your work zone! You may want to make sure it’s not too comfy, though.

Otherwise, you may find it hard to sit at your desk and get any work done! It’s also convenient to have in case you need to make calls or in case you have clients or colleagues over and need to sit and discuss work. 

16. Indulge Yourself With a Spacious Desk

spacious desk for home office

A large and spacious desk is a great way to ensure that you have all the space you need while you are working. It’s a lovely way to make you feel like sitting down to work. It’s convenient for you to keep things on your desk like multiple devices, books, papers, or ornaments.

It’s also great for multiple people in your house to work at the same time. It is especially helpful if you have clients or colleagues coming to work on a project or discuss something. 

17. Illuminate It With Suspended Lights

suspended lights for home office

Suspended lights are always a beautiful thing to have in your home. The best part about suspended lights is that they can bring the focus to a certain part of the room. So if you put it above your work desk or another table in your home office, that table will be lit up.

While white lights bring more work-oriented energy, yellow lights can make your workspace bright and welcoming. Coupled with flowers and wall paintings, these lights will make your home office feel special and warm.


These home office ideas can help you find the right design for your workspace at home. Remember to keep it minimal but don’t be afraid to make it personalised and colourful too!

HomeLane can help you select suitable designs for your home interiors from the comfort of your home. It connects you with designers online, and you can view the interior designs in 3D to get a life-like view of what it will look like. 

work from home setup ideasFAQs

1. How can I make my home office look good?

Here are some tips to make your home office look good: 

1) Keep it minimalistic

Keeping your home office design minimalistic doesn’t just help you work better. It also makes for a chic and modern office look. You may want to avoid chandeliers and heavy ornamentation or elaborately carved furniture. 

2) Design it around one colour 

Focusing the colour theme around one single colour is a lovely way to make your home office come together aesthetically. White is a great colour for this because it makes for a clean and sleek look. You can also design it around blue, which makes it look unique and trendy. 

3) Fill up a wall with plants 

Place a shelf on a wall and place small indoor plants on the ledges. Succulents are ideal because they last long with minimal maintenance. If you have room, you can add a larger plant to make the green come to life. 

4) Set up an inspiration board

This can include to-do lists, reminders, pictures, and colours. Set it up just in front of your desk. Make sure it has some scenic or fun pictures to give your eyes a break from work. 

2. How do you lay out a home office?

When designing a layout for the home office, try to design a space that avoids clutter. Make the most of shelves and cabinets, or get a desk with drawers. Keep in mind where the office is located when you are deciding on the layout. If you are next to the kitchen, a traffic-filled road, or the children’s room, try to arrange it so that your desk is furthest from distractions. 

3. Which direction should my desk face?

The best part about a home office is that it is about your preference. Find the spot where you can work best and set up your desk there. If you prefer to have a view in front of you, then place it facing the window, and you can also have light streaming in where you are working. This is also a good idea if you want it to face away from the comfy sofa, the reading corner, or the more decorative aspects of the room to avoid distraction.

4. What furniture should be in a home office?

The furniture in a home office is usually of two kinds. The first is the work furniture like a desk and chair or a work table with multiple chairs. The second is the comfort furniture like a cosy sofa or couch. You can also have chairs and tables for when you want to take a call or take a snack break. Shelves for books and plants are a great idea. Lastly, you can have a small table to keep devices, chargers, or refreshments on. 

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