India is rich in its heritage and culture. Our beautiful traditions are reflected in almost every aspect of our life: from the way we dress, eat and also the way we celebrate festivals and important occasions of our lives. Every nook and corner of India has something different to offer such as rare handicrafts, beautiful textiles, and several other products.

The state in India’s western part has a rich history that reflects selflessness, bravery, patriotism, and fearlessness. This is the magnificent state of Maharashtra, the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The people of Maharashtra take pride in being Marathas and a part of the state that has such an opulent history. While Maharashtra’s essence is difficult to capture and conceptualise, one can quickly reflect this culture’s pride in their homes with Maharashtrian-inspired home décor.

What is a Maharashtrian Home or Maharashtrian Home Décor?

Inspired by the designs of traditional Puneri Wadas, this type of home décor incorporates the beautiful elements of Maharashtrian culture. It incorporates wooden and metal elements that reflect many historical forts spread across all of Maharashtra.

These Maharashtrian homes draw inspiration from the royalty and make abundant use of rugs. Low seating and metal, mostly brass, accents are the cruces of this type of design. The Marathi Wadas was built almost three to four centuries ago at the peak of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s reign. A traditional Wada features long, empty corridors with wooden pillars situated at regular intervals.

To truly incorporate the spirit of Maharashtrian culture, here are a few tips that can help anyone who wishes to design their own Maharashtrian home.

Bring Wooden Arches into Play

One aspect that all the Puneri Wadas had in common was the wooden arches. They are a great way to add a touch of culture to your home. Be it at the doors of every room or the windows, wooden arches, and pillars give your house a traditional look. Opt for a darker coloured polish to get that Maharashtrian-inspired look.

maharastrian homes

Feature Beautiful Jaalis

Jaalis that feature floral, animal, or geometric patterns instantly upgrade the look and feel of any space. Incorporate it as a headboard in the bedroom or as a partition in the living room to get the desired antique look. Both metal and wooden jaalis look beautiful. Incorporate it in the upper part of the arches to elevate the face of the arch. Using jaalis as a backdrop of the puja space is also an excellent choice.

maharashtra home decor

Add in Some Beautiful Rugs

One feature that can instantly uplift a space and give it that Maharashtrian touch is adding beautiful and colourful rugs. Opt for brighter coloured dhurries and floral, velvety rugs in areas like the living room, dining room, and bedrooms. The wooden accents, along with these bold coloured dhurries, instantly give your space a regal look.

rugs and carpet in maharashtra

Combine Wooden and Metal Accents

A consistent décor theme across all Maratha homes is the perfect balance between the wood and the metal accents. It adorns wooden furniture with small metal accents like a design piece or a wooden bureau with metal drawer knobs or a wooden door with huge metal handles. These designs are inspired by the beautiful historic forts of Maharashtra that were made using stone, wood, and metals.

accent for maharashtra

Include Low-Seating Options

For a real Maharashtrian home feel, go for a mix of standard and low-seating options. A combination of a wooden sofa set and a low-seated diwan at the side of the room or at the foot of the bed or near the windows gives a warm, welcoming look. Decorate it with colourful cushions for a more cosy look.


Bring in Bold Colours

Colourful upholstery, especially in bold colours like deep red, dark green, bright yellow, and navy blue, elevates the look of any Marathi home. Adorn your sofa with a beautiful deep-hued fabric and opt for darker shaded rugs and carpets. In addition to that, a deep-coloured accent wall with wooden accents like faux arches and metal hangings add the perfect Maharashtrian- inspired touch to your home.

Maharashtrian home décor is a mix of the traditional Marathi culture with influences from the Mughals. This is expected, considering the history of Maharashtra and the animosity between the Marathas and the Mughals. The beautiful amalgamation of these cultures gave birth to the Maharashtrian style of décor that we know today.

It is no surprise that the result of the mix of these styles reflects royalty and can be minimalistic at the same time. While this style of décor is not the most mainstream, it is unique and beautiful in its way.

To turn your vision of a Marathi home into reality, you require an expert’s supervision. At HomeLane, we understand that your home is a place of solace for you, and its design should be taken seriously. Our team of interior designers will ensure that your dream of the perfect home is translated into reality with the right design.

So, make use of the above tips and design your dream Maharashtrian home today.

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