As soon as you enter a bathroom, a mirror is the first thing that catches your eye. Needless to say, it’s an essential part of bathroom decor, offering more than just practical value. Beautiful bathroom wall mirrors add great aesthetic value to the space. The mirror you choose can be fundamental in setting the entire theme and feel of the bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Hence, it’s worth learning about the different bathroom mirror styles currently trending in modern home design. From stylish framed bathroom mirrors to frameless mirrors, there are many ways to transform your bathroom into a glamorous zone.

If you’re looking to give an exclusive touch to your bathroom interior design, here are some awe-inspiring modern bathroom mirrors for you to choose from.

Statement Oversized Mirrors

Statement Oversized Mirrors

You may think that oversized mirrors only belong to the dressing room or the living room. But they work wonderfully well in the bathroom space too. These come in various shapes, like circles, rectangles, and squares. In compact bathrooms, an oversized mirror can render a feeling of spaciousness. You’ll just have to be careful about the placement of the mirror.

Installing an oversized mirror opposite the bathroom window so the natural light falls directly on it is a great idea. This will also help enhance the natural brightness of the bathroom. If you have a double vanity bathroom, then placing one large vanity mirror looking over the two sinks can suffice. An oversized statement mirror in a large bathroom can be the highlight feature of the space.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, an oversized mirror makes bathroom sharing, and more importantly, mirror sharing, easier.

Frameless Wall Mirrors

Frameless Wall MirrorsFrameless wall mirrors are unique in that they can easily blend into bathrooms of all kinds of colour schemes and designs. If you wish to make a statement without much hassle, then a frameless wall mirror is the way to go. It’s an ideal choice for bathrooms based on a minimalist theme. The clutter-free look provided by this mirror helps give the bathroom a neat vibe.

We talked about how oversized mirrors can make a bathroom look much more spacious. With an oversized frameless mirror, this effect will be much more prominent.

In framed mirrors, maintenance can be a bit of a challenge. For example, with a metal frame like copper, you have to provide appropriate care to ensure that the frame is not damaged by moisture. Or if the frame has an intricate design, cleaning it can feel like a difficult task.

In contrast, frameless wall mirrors are made of nothing but glass. So, daily maintenance is simple and convenient. Furthermore, such mirrors are truly evergreen. Even when you’re changing up the rest of your bathroom decor, you can leave a frameless mirror as it is.

Backlit Bathroom Mirrors

Backlit Bathroom Mirrors

Backlit mirrors are the new definition of luxury and elegance when it comes to bathroom lighting. A backlit bathroom mirror is a perfect choice when you’re going for something chic and dramatic. In a backlit mirror, the LED lights are located behind it, which differentiates it from other types of lighted mirrors.

Backlit bathroom mirrors can enhance the overall illumination of the bathroom. As the light from the LEDs shines from the back of the mirror, escaping along the mirror’s borders, it lightens up the front and the nearby areas. You can elevate this lighting effect further by choosing striking mirror shapes.

Need a mirror in your bathroom that helps you get your makeup right? With a backlit bathroom mirror, there won’t be any shadows cast on your face. So, tasks like applying makeup or shaving, which require clear visibility of the face, can be done with perfection. As opposed to the harsh glow of conventional lighting fixtures, backlit mirrors are special because they offer a soft and gentle illumination.

Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Framed Bathroom Mirrors

While framed bathroom mirrors may sound like an old-and-done concept, what’s reinventing it is the incredible variety of elegant frame designs now available. From plain to embellished, there is a lot to experiment with. You can never go wrong with a classic wooden frame design. It can give the bathroom a warm and rustic charm depending on the colour and finishing you go for.

But, if you’re feeling more adventurous, how about a frame studded with sparkly crystals? You could opt for metallic frames too. The choices available include bronze, aluminium, copper, etc. The understated look of an aluminium frame works beautifully against the more prominent features of the bathroom. On the other hand, a whimsical copper frame can be crucial in elevating an otherwise subdued ambience.

The type of framed bathroom mirror you choose will depend on several factors. It has to fit in with the rest of the furnishings and fixtures of the bathroom. Each kind of frame will require specialised care to ensure durability. Space and the budget available are other important factors to consider.

Bathroom Cabinet Mirrors

Bathroom Cabinet Mirrors

How about installing a beautiful bathroom cabinet with a mirror to get the most out of your bathroom wall mirror? All the bathroom essentials, from toiletries to medicines, are safely and neatly tucked away out of sight in the cabinet. At the same time, they’re also easily accessible when needed. These mirrors help you save much-needed floor space. Depending on your needs, you could have a large cabinet mirror that provides ample storage space.

There are versatile designs with stunning detailing available in bathroom cabinet mirrors. So, you could opt for more contemporary styles rather than settling for a basic-looking bathroom medicine cabinet. You could use a wooden cabinet for an earthly ambience or a vintage cabinet with a fancy frame.

A lighted cabinet mirror is another impressive choice when you want to further increase the functional value of your bathroom mirror. A mirror cabinet with gold colour finishing can render a regal look. If you want to be more space-efficient, choose a corner-fitting bathroom cabinet. It’s a great utilisation of the bathroom’s otherwise little-used corner space.

There are also distinct shapes to choose from. A rectangular cabinet is quite popular, considering it affords a great storage area. But if you’re more into aesthetics, you may want to go with other shapes like oval and round.

Other Popular Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Other Popular Bathroom Wall Mirrors

In addition to the wall mirror varieties discussed above, some other popular ones include extension mirrors, ledge mirrors, pivot mirrors, Venetian mirrors, etc.

  • Like a cabinet mirror, a ledge mirror provides a storage area for organising bathroom essentials. The only difference is that the essentials are on display in a ledge mirror.
  • Supported by an accordion mount, an extension mirror is great for affording an up-close look whenever needed. If the space allows, you could install a small extension mirror adjacent to your large vanity mirror. On the other hand, if you have little room for a wall mirror in your bathroom, an extension mirror could be all you require to get the job done.
  • If you’re considering giving your bathroom an opulent and delicate makeover, go with a Venetian mirror. The enchanting designs set these mirrors apart from everything else.
  • A pivoting mirror could be round, oval, or rectangular. Owing to its hinged points, a pivot mirror can be tilted and adjusted as needed. The mobility of the pivot mirror can be leveraged to position the mirror at the desired angle.


Modern bathroom mirrors

Modern bathroom mirrors are available in a wide range of styles. Whether you want to go over the top or stick to minimalism, rest assured that there’s a style for your decor needs. Because a bathroom wall mirror is such a critical accent piece, it pays to put extra thought into the selection process. If you need the best design experts to create an elegant and standout bathroom interior design for you, then choose Homelane. Offering an extensive array of attractive bathroom decor options, Homelane is the one-stop shop you’re looking for.


Q. What is the right size for a mirror in the bathroom?

A. Determining the right size for a bathroom wall mirror to be placed over the vanity is an important decision. The calculations can get more complex when the chosen mirror has an unusual and whimsical shape. But there are some general rules that you can follow to ensure appropriate sizing regardless of the type of mirror.

If your bathroom wall mirror is positioned above the vanity, you want it to be as wide as the sink. A few inches wider will also work. However, the mirror’s width should be less than the vanity’s countertop. A mirror much wider than the vanity countertop looks out of place, thus diminishing the look of the bathroom.

With a simple mirror shaped like a square or rectangle, width measurement is easy. But, if your mirror is of an asymmetrical shape, it can be tricky to get the measurement right and will require more patience and precision.

As far as the mirror’s height is concerned, many factors are at play. Firstly, you want to position your bathroom wall mirror at a height that meets the eye level of most people who’re likely to use the bathroom. It’s essential for ensuring proper visibility and reflection for all users. Secondly, you must consider the ceiling height and any wall fixtures. There needs to be reasonable and adequate spacing between all these elements.

Q. What is the best type of mirror for bathrooms?

A. Wall mirrors are often the safest choice for places like bathrooms. They’re securely mounted on the wall, so they’re less prone to damage. Perfect for long-term use, wall mirrors are wonderful for both small and large bathrooms.

When selecting the right bathroom wall mirror, it’s important to understand that each bathroom has its own practical and aesthetic needs. Something that works for one bathroom may look clumsy in another. So, it’s necessary to figure out what’s most suitable for your bathroom. You also need to consider the needs of the people using the mirror the most.

If you only need the mirror for simple, everyday use, then a basic framed or frameless wall mirror might be enough. But, if you intend to use the mirror for frequent makeup application, then a backlit bathroom mirror might be more suited because of its excellent lighting. A cabinet mirror can solve this problem if you need extra storage but don’t have enough floor area for placing a cupboard.

Based on other vital factors like ease of installation, daily maintenance, and the number of users, you can decide what type of mirror will best fit your bathroom space.

Q. Can a wall mirror be used in a bathroom?

A. Using a wall mirror in a bathroom is an excellent way to add vibrancy and sophistication to the space. In addition to serving its primary purpose, a wall mirror also works as a decorative element giving more character to the area. A bathroom wall mirror can make the space appear naturally more open and radiant when strategically placed. Whether you like traditional and simple or bold and flashy, you can portray your aesthetic vision with a wall mirror. Moreover, the floor space you save due to a wall mirror can be leveraged for other important purposes.

You must be careful about choosing a bathroom wall mirror that’s right for your needs. There are several aspects to consider, from size and colour scheme to theme and shape. You also must remember the space available for fixing a wall mirror and which options best compliment that space.

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