Filling every corner with houseplants can be a terrific approach to modernising your bathroom area. Especially if you want to add a lot of flairs and enhance the space without undertaking a complete remodel.

bathroom plant

We have jotted down five bathroom plant ideas that not only brilliantly complement modern bathrooms but are also low-maintenance.

1. Pothos: A Sturdy Plant That Makes a Lovely Hanging Decoration for a Shower Area

Your bathroom design can take a leap if paired with the right kinds of bathroom plant ideas to invite a serene and soothing vibe.

Pothos is a low-care beauty that looks especially lovely in a shower area, where it can trail around as much as it wants. The leafy grooves produce a design movement to set the tone in the bathroom area.

It also helps to create an accent wall, elevating the shower area’s ambience. After a long day, you can relax in a steam bath while surrounded by the greenery’s beauty.modern bathroom plants

2. Air Plants: A Wonderful Way to Both Spruce up and Eliminate Moisture in Bathrooms

Are you struggling with developing a design idea to complement your large bathroom window design? Then, you can consider the idea of using plants as bathroom decor in an unconventional way to put an accent design near the large window.

Use low-maintenance air plants and put them in a glass bowl rather than a planter. Then, hang it carefully to add an unusual design element to go with your bathroom window décor and invigorate your mood.

To cover the large window area, try to include at least two or three air plant bowls spaced evenly apart. Doing this is one of the most innovative bathroom plant decor ideas that help create an exciting design pattern.bathroom window design

3. Aloe Vera: A Perfect Bathroom Decor Plant with Tonnes of Skincare Qualities

Do you favour comparatively tiny but high-capacity minimalist bathroom vanity designs? This approach effectively keeps the bathroom area simple, but the room design might feel incomplete because there are no accent elements.

However, you can easily fill the gap by placing a tiny aloe vera plant on your bathroom cabinet design. Aloe vera, which has a distinctive appearance, will add a touch of greenery to a plain bathroom wall, elevating the décor without requiring much work.bathroom vanity designs

4. Snake Plant: An Ideal Bathroom Plant for a Novice Plant Caretaker

Are you a novice plant owner struggling with gathering bathroom plant ideas that require minimal care yet give maximum visual appeal? Then, choosing snake plants is one of the best bathroom plant ideas for you. No matter how much you neglect them or forget to water a snake plant, they are practically impossible to kill.

If you have an edgy bathtub with a blank corner space, place a snake plant in a tall white planter to fill the emptiness and add character to the bathroom space. The snake plants’ spiky, distinctively curved green leaves vibrate your bathroom’s muted hues. plants for bathroom decor


Choosing the proper bathroom plant ideas that need minimum maintenance might be difficult because you have to be aware of their traits. You should refer to the easy-to-care-for bathroom plant ideas given above if you are a beginner in this field.

These plants ideas can easily survive in excessively humid environments and even resist bathroom moisture. If you need more assistance regarding bathroom interior design or want to decorate it with plants, you can contact our experts at Homelane.bathroom interior design


1. What is the benefit of having bathroom plants?

People think adding bathroom plants aids in enhancing the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. But bathroom plants are capable of more than that. These bathroom plant ideas can enhance the air quality in the bathroom by reducing dampness.

They also lower stress levels with their “greenery effect” and boost your mood. They also help to prevent mould growth in bathrooms because they absorb a lot of moisture.

2. Can bathroom plants thrive in high moisture?

High moisture conditions in the bathroom may or may not affect the plants’ growth. It entirely depends on the type of plant and its capabilities.

Plants like the air plant can grow and survive in a humid bathroom environment. On the contrary, some plants, like succulents, prefer hot, dry environments and rot in damp environments.

3. Is Keeping Plants In The Bathroom A Good Idea?

Bathrooms may become more inviting by adding a hint of greenery to the decor and enhancing the air quality with houseplants. Generally, a bathroom is a warm, moist space that makes the ideal setting for certain houseplants.

It also has a constant supply of fresh water to hydrate the plants. So, keeping plants in a bathroom is always a great idea. 

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