There are many ways in which you can manifest positivity and beauty in your house, one of them keeping indoor bamboo plants. The influence of feng shui has been ever-growing, and it is believed that keeping a bamboo plant invites prosperity into the house. However, one must take care of the bamboo plant and place it properly as per the directions. Read this article to know more about indoor bamboo plants.

Where Can You Keep Indoor Bamboo Plants?


Keeping a bamboo plant in your bedroom will bring in a lot of good luck and good vibes. One should always keep the bamboo plant facing the east or southeast direction. Small indoor bamboo plants are available in different sizes, and the number of stalks represents a specific belief. You can keep a two-stalk bamboo plant in your bedroom, which means love, or a nine-stalk bamboo, which stands for great luck. Remember to take care of your bamboo plant by cleaning the leaves and replacing the water periodically. 

Living Room

Your living room is the space where you spend most of your time with your family. You can either keep a moderately sized bamboo plant that will purify the air inside your living room, or you can choose to keep a six-stalk bamboo plant that stands for prosperity. The energy produced by the indoor bamboo plant will reach all your family members, so you can also pick a three-stalk bamboo for manoeuvring long life, wealth, and happiness. Lastly, bamboo stems also add an aesthetic touch to your living room, so there is no reason why you would choose not to keep a few indoor bamboo plants!


Bamboo plants do not demand much from your end. They can practically grow even in dim light. So, they are perfect for your bathroom. If you think that the plant-soil will make your bathroom muddy and dirty, then don’t worry; bamboo plants can grow without any soil. All that you need is a vase, a few pebbles, and some water to keep your bamboo plant steady. If you do not want to get a big bamboo plant, then just get the stalk that suits your purpose, and place it in a glass jar. A bamboo plant in the bathroom will be able to negate the sha chi. Don’t forget to change the water occasionally. 

Placing Bamboo Plant in Kitchen 

The kitchen area is one of the prime areas where you must keep a bamboo plant. You can use the dinner table and place the bamboo plant as a centrepiece and place a mirror opposite to the dining table in order to double up the energy. The seven-stalk bamboo will be ideal for your kitchen space since it represents health and also nurtures the accumulated chi. As you set up the bamboo plant, make sure that the following elements are present in the vase/ jar/ container. 

Element Things you can use
Water Add plain water without any chlorine.
Fire Use a red coloured ribbon to keep the bamboo stalks together.
Stem The stem of the bamboo plant stands for wood.
Metal You can drop some coins inside the vase.
Earth You can add some pebbles, marbles to the jar.

Home Office

Your home office is the very place that drives health and wealth for you and your family. So, you must keep one bamboo plant with eight stalks to support wealth or a five-stalk bamboo plant to promote health. If you place the indoor bamboo plant in the east direction, it will reflect health, and if you put it in the southern tip, it would bring recognition. So, make sure to assess what you are looking for before you place the bamboo plant anywhere in your house. A bamboo plant will always bring love and wellness to your home, especially in the times when work from home has become the new normal! 

Few Things To Keep In Mind About Indoor Bamboo Plants

  1. Change the water from the bamboo pot and make sure that the roots are always covered. Water with a lot of chlorine will be harmful.
  2. Clean the bamboo leaves with a brush; otherwise, they won’t be able to grow. 
  3. Keep the bamboo plant away from extreme weather conditions.
  4. If your bamboo plant is growing with soil, make sure to add only enough water as it needs. If you add too much water, there are chances that it will hamper the growth of your bamboo plant.
  5. Remove the yellow leaves whenever you spot them and use a healthy fertilizer to keep your bamboo plant strong and nourished.
  6. In the end, make sure that you choose the right bamboo plant for yourself. A plant that you can take care of and a bamboo plant that serves the right energy will always work in your favour. 

Now you know that indoor bamboo plants are not just about style, beauty, and elegance, but they also bring good luck and positivity to your home. The lucky bamboo plant is believed to facilitate the movement of energy across the hollow pipe-like structure. A bamboo plant will continuously circulate the wellness of your body, mind, and soul at all times. Gifting someone a bamboo plant can be one of the most thoughtful presents ever as you are giving someone good fortune! Make sure that you get one, as recommended by HomeLane!

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