You’ve probably heard of feng shui, the ancient Chinese science that balances the flow of energy (called ‘chi’) in living spaces, so that they harmonize with nature. ‘Feng’ and ‘Shui’ literally translate to mean ‘wind’ and ‘water’, and these forces of nature can be mapped to align together to promote our wellbeing. When the chi of your home is balanced, it is said to promote success through good health, wealth and happiness. 

These ancient practices are rooted in mystical origins, and while we cannot back everything with scientific proof, they have had powerful results for those who believe in them. If you’d like to improve the balance in your life, all you have to do is to apply these simple principles to every room in your home. Here’s how you can start.

Declutter and Deep Clean

Clean and uncluttered spaces allow the chi to flow right through. A messy room harbours dead pockets of space, blocking the free flow of positivity through your home. 

Work a simple cleaning routine into your day: make your bed every morning, put breakfast dishes in the dishwasher instead of leaving them out, and clear your desk before you start work. You’ll be surprised at how much better your day goes! 

Leave the biggies for the weekend. Start by giving away things that you no longer need, and pare down your belongings. Give your windows a wipe down so that the sunshine streams through, and deep clean the toilets.

fengshui tips for home

Pay Attention to the Entryway

Your entryway represents the way that energy enters your life. As the first look into your home, this space must be clutter-free (that means no messy shoes and balled up socks). 

Add a console to organise your keys, coats and umbrellas, and don’t leave footwear lying around. These items hold the outdoor energy within them, and should not be disorganised. 

Plants are good chi, so do add plenty of greenery to your entryway to make the spaces feel fresh and inviting.

You’re sure to see the positive vibes already! 

entryway fengshui tips

Clear the Pathways

Energy needs to flow, as we have already established. Is there anything that’s blocking the most frequently used pathways in your home? If there’s a chair you keep bumping into, move it out of the way. If you’ve been tripping over a tear in the carpet, it’s time to get it replaced.

Move furniture away from the windows and let the air and sunlight in. 

open spaces in home to improve fengshui

Use the ‘Command Position’

The commanding position in any room is one that faces the entry door, but is not directly in line with it. Bedroom feng shui dictates that the bed should be in this position, while in the kitchen this should be where the stove is located. If you’re sitting at a desk in your office, face the door but be diagonally aligned with it.

If this is not easily done, place a mirror so that you can see the reflection of the door in it, from the bed, stove or desk.

bedroom fengshui

Choose Colours With Care

The five elements of feng shui are fire, water, earth, metal and wood, and they are always balanced in nature. In your home, too, you can add colours that represent these elements, to create a harmonious life.

If you feel your life is lacking stability or your relationship needs grounding, use an earthy palette with shades of brown and orange.  Metallic elements bring in sharpness and clarity, and if you need help with directing your goals you can add silver, copper or bronze metallic accents to the room.

The element of water in feng shui is not represented by blue, but by black. Use shades of black to call upon the flow of wisdom in your thoughts. Wood energy kindles new beginnings, and shades of teal can get you there. 

Fire, of course, is red and invokes raw passion and power. Fill your home with shades of red: a bowl of deep red roses, scarlet cushions or red drapes at the windows, and let the vibrancy pour in!

fengshui colours

Use Mirrors to Expand Opportunities

Mirrors can be used judiciously to correct the flow of chi. They embody the flow of water, and reflect anything and everything without any judgement. Mirrors can expand as well as focus, and a strategically placed mirror will direct your life along the right path.

For instance, if you place a mirror so that it reflects the trees outside the window, the wood element is invited in and you will get stable career growth and create wealth. Always place a mirror with a well thought out intent, as only then it will be effective.

Avoid mirrors that are fragmented, cracked, clouded or spotted as they can have very harmful repercussions.

mirrors position as per fengshui

Here’s what you should avoid in your home, as these are said to be bad chi:

  • Doors that are always shut or blocked. Negative energy will pool up here, diminishing your full potential.
  • Having the front door in a direct line with the back door is not ideal. Energy will come in and go out before you know it. 
  • Broken objects, like clocks that do not run and mirrors that are cracked
  • Closets that are stuffed to overflowing, especially with items you no longer need
  • Dirty countertops in the kitchen
  • Paintings that are hung crooked
  • Windows with dark, heavy curtains or dirty, streaked panes of glass
  • Dead plants, or plants with brown and dry leaves

Feng shui is based on common sense practices that restore our well-being and make us lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. To get the good energy going in your home, all you need to do is rearrange your furniture a bit, rethink your colour palette, and refresh the décor. Do connect with HomeLane when you’re ready to give it a go! We’re happy to help. 

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