Kitchen remodelling isn’t an easy job. From wall colours to floor tiles to countertops, everything needs an in-depth understanding of design, style, and creativity. According to a famous kitchen designer in Tysons Corner, “A decade ago people knew precisely what they wanted in their kitchen; its overall look and feel. However, today, we have options like Pinterest and Houzz, where people explore options and have a unique sense of creativity for their upcoming kitchen”. 

Today, people are more into the all white kitchens. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, more than 65% of people have stated that they like white cabinets in the kitchen more than any other colour. Use different shades of white colour (off-white, ivory, snow, creamy white) because it is time to innovate and build your kitchen space with utmost perfection. 

Here Are Six Tips On How To Create Perfect White Kitchens 

1. Display The White Accessories 

There is always a question attached to white kitchens – how to know if it is too white? Well, the answer to this certainly depends on you. You can always flaunt your white dinner set in the space above the white cabinets or inside the open cabinets. It adds to the overall beauty of the kitchen. However, if you think it is too much, try mixing these coloured accessories, like red cups and wooden casseroles. 

white kitchen

2. The Metallic Finesse

During the 1920s, white kitchens were considered classy. They make a kitchen look spacious and add brightness. Also, with white walls, you can use colours that go well with white for cabinet knobs and door handles. The kitchen is the soul of any house, and it needs to stand out from the rest of its surroundings. For that, you can go with metal nickels and bronze handles and sides for open cabinets. 

stainless steel kitchen

3. The Latest Faucets 

When remodelling the kitchen, apart from white, everyone wants the latest technology integration. The archaic models of faucets do not blend well with white kitchens. Therefore, add (silver, gold, copper finish) hands-free or electronic faucets. Apart from giving the kitchen a modern whitish look, it is important to add gadgets that make it look appealing.

white kitchen island designs

4. The Love Of Cabinets For The Ceilings

This one is essential for white kitchens. If there is extra space above the cabinets, dust and grease might settle on the surface, and this look isn’t what you desired. Therefore, not to make it look clumsy, let the cabinets go up to the roof. To give the kitchen a better look with these cabinets, add accent walls. This might appear to be costlier, but it saves a lot of maintenance money in the future. It is indeed totally worth every penny! 

floor to ceiling white kitchen

5. Mastering The Nuances of Lighting 

When the kitchen is all white, the way you light it up matters the most. From LED cabinet lights to countertop hanging lights, you need to invest in the right kind of lights. Giant pendant lighting works well for countertops; small is never an option here. A tip for bulbs, pair them using different colours. For example, a set of three pendant lights can have red, blue, and green bulbs. 

kitchen lighting

6. Add A Tinge of Contrast 

A white kitchen indeed appeals to the eyes! But, for some, it might become dull. To keep boredom away, ensure to add contrasts. From wooden floors to classic granite kitchen shelves, you can add contrast in various shapes and shades. Countertops that are dark in colour work well with a white fence in the kitchen. However, you can always go for black to complement the whiteness of your kitchen.  

contrast kitchen

How To Maintain The Whiteness Of Your White Kitchen?

  • Have you noticed the white cabinets in your kitchen turning yellow? If you are not vigilant, this may spread to other surfaces. Direct sunlight is the known culprit here. To maintain the whiteness of painted cabinets and laminated parts of the kitchen, use drapes, films, blinds, or curtains to stop direct sunlight from entering the kitchen. 
  • Are you wondering about the maintenance of white tiles in your kitchen? Well, here is the solution. Prepare a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Apply this mixture to the tiles and use a scorching pad over it. For the grout, spray white vinegar and leave it for five minutes. Now rub it using a toothbrush. 
  • Ensure to immediately clean anything you might spill on light-coloured granite countertops and white marble. Stains tend to dry on these delicate surfaces. To safeguard their beauty, try mixing hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of ammonia and clean.

how to maintain white kitchen

Maintaining the beauty of a kitchen is difficult with all the grease, stains, spills, etc. And for white kitchens, it is even more challenging. Therefore, it is essential to understand how to design a white kitchen so that it does not lose its beauty. HomeLane delivers customised solutions for every need. We know what it takes to make a kitchen look fantastic, and we know how to make your dream kitchen come true. Designing, creativity, and innovation are done best when a team is involved. 

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