If you’re a sports enthusiast, then you will know how tough it can be to organise your gear: your yoga mat, helmets, spikes and other sporting paraphernalia can quickly outgrow the space in your wardrobe if you’re not careful! Most of us find that storage space never seems adequate, and our houses are already bursting at the seams with things we own. But with some practical planning, you can become a pro at organizing your wardrobe the right way.

We have done our homework and created a master plan to get your wardrobes designed the right way.

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Muddy Or Grubby Items Get Their Own Space!

If you are into sports, there are a whole lot of items that will need to be stored with care. Your jerseys, helmets and racquets can get grubby very quickly. The chances are that you will not be cleaning them often, as you stash them away after a game. Plan a deep drawer at the bottom of your wardrobe that is disconnected from the rest of the storage, maybe one that is accessible from the outside. You don’t want the mud getting on all your clean stuff as well!

Seasonal Items Go On Top

Store suitcases, camping gear, sporting kits and any other bulky items that you don’t often use on the top shelf. This way, you can use the space that is easily accessible for things that you need regularly.Wardrobe designs for sport enthusiast

Store Your Valuables Safely

Do you have precious sporting medals, trophies or certificates that you need to store with care? A safe that can hold all your valuables and can be opened with a unique combination would be just the thing for you. Make sure that it is anchored to the shelf using a bolt for additional security.

Hanger Space

Formal wear needs to be on hangers, and not folded so that it does not crease. The picture below shows storage that is organized with the formal section on one side and shelves for folded clothes on one side. If there is any space below the hangers, you can store swimming goggles, gym wear, gloves and the like. Store them in transparent boxes so that you can easily see what is inside.Wardrobe designs for sporty adventure

Wardrobe designs for sporty adventure

Organising Sports Undergarments

Undergarments are always best stored in a drawer, organized in Marie Kondo style. If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, she is a professional organizer who has created waves with her patented KonMari method of de-cluttering and tidying up spaces! She strongly advocates storing your undies on end, rolled up or otherwise laid out in such a way that everything is visible all at once. No more searching!

Storing Sports Accessories

Drawers are also the best way to store accessories like ties, belts, cufflinks, hair accessories, makeup, jewellery and more. Expensive items should be locked away in the safe as we have already mentioned. Still, anything else can go into drawers that have organized compartments, so that small item is separated and nothing moves around.


If you’re into sports, you may be having quite a collection of caps. A series of hooks on the inside of your wardrobe door will help you to store them very neatly.

Stick All The Sticks Together!

Hockey sticks, cricket bats and the like (as well as the balls) can all be housed together in another drawer, or can also be mounted on the side of the door. Just make sure they have a defined space so that you aren’t searching for them every day! A tall wire basket is an excellent storage idea for anything extra that doesn’t have its own space. If you have a big space for hanging your clothes, you can place the basket on the floor of your wardrobe.

For All The Yoga Enthusiasts

sports cabinets                                       

Are you into yoga and meditation? Your yoga mat will need its own space, and a corner of the hanging space in your wardrobe will work well. The yoga mat could be strapped to the side of the cabinet so that it does not roll out and fall. Try to store all your yoga gear together; your track pants, headbands and shoes, so that you don’t have to search when you are short on time.

There are plenty of ways to get your storage spaces streamlined and organized neatly. Start by de-cluttering, and keep only what you actually need and will use. Get into the habit of putting things back in its place when you are done, or pretty soon you will have a mess on your hands again! We hope our ideas will inspire you and get the ball rolling to create a well-organized wardrobe.

If you want to get your new home interiors designed with a well-planned wardrobe to suit your lifestyle, talk to our design experts at HomeLane today!

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