Finding an ideal painting that is per Vastu and goes well with your home interiors can be confusing. This is why it is important to know the right Vastu tips for paintings before incorporating them. 

When placed in the right direction, Vastu paintings can do wonders for your home. You need to choose from various colours, textures and patterns to create perfect painting ideas for your walls. To make this easy for you, here are a few Vastu tips for paintings to ensure you make the most of the paintings at your place.

right vastu tips for paintings

1. Install a Waterfall Painting on North Wall for Financial Growth

Vastu paintings for the north wall should contain elements of air and water. According to one of the most popular Vastu tips for paintings, doing so promises financial growth, prosperity and success. In such a scenario, opting for bright and soothing colours like white, green, mint, or yellow is ideal.

A waterfall painting is best suited for the north wall of your house, but you can incorporate this in the northwest or northeast wall of your house too. Additionally, you can opt for a river painting or a pathway for similar results.

waterfall painting

2. Host Horse Painting in Your Living Room for Bringing Positivity and Success

A medium to large-sized canvas horse painting is one of the most popular Vastu paintings. As per Vastu’s tips for paintings, placing a seven-horse painting in your home will benefit you greatly as horses signify perseverance, success, growth and achievements. You can opt for white or brown coloured horses to add a tinge of exclusivity to your living room designs.

This horse painting can be placed in different directions for varied results. For example, placing it on the north attracts prosperity, whereas installing it on the south side brings fame. You must refrain from placing a painting where the horses appear sad or aggressive.

horse painting

3. Place an Aqua Themed Vastu Painting on North East Wall for Harmony

Another popular Vastu tip for paintings suggests water as a symbol of harmony and positive energy. It is believed that the flow of water in a painting negates the accumulation of negative energy in your house.

Aqua-themed paintings like waterfalls or riverscapes are ideal for creating a joyous vibe. You must host the painting on the northeast wall for the best impact. It is also suggested you opt for vivacious colours like blue, green and white.

aqua themed vastu painting

4. Incorporate a Beautiful Painting of Butterflies for Happiness and Positive Transformation

This is a lesser know Vastu tip for paintings in your home. But as per Vastu, it is believed that butterfly painting attracts immense positivity and recognition into your home. This painting is considered lucky for newly married couples to attract joy and a sense of fulfilment.

Butterflies paintings have a deeper connotative meaning which instils the idea of positive transformation. You can consider adding an artistic and colourful butterfly painting to your bedroom designs for a euphoric vibe. When placed in your room, this painting will constantly motivate you to overcome negative emotions and chase your goals. 

beautiful painting of butterflies

5. Hang a Buddha Painting on Your Bedroom Wall to Instill Peace

One of the most common Vastu tips for paintings to invite peace, calm and prosperity is to add a Buddha painting to your home. It is suggested that a Buddha painting in a meditation position is the most ideal of all Buddha paintings. A Buddha painting at your workplace or study room will help you release your stress and create a soothing ambience.

The ideal direction to place a buddha painting is east, north or northeast. However, place the painting at a higher level on your wall. Placing the Buddha painting opposite the main door is the most preferred location.

buddha painting

Wrapping Up

Vastu paintings can be a source of good luck for homes. When positioned rightly, these paintings can create a soothing atmosphere and invite positivity to your living space. If you are interested in making Vastu paintings a part of your home decor but are confused about the right pick, get in touch with Homelane. Homelane professionals will provide you with aesthetic painting ideas that go well with the Vastu of your house.


1. Which paintings are good, as per Vastu?

Seven horse paintings, forest and riverscapes, butterfly paintings and a painting of Buddha are some of the most popular and ideal paintings for homes, as per Vastu.

2. Where should I hang paintings in my house?

You can hang paintings displaying greenery on the east wall of your house. However, there are specific directions for each painting type, as per Vastu.

3. Which paintings are not good for home?

Vastu tips for paintings suggest that you need to avoid hanging modern art that does not give out any message. Avoid placing a painting just for decor if it does not suit your mood. Overloading artwork or paintings on the wall may appear chaotic and block optimism. Avoid sad images in dull colours and pictorial representations of desolated beings.

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