A peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of Gurugram life, Sandeep and Shweta’s home exudes restrained elegance, even as it explores pops of colour, patterns and textures in a sophisticated design narrative. The HomeLane team have showcased refined aesthetic sensibilities and carefully curated style, infusing the interior spaces with the unique personalities of the owners. With a fresh take on modern minimalism, this home melds contemporary nuances with splashes of unexpected vibrancy.

For Shweta, comfort and practicality were top priorities when it came to the design elements of her new home. “It’s really important to have my own private area, my comfort zone,” she said, adding, “What I wanted was a home that is beautiful and decorative, while being very modern. And of course, it had to be comfortable as well!”

Sandeep, a top HR executive in a multinational firm, was looking for a one-stop solution for home interiors, as he did not have the time to coordinate multiple vendors. As he puts it, “When we bought the house in July last year, we were looking for a vendor with a single window concept. Factors like finish and quality were high on our must-have list. HomeLane gave us the opportunity to handpick materials and choose only the finest options – high density moisture resistant boards, top-notch hardware and hinges, and the best quality electronic devices.” 

A single consultation allowed him to make these selections right away; and this cemented his decision to choose the HomeLane team as his interior service providers! Let’s take a walk through their lovely home.

The living room embraces luxe detailing, with bold wall panelling and tufted leather couches contributing to the classic finishes. Lovely ivory marble floors and crystal wall sconces add to the harmonious and visually appealing blend of materials and styling. At the far end of the living room, sheer curtains let in plenty of sunlight, adding energy and warmth to the opulent interior. The simple cream and brown palette is effortlessly chic, with every design element in the room adding to its innate balance and harmony. 

Shweta is a passionate cook who loves to try out her culinary experiments on family and friends. Her brief to the design team was that the kitchen should be ergonomically designed, with ample storage space and easy access to everyday essentials. “My kitchen should be the most comfortable and convenient space as I spend a lot of time here. As soon as I enter, I want to feel at ease!”

And that’s exactly what the HomeLane team gave her!

The two-tone parallel kitchen features a palette of silken white against vivid sea-green, and is neatly tied together by the graphic backsplash in an abstract pattern of tiles. An interesting mix of open shelves and closed cabinets allows pretty mugs to be on display, while at the same time storing everyday utensils out of sight. 

Sandeep was all praise for HomeLane’s 3D platform SpaceCraft, which allowed them to move around cabinets and storage units till they arrived at the perfect configuration for their kitchen. He found the experience very satisfying, especially as they could also get updated estimates in real time! 

As he explained, “We could see our kitchen on the screen and visualise it easily. We used the same design model and even the same colour concepts, including the glass, white, and blue-green highlight colours. We even went as far as to replicate the countertop stone from the store display!”

Describing how they created the kitchen layout, Shweta says, “We carefully considered where to place the racks and the crockery unit to ensure everything is easily accessible and comfortable to approach while cooking. I needed space for large utensils, and I got everything I needed.”

The tall pantry unit in vivid sea green features slide-out shelves that neatly store Shweta’s weekly grocery staples. Right next to the pantry, wicker drawers below the counter hold onions and root veggies. The gleaming countertops are in off-white Quartz stone. On the opposite wall, the tall unit is designed to seamlessly enclose the built-in microwave and the OTG. The dishwasher is tucked below the sink, while a sleek appliance garage hides away the bulky mixer-grinder and juicer, helping to keep the counter clutter-free.

Given that football was the favourite sport of the couple’s teenager, there was never any doubt about the choice of theme for his bedroom! The vibrant backdrop to the bed portrays a packed stadium at a World Cup match, setting the sporty ambience for the youngster’s personal space.

The colours in the room were meticulously chosen; peppy yellow and soulful blue against a rich cream backdrop add energy and elevate the aesthetics of the room. The young football aficionado’s collection of sports magazines is housed in an open bookshelf to one side of the room.A lively balance between simplicity and vibrancy echoes through all the décor elements, infusing the spaces with zesty cheer. 

To one side of the bed, the thoughtfully designed study desk follows a minimal, sensible outline that has plenty of space for homework essentials, stationery and books. Lighting design is simple, yet practical – recessed spotlights offer general light, while the strip lights in the ceiling cast an intriguing glow.

Blue and glossy white panels are interspersed with mirrored shutters in the sleek contemporary wardrobe across from the bed, creating a palette that is tranquil and vibrant at the same time.

Wrapping up their HomeLane experience, Sandeep says, “All said and done, the quality and customer service were both excellent. And compared to local vendors, the finishes and styling are very impressive!” 

Loved Sandeep and Shweta’s home, and eager to get your own home interior done by experts? If you’re looking for a one-stop interior service provider who can handhold you through the process, you’re at the right place. Give HomeLane a call today!

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