The characters, the romance, the jokes — many things make a show special for its fans. The first time you watch your favourite show is always a sweet memory that holds a special place in your heart. When you watch the same show after years, you think of the simpler times when you were first introduced to the characters. You get an immediate sense of nostalgia that you relish. But for how long?

Nostalgia is a good feeling, but it can only last for so long. If you think a show has inspired you in so many ways, then reflect on how you can make it a part of your daily life. Decorating your home inspired by your favourite characters is the best way to ‘stay close’ to your beloved TV shows. Read on as we enlist the best home design ideas from top TV series.

Home Design Ideas from Top TV series  – F.R.I.E.N.D.S Version 

For those who spent most of their youth watching every episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, it has always been a dream to hang out with Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, Ross, and Rachel at Monica’s house or at the Central Perk. Although getting them all to come to your home could be a tricky affair, you can decorate your home just like the set of the show. Let’s see how to crack it.

1) Coffee Table with Sofa Seats – The coffee table at Central Perk has been part of the gang’s numerous conversations. If that table could speak, it could tell us all the inside stories of the world’s most famous group of friends. Get a similar coffee table in your house with plush sofa seats around it to make your living room look like Central Perk. 

2) Round Wooden Dining Table  – Who can forget the cute, round dining table at Monica’s cute apartment. Get a similar one to make your home look like Monica’s, especially if you are as ‘organised’ as she is.


Home Design Ideas from Top TV Series – Dexter Version

Most fans of the show must have at some point been intrigued by Dexter Morgan’s double life. The Bay Harbour Butcher’s simple means of unwinding after a busy day at work (or extra work) must have often left you yearning to be at his place. Dexter’s haven was his cosy and sweet little apartment. Minimalistic yet resourceful.

Follow these tips to decorate your room like Dexter’s apartment.

1) In-built Shelf – Dexter’s multi-use shelf where he keeps his books and equipment is a crucial part of his apartment. Unlike the rest, this shelf isn’t made out of wood or plastic but is built as a part of the apartment’s interior. 

Joe Hendrickson 

The shelf dividers Dexter’s workspace from the rest of his house. You don’t need to walk down his path and use this aesthetically pleasing shelf to store books or tools. It can simply be used to display showpieces or as a means to make your comfy space look spacious.

2) Window AC – A true Dexter fan’s apartment would be incomplete without the window AC. Yes, it is true, window ACs are now replaced by split ones but who cares? Loyal fandom for sure doesn’t change with trends. 

The window AC plays an important role in Dexter Morgan’s life as that’s where he hides his precious ‘trophies’. Get a window AC for your room to give it an old-school yet classy look, just like that of Dexter’s.

The Harvey Specter Style Living Room

It is hard to ignore the charisma that the iconic Harvey Specter has on screen. The character’s abode is equally awe-inspiring. It is the perfect combination of luxury and elegance. The earthy tones used in his reel home beautifully complement the natural light coming in from the high-rise windows. The dark brown sofa set is the go-to tone to match the walls and set the lounge area apart at the same time. Give your home a lavish revamp. Choose a neutral color for the walls and ensure that the lounging area has earthy tone pieces of decor to blend well with the walls. 

Harvey Spector Style Home

Penny’s Eclectic Home

The struggling actor Penny’s home in The Big Bang Theory is filled with all things quirky. It is a perfect example of an eclectic home. The sea-green sofa and the abstract, multicolored chair paired with a brown center table, those purple frames on the wall, and all the other colourful pieces, add lively charm to the house. Such chic, eclectically designed homes can be a great way to capture and incorporate your style. When designing such a space, make sure you don’t go overboard with the colours. Choose a subtle colour for your walls so that you can add all the quirkiness you want with the furniture pieces, decor, and fabrics. If you decide to go the eclectic route, make sure you don’t overdo the colours as it can make your home look loud, cluttered, and overdone.

The Big Bang Theory Penny Style Home

Carrie Bradshaw’s Everything-Blue-Home

Carrie’s apartment in the ‘Sex and the City’ series has a beautiful blue colour palette. The floral chairs, cream curtains, and white entertainment unit are perfectly set against the backdrop. Such colours and decor allow you to go bold while making the space look elegant at the same time. If you want to give your home a similar look, go bold with solid colours for the walls coupled with earthy-toned decor for the rooms. Just make sure you don’t choose too many different colours and different decor styles. Make sure that all the rooms in your home complement each other well.  A bold colour for the walls and some soothing decor can set just the right vibe for your place. 

Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw Style House

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