There’s no such thing as ‘perfect’ when it comes to home interior design. No matter how beautifully you’ve done up your home, or how much you love it now, there must be a point when boredom starts creeping in from the corners. Fight that inertia and transform your home with some unconventional decor, innovative lighting and a fresh coat of paint, with just a few home interior design tips for the quirky home makeovers for those who easily get bored.

1. Paint a fresh canvas

Think of yourself as the artist, and your room as a canvas. Now, you can’t paint twice on the same canvas, can you? The first step towards redoing your home interior design is to take down all wall art, lampshades, knick-knacks, soft furnishing and make a fresh beginning. De-clutter as much as you can. Don’t be kind just because something’s been hanging around in your house for a long time.

2. Painted Door

Painted Doors

Polishing your doors and windows, scrubbing your floors and painting your walls are the surest ways of making your home interior design as good as new. Most home interior design catalogues will suggest that you try a different shade of paint to give a completely new feel to your home. Need to wrap it all up in a hurry? Paint only one wall, in a contrasting colour and use it as a focal point to highlight your wall art or an interesting furniture piece.

3. Books to behold

Book shelf

How do you arrange your books in anything but a pile on the floor? Find ways of easy access that are also easy on the eye, like a neat stack, or place rows of books in a glass cabinet. The good thing about books is that they can easily become conversation points and can help you break the ice with a new neighbour or an old acquaintance. That apart, consider the extra pleasure you will get in exhibiting your literary tastes even as you show off your home interior design skills.

4. Book Shelves

If you have some books with beautiful covers and jackets, install a front-facing bookshelf and use your prized possessions as display pieces.

5. Let there be light

Lighting is not just a functional requirement but can be an important aesthetic element. If you plan your home interior design well, the lighting can make your space look warmer, neater and modern.

6. Table Lamps

quirky ideas for home

  • Create a play of light and shade using accent lighting options such as spotlights, table lamps and downlighters. According to home interior design experts, highlighting your treasured pieces using accent lights.
  • Simply layering it up with other lights, creates a mesmerizing ambience. Decorative night lamps can help you navigate your way in the dark, and also add a mystical glow to the room.
  • Use natural light to your advantage by placing your desk next to the window.
  • Use sheer curtains to block harsh light and dust.
  • Go one step further when it comes to home interior design, and place a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect the light and create an unusual pool of sunshine in your house. Now, place a few pieces in cut-glass or crystal on a tabletop and you have a dreamy ambience to float in, instantly

6. Cushioned and Comfortable

Quirky home makeover ideas

Cushions and rugs can give a quick makeover to your home interior design scheme, without burning a hole in your pocket. Create an alternate sitting arrangement by throwing a rug or a kilim in an unused corner and topping it up with some floor cushions. Stack a few books on the side and use them as a side table.

7. Quirky Cushion Covers

quirky home makeover

To give an ethnic and quirky makeover to your house, use cushions and rugs with embroidery, sequins, applique and quilted patchwork. To add an opulent look to your drawing room, a good home interior design idea is to try fabrics in silk, leather or suede. Get some custom-made cushions with pictures of your family members or weave a rug displaying your favourite quote.

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