Many apartments these days come with pocket-sized kitchens. There’s not much that can be done about this — or is there? Here’s how you can visually enhance the space in your kitchen, without having to do a major remodel! Take a look at these small kitchen ideas that can make them feel wonderfully large.

Fifty Shades of White!

If you have a small kitchen, stick to white. White cabinetry, walls, countertops, tiles and floor create a unified space that is visually expansive. Use shades of white with different undertones or textures, such as matte cabinets against high gloss tiles, or vice versa. Incorporate surfaces with a slight sheen, so that the available light in the room is reflected and bounced around and makes your kitchen appear light and bright.

A note of caution: too much white can end up looking sterile and clinical. That’s a look you definitely do not want! Introduce textural elements, offset with light coloured woods and add small pops of colour to create interest.

Use Open Shelves

Open shelves look less confined than closed cabinetry, especially in a smaller space. These metal shelves are sleek and functional and show off your pottery and glassware without losing out on the continuity of space. The eye gets drawn past the shelves to the wall behind, making the room appear larger; while the glass shelves further add to the transparency.

small kitchens

Bring the Outside Inside

If you have a small utility outside your small kitchen, why not consider knocking off the wall in between to create a larger, unified space? Of course, you will need your architect’s advice if you are considering any structural modifications.

Unless the view from the kitchen is cringe-worthy, try to leave the windows bare and connect seamlessly with the outdoors. One way of doing this, as this clever designer has tried in this tiny compact kitchen, is to add a dining counter right next to the window and turn the gaze outward rather than indoors.

Rethink the Storage

This minuscule kitchen has gone against the grain of using upper cabinets everywhere and has restructured the storage completely. Floor to ceiling cabinets along with one entire wall house all the appliances, while the opposite side has no upper cabinets at all. The third side is neatly fitted with just a pantry unit and open shelves, making for a very pretty kitchen that is high on style and delightfully functional. We love the lively green and beige combination, too!

Lighten Up with Glass

Solid cabinet shutters block the view, effectively reducing the depth of the kitchen. By using glass in the cabinet shutters above the countertop, you can enhance the available space and make your kitchen appear lighter. Do ensure, however, that what is visible inside the cabinet is neatly organized and carefully arranged by colour and size. Clutter makes the room feel more crowded than it is.

Minimize Clutter on the Countertops

A small kitchen comes with definite constraints on storage space, and there is a tendency to crowd the countertop with appliances and utensil corrals. Try to tuck appliances behind an appliance garage with a roller shutter, and hang everyday utensils on a rail below the upper cabinets to reclaim lost space.

Use Striped Patterns

Stripes always have the effect of making a space appear taller or broader, depending on the direction along which they are running. Try using a striped rug on the floor to make a narrow kitchen appear wider. You can also lay the tiles in the backsplash in a chevron stripe or in long, horizontal layers to accentuate the length of the room.

Draw Attention to the Ceiling

A striking ceiling grabs attention and draws the eye upward, increasing the apparent height of the kitchen. Ornamental mouldings above the top cabinets also have a similar effect. Use mouldings that blend with the cabinetry and harmonize with the ceiling, rather than stand out in contrast which would have the opposite effect of dividing the space visually.

Amplify Light

Just as a mirror visually enhances spaces, reflective glass cabinets, stainless steel appliances and glossy countertops amplify the light in the room and make your small kitchen appear larger. Maximize the effect of natural light by keeping the windows open, and use lights below the counter and inside cabinets to create the right ambience and add functionality.

amplify light

Replace Cabinets with Shelves

Open shelving is not only easily accessible, but it also makes space appear less heavy. Try replacing the top row of cabinets entirely with open shelving, like in this charming rustic kitchen, for an airy and spacious look. Keep in mind, though, that the shelves should be well organized at all times and might also need to be dusted on a daily basis, so this option is not for everyone!

We hope we’ve given you some big ideas that you can put to use in your small kitchen! If you’d like more ideas, do visit any of our experience centres to meet our designers and see the designs on display. You can also set up a virtual call at your convenience, without leaving the comfort of your home! We can’t wait to connect with you!

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