Personalize all those lovingly created designs to fit into your space in an instant! The design catalogue at HomeLane isn’t just eye-candy!


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While looking for a modular kitchen, many a time you may have found the perfect design-the shape, the theme, the colour scheme, everything just works. But the price-oh the price! You fret, seeing that it is way off your budget. Oh wait, it is quoted for a much larger kitchen! You heave a sigh of relief as you feel maybe, just maybe, it would fit into your budget since your kitchen is so much smaller than the one in the catalogue.

With a smart feature on HomeLane, you can now give up guessing whether you’d be able to afford to get your favourite kitchen executed for your home or no. HomeLane takes personalization of design to a whole new level-enabling you to get quotes for the design you love, customized to fit your room size. And that’s not all. You get multiple estimates from various brands and design firms-for that very design. That’s how we simplify your research for the perfect home interiors, manifold.

How To Personalize Your Instant Interior Design?

Here’s how you could go about getting a design specific quote:

1. Choose from our star designs

Choose the one you love from our best selling and most popular kitchen designs. You could also choose from designs sorted by shape, say a parallel or an L-shaped kitchen.

2. Set the kitchen dimension to fit your room size

We understand your kitchen may not be of the same size as the one in the catalogue. Just change the dimensions with the help of the slider.

3. Instantly get Estimates from Multiple Vendors

Get estimates for the exact design and kitchen size from multiple Brands and Interior Design Firms. It makes comparisons a lot easier, without you having to step out of your home.

4. Book And Take It Forward

When you book your home interiors with us then, you are now in a good position to start a deeper engagement with HomeLane. Get the estimate for your dream kitchen based on the dimensions. You have comparable quotes from multiple vendors. You just need to choose an estimate that suits you and get started by making token payment.

5. Relax while we take care of the rest!

We would ensure that flawless interiors are delivered at your doorstep. We offered affordable and personalized home interiors with the assured guaranty. And all the while you’ll be covered under the HomeLane guarantees of Quality and Timely Delivery.

What’s stopping you then! Get quotes for your favourite instant design with HomeLane.


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