A cat as a pet is very different from a pet dog. Cats are known to have asocial ancestors who are mostly found in the wild. Therefore, adjusting to an environment different from what they are usually supposed to age can be a daunting task for your little kitty. From the colour of paint you use for your walls to the home furniture, everything will require a wave of change to make it cat-friendly.

Having to change your home interior sounds like a lot of work, but we’re here with a list of things you could use as a cat-parent to help make you come comfortable and warm for your newest buddy!
cat friendly homes

Here are the top 7 ways to make a cat-friendly home:

1. Wooden Cabinet Shelves

While you make your home cat-friendly, you can also do an upgrade for your home sweet home by adding a few wood finish cabinets in your hall! Cats are active creatures, and to keep your cat healthy, he/she needs to be jumping around the house. Creating wooden slabs against a wall on different heights would help keep your cat active. It is important for you, as a parent, to understand how a cat lives, functions, and what his/her likes and dislikes are. Having an interesting wooden shelf to climb on and get to new heights would help keep your cat away from boredom as well as give your house a nice makeover!wooden shelves for cat

2. Look outside

Cats are known to be spending time looking outside a window. To make a home interior that fulfils your cats’ needs and your own needs, make sure you have windows in the house. A small perch should suffice as a place for your pet to stare and observe the activities happening in the world outside. Please be cautious about which room with a window you’d like to make accessible to your cat as the existence of other cats outside can become a problem. Having a room with a window could be your reading space where your pet can curl up next to you while you unwind and relax with a nice cup of green tea.widow designs for cat

3. Stimulate the curious brain

Cats are curious beings. They need to have certain stimulations involved in their daily activities, to not be lethargic. Creating a vertical space such as a cat tree can go a long way in helping with creating a stimulus for your cat. Apart from it being a good form of physical activity, the vertical space created will help your pet view the world from a higher place and keep him /her entertained.
Cat scratch pad

4. Placing Scratching Pad

If you love your furniture and do not want your pet to use it from scratching themselves, make sure you place scratching posts where it is feasible for your pet. It helps them stretch, scratch, and remove their outer nail sheath. As a parent, you must keep in mind choosing a scratch post that is strong, sturdy, and provide multiple positions to offer accessibility to scratching in the position your cat likes.

Most pet parents tend to leave a scratching post in a corner where it suits their comfort and, in turn, get their precious furniture scratched into. Notice what your cat does, notice the patterns and behaviors, and place the scratching posts accordingly.
scratching pad for cats

5. Bedroom Space

If you already have a cat or are looking to adopt one, you must know that cats love crawling up into small spaces and curling up in there. Most cat parents decide to design their bedrooms, so there is a loft above that helps the cat have a space to play during the day and nap during the night.

cat house designs

6. Bathroom manners

Make sure you place litter boxes and train your cat to do their business in the litter boxes only! Like humans, they do not like wet and dirty spaces, and hence, as a parent, make sure you get only the best for your baby!

cat litter box

7. Give them their corner

Cats are species that enjoy their own company, and even though they are great pets, they love having a space of their own. Either fashion a nice DIY box or something that helps your cat disappear into a secret/hiding space to feel secure. In case your cat is scared or nervous, having this space built right beneath your bed will help build confidence and mingle with the family at its own pace.

cozy spaces for cats

Cats are beautiful creatures and even better pets to have. You will have to be cautious about certain things if you are a pet parent or planning to be one. For example, keeping the toilet lid closed at all times, keeping things on a shelf that can be easily replaced, and keeping toxins that can cause health hazards away from your cat. All of this can be stressful, and that’s why HomeLane is a great option that will help you make your home cat-friendly without you having to worry at all! You can concentrate on training your cat and having new experiences while HomeLane will take care of your home and customize it according to your need and liking!

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