We don’t look at our home as an investment. For us, it’s a place that we cherish each moment and enjoy making memories. We were very particular about how the space we spend most of our free time looks and feels. Especially as the kind of people who prefer staying in rather than going out, this is important. The designer understood our vision perfectly and she executed it in a way that is much more practical than what we would have done if we did this by ourselves.

Our first meeting was…

As a young couple, it was only natural that our parents would be anxious about this huge step of setting up a home by ourselves. From the very first meeting at the HomeLane experience centre, the team made us feel like we are well taken care of and that we are not alone in the journey. The best part was that we felt completely involved because the team would send us pictures of the progress every day. As we both work and couldn’t be physically present all the time, such a clear line of communication was well appreciated!

Let’s go on a tour


We are both big foodies and we spend a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen. We chose a bold blue because we wanted a bright, happy kitchen to do this. As per the designer’s suggestion, we chose white for the countertops and some of the upper cabinets, which makes the blue stand out even more beautifully.

Living area

The living room is where we like to unwind after work and swap stories. Our friends also love to come over and spend time on the weekends.

Master Bedroom

Our bedroom is a piece of heaven. When we enter it, we leave all our worries and our bad vibes behind for a night of peaceful rest. The team has done such a great job with this room. With a spacious etched glass wardrobe with three sliding shutters, we have more than enough storage for both of us.

Guest Bedroom

When we have kids, we want the guest room to be changed it into a children’s room. So keeping that in mind, we made sure that the colors we chose were gender-neutral, and that it was functional enough for a child in a few years time.

Dining Room

We like to decorate the dining room and serve our guests with our own culinary experiments. We went for neutral shades so that we can change out the accessories often for a new look every time.

TV Unit

We love an earthy look and the TV unit with a wooden finish is just what the living room needed. The combination of wood and white laminate is a classic that I think we won’t tire of easily.

Highlights of our Home

At HomeLane our experts work with you and for you, making sure your dream house can become a cherished reality. All your individual designs, ideas, and preferences are acknowledged and taken into account. Each step that is taken towards making your dream home a reality is shared with you. Your choices and decisions are of utmost importance.

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