The process of creating a home is an emotional one for most people. But did you know that interior designers also find each project to be a unique and memorable experience?

Rosemarie Correia is a Design Partner at HomeLane, and she helped make a home for Puneet and Manisha that they absolutely adore. Here is what Rosemarie has to say about her experience:

“I have been working with HomeLane for almost two years now and I must say, this project has by far been my most special experience. Puneet Verma and his wife Manisha came to HomeLane with a clear vision of their need and what they want their space to look like. They wanted efficiency in the space and a bright and warm colour palette, just like their personality. After a couple of design discussions and brainstorming, we were able to achieve all that they desired. Once the project was executed it just came up brilliantly. I am proud to say that we created a home for them. They continue to be welcoming with each and every member of our team and this is an experience, I’ll always remember.”

Puneet and Manisha House Tour in Mumbai

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At HomeLane our experts work with you and for you, making sure your dream house can become a cherished reality. All your individual designs, ideas, and preferences are acknowledged and taken into account. Each step that is taken towards making your dream home a reality is shared with you. Your choices and decisions are of utmost importance.

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