The Thought Behind

Have you ever imagined how the house in your dreams would look like upon materialisation? It’s good to be imaginative but that, when enabled, is probably a feeling one cannot really resist.

This release, in particular, talks about a fine project done by our artful design expert, Komal Agashe.

The Beginning

While Komal was vehemently designing the house of Aman Kumar, who happens to be a doctor and likes things in precision, the saga of experiences, the two parties gathered was a remarkable example of what HomeLane really stands for – A word said is a word kept.

After browsing through all the accomplished home interiors players online, the soon-to-become doctor decided to go with a home interior solutionist who he could rely upon – He chose us, he was looking for perfection!

What intrigued him the most was our 3D design creator, SpaceCraft. While the highly-enabled platform’s primary motto is to aid customers with relevant designs for their home, the key takeaway is convenience. Aman said he could not have asked for more.

The Completion

Every little detail, confusing colour pallets and space constraints did not seem like a problem at all as Komal took the most intelligent strides to solve them. The house was completed into a beautiful home afterwards.

The Outcome

As though the fact that Aman could choose and pick designs for his home, from the comfort of his living room was just the beginning! He was further floored by HomeLane’s promise-keeping behaviour amongst other offerings. His home was set up within the 45 days’ time-frame.

True accomplishment! What we delivered was what we promised.

House Tour

Living Room:

This eclectic living room is perfect with the blue colour textured accent wall, along with the neutral colour palette. The modern TV unit gives the sleek look to space and makes the tv less obvious. This tray ceiling is designed with yellow strip light which will set up the mood and amp up space. The blue sectional sofa is perfect for the normal gathering and sneaks an extra space for the guests.

Blue theme living room with Wooden Flooring

Dining Room and Living Room

The attached white dining table with a wooden finish will add texture to space. The room is amp up with the traditional accent lights and ceiling lights, which goes perfect with the home interior. The textured and wooden flooring will make the space look modern and add a rich look to your interiors.

White Colour Dining Table

Bedroom Interiors

Aman chose the neutral colour palette of his bedroom, the beige walls and white colour look goes well with this white queen size bed, along with the textured side table. The room has enough natural light which is making the room look more spacious. The window seating area is perfect for the reading corner and enjoy the nature.

Bed Room Design Ideas

Wardrobe designs

The bedroom comes up with multipurpose cambric textured wardrobe which comes up with the study area and storage options for the books.

Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom


We hope you enjoyed this fresh design blog, and that you found it helpful. We are thrilled to hear about how you have used our tips to make your first home. If you enjoyed reading this, please share it with friends and family members who may be looking for tips on design. We look forward to hearing from you!

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