The time to let go of the past and embrace everything new about life is here. New Year is around the corner, and here is your chance to make it more memorable with a ravishing New Year party. Come on now, don your party hat and welcome 2022 with pomp. And if you are worried about the ongoing pandemic dampening the festive spirits, we have you covered there. We have curated 10 New Year party ideas that will ensure you a pleasurable experience in ringing in 2022, minus the worry.

P.S. Get the invites ready already!

Dress Up Your Home Using Old Decor

What brings in the festive vibes and sets you in the mood for celebration better than a beautifully decorated home? To avoid stepping out to shop amongst crowds, maybe take out old decor to light and dress your home up. Also, don’t worry if it is far less than you would have wanted or not that attractive. When it comes to decorations, less is more, and minimalism is the new decor! Plus, with little use of creativity and smartness, you can make your home look perfectly ready for the New Year celebrations.

Let There Be Scent

As much as decor and lighting are important, good fragrances also majorly turn the environment extra vibrant. Light natural incense sticks or scented candles in soothing, peppy fragrances such as lavender, tea tree, jasmine, orange, etc. These can add striking looks to add to the decor and the festive vibe. You have to ensure the good placing of the incense and candles. Light them in places away from the window and fans, so their scent is strong and spreads to all room parts.

Stick To Your Tried and Tested Recipes

It is not the right time to experiment with the food you will be serving. It is best to stick to the recipes you are good at creating. This will not just save you time and effort but also ensure that your guests truly enjoy the feast you put together for them. Make sure you do all the necessary preparations a day prior so that cooking time is significantly reduced and you and your wife do not get exhausted even before the party. And you don’t have to prepare every dish yourself. Order some ready-to-serve appetisers or desserts from your favourite restaurant to cater to everyone’s distinct choices.

It’s Game Time

Kickstart the party with games. Ludo, UNO, Dumb Charades, Musical Chairs, etc., are some of the fun and exciting games to plan for the celebration day. Playing games together has been proved to enhance the bond with loved ones and add five stars to the celebrations with cheer and laughter.

Let Everyone’s Talent Come Out with Karaoke

The quality of a good host is to keep the guests entertained all throughout. So, while the meals are getting prepared, engage your guests with karaoke where they can sing their hearts out. This will uncover some hidden talents and a lot of laughter!

Arrange for a Bonfire Plus Dance Night

New Year celebrations without bonfire and dancing? We have an excellent idea of mixing these two unmissable parts of New Year celebrations together. Take your party under the stars, light a cosy bonfire, play party numbers, and dance away the night. Barbequed snacks are the perfect accompaniment for such a night.

Hold Fun Competitions

To add more fun and frolic to your party, invent creative and delightful competitions such as ‘who can blow maximum balloons in a minute’, ‘who can rightly say tongue twisters’, etc. Give the winner exciting gifts like a plantable pencil, bamboo straw, books, etc. Keep the gift a surprise to add to the fun quotient of the competitions.

Give Away Gifts

Thank your guests for making your New Year celebrations so much more special with return gifts. There are so many options for unique and lovable gifts available today. Some inexpensive but highly valuable gifting options for the New Year are:

  • Gift cards
  • Sweets or cookies, either homemade or from a popular local shop
  • Cool and quirky kitchenware
  • Diaries with stickers to pen down thoughts and resolutions for the New Year

To give the gifts a personalised touch, you can add inspiring and feel-good quotes about life.

Preparing for a cosy and fun New Year party shouldn’t be a tough task. Take the cue from the above unique New Year party ideas, and we are sure you will have a delightful and unforgettable time with your loved ones. For more such tips and style guides for home decor, visit HomeLane.

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