Spring is a time of new beginnings. We love this gorgeous season for the verdant vibrancy it brings to the world around us. Clear, cloudless skies and limpid green buds on trees welcome a fresh start and all around is renewed hope for a good life.

January: The Month Of Letting Go Of The Past!

Vasant Panchami – 16th Feb

Vasant means Spring, and this festival marks the arrival of this most loved season across the country. This lively festival is celebrated in a big way in Punjab, Odisha and other North Indian states. Dedicated to the Goddess of Learning, Devi Saraswathi, this day marks the beginning of formal education for many babies. This festival also pays homage to knowledge and divine love. Believers and temples that are dedicated to the goddess hold special pujas and prayers for the event. Traditionally, sweets are distributed to one and all, boondi laddoo being a particular favourite.

How Are Homes Decorated During These Harvest Festivals?

Yellow is considered to be an auspicious colour at this time. Thus you will find many people dressed in all shades of yellow. People use marigolds, sunflowers, Palash and other yellow flowers to decorate homes and pandals. Images of Goddess Saraswathi and her veena are brought to the forefront in homes and worshipped.

We bring you a mix of new and old ideas that you can use to decorate your homes this Vasant Panchami:

Decorations With Kites And Pennants

Kite flying is a popular event during this festival, and you could reflect this in your home décor as well. String up gaily coloured kites and pennants outside your home to mark the celebrations.

Colour It Yellow

Vasant Panchami is associated with the bright yellow flowers of the mustard crop that is harvested during this season. As yellow is considered to be a colour that is much loved by the goddess, puja offerings are often yellow as well. The food items will be coloured with turmeric and saffron for this. You can use yellow décor in your home as well. This festive season is the right time to bring out all your bright yellow cushions, rugs and curtains. yellow color living room decoration

Bring Out The Flowers

After the long, cold winter days, it’s time to look forward to spring flowers. Fill your home with flower arrangements in every nook and corner —on your tables, window sills, counters, and anywhere else that you think will look good. Greet your guests right at the front door with a big bowl of fresh spring flowers.flower decoration

Craft With Paper Flowers Decoration

Paper flowers in colours of yellow and white are trendy home décor items. Use techniques like quilling and folding to create unique patterns. decoration with paper flower

Origami Swans

Saraswathi is said to ride on a white swan that represents knowledge in its purest form. Make these origami swans out of handmade paper and hang them up above the windows. You could also make a creative montage with swans and plants around the image of the goddess.paper swan origami art

We hope these ideas help you to get into the spirit of the season. The HomeLane team wishes you and your family all the joys that the Spring season holds. May your homes be filled with love and light at this time, and always!

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