Everyone wants to decorate their homes in the best way possible, using the most beautiful items and furnishings. But, not all these items are affordable. You might be surprised to know that you can transform your home into your dream space with a few DIY home decor items. These items are cheap and will reflect your creativity. Here are some DIY home decor ideas that you can implement to make your interiors look more charming and elegant.

Add Spoon Display To Your Kitchen

An assembly of spoons arranged in a perfect sequence will surely change the look of your kitchen. This elegant display can be easily made using a set of spoons of different sizes and a large wooden board. It can be made using the following steps:

  • Make beautiful patterns on the wooden board using pencils and colours.
  • Place all the spoons on the board, mark their positions using a pencil, and drill holes on those spots.
  • Use a steel wire to attach all spoons to those holes one by one.
  • Tie all the ends of the wire, and you will have your very own personalised DIY spoon display.


Decorate With Wall Strings

Nowadays, many people are using wall strings to decorate their interiors. It has become one of the most prominent home decor ideas. To make beautiful wall string art, you need one hour from your busy schedule. You will require a few nails, string, scissors and a hammer to create some fabulous string art. Follow these steps to make wall string art at home.

  • Draw any letter or shape you want to create with strings on craft paper.
  • Mark the corners using a pencil and cut out the shape you have drawn.
  • Put that craft paper on the wall and hammer the nails on the corners.
  • Now use a string to create a pattern by wrapping them around the nails.
  • Do not use thin strings, as they will break off, and all your efforts will be in vain.
  • After arranging the strings, you will be left with the design that you have drawn on the chart paper in the form of string art.

Replace Lamps With Rope Table Lamp

If your table lamp looks very simple, you might want to do something about it. Try replacing it with a DIY rope table lamp. You need a lamp, a few metres of thick jute rope, glue, and tassels to design this. Follow this method to create it for yourself.

  • Carefully wrap the rope around the lamp’s base, and apply glue to it during the process.
  • Cut the loose ends, tie tassels to it, and place it near the lamp’s neck, and you have your DIY rope table lamp.

Hang jar Lamps In Your Common Room

Many people have a lot of residual jars in their storerooms, which can be turned into a lot of beautiful decor items. Jars have been used in several DIY home decor ideas. These lamps can be used in your dining space, outdoors, or even in a reading nook. You can create a hanging jar lamp for yourself in just 2 hours. All you need is a jar, thick rope, cotton rope, and small bulbs. To make these lamps, you need to:

  • Make a hole in the lid of the jar and pass an electric wire through it to connect the bulb.
  • Wrap the wire with cotton thread to insulate it.
  • Now attach a socket to the ends of the wire and stick a bulb to it.
  • Finally, take the jar and wrap a rope around it to reinforce the ropes and hang it properly.

Fill Your Walls With Clipboard Frames

Clipboard frames are the simplest DIY decor items that you can make in less than thirty minutes. You can install these frames in your child’s room, where you can hang handmade drawings from them, or you can install them in your hallway. To make a clipboard frame, you will require nails, a hammer, string and clipboards. Now that you have collected all the material, follow these steps:

  • Take a simple clipboard and tie a thread around its clip.
  • Add some jewellery pieces, such as beads or any ornaments through the rope to make it look more attractive.
  • Clip any photo or drawing that you wish to display on these clipboards.
  • Mark the points on the wall from where you wish to hang these frames.
  • Hammer nails through these holes and hang the frames from them.

Apart from these, you can try several other DIY home decor ideas yourself. You can make faux mercury glass or stamped napkins and wall frames, which you can add to your dining spaces. Moreover, you can also make fabric rosettes on your curtains and pillows to upgrade them. Pillows can also be redecorated easily in a few minutes using stencils motifs. Along with these decor items, you can also create personalised vases using wood or just paint an old vase yourself.

However, if you are looking for a professional renovation of your interiors, you should contact HomeLane. You can explore beautiful interior options to transform your home into a warm and comforting space.

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