Let’s begin with answering the question: What is an oversized wall art piece?

It is a massive piece of artwork that could be hung on a wall as wall decor. The oversized wall art piece is generally so big that it almost covers the entire wall; you can even hide the wall cracks or the not-so-perfect-looking parts of the walls with such an art piece. If you hang an oversized wall art piece then you don’t even need to decorate the wall with expensive paint or extravagant wallpaper because the art piece acts as wall decor in itself.

oversized wall art piece

If you’re planning to buy an oversized wall art piece, one thing that you need to decide beforehand is where to place it? Because placing it just anywhere won’t justify the art piece. Oversized wall art is supposed to be hung on a wall such that the wall art covers most of the wall. If you have a huge wall in your house, then you should think about getting an oversized wall art that enlivens the space. A piece of artwork can amuse the viewers/guests and could gratify the soul of any art lover depending on the design and location of your art piece. You can hang this wall art in any location of your home, be it the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or on your accent wall or sofa wall etc.

How to Hang Oversized Wall Art?

Hanging an oversize wall art at home is no biggie when you have the help of professionals such as at HomeLane. Once you have bought your art piece, you just have to wait till it is delivered to your home. The professionals will help you hang the oversize wall art wherever you desire! Yes, even if it is on the top floor of the building. You only need to decide the place where you want the art piece to be hung. Usually, it is suggested to choose a place that is accompanied by subtle and simple furniture. 

Even if you don’t choose to hang the wall art on a large wall, you can hang it on small walls too. Oversized wall arts can be hung anywhere as long as the wall is big enough to hold it. Placing an oversized wall art at the entryway of your house can create a point of focus and can even add some drama to a small wall. 

oversize wall art at home

Where to Place an Oversize Wall Art?

You could place a large artwork on a wall space in a room where the other features complement the art piece and create a contrasting or synchronising effect that is pleasant to the eyes. The space you choose to place the oversize wall art should mainly be big enough to contain it. For this, you might need to take out any existing artwork or photo frames or reorganize bookshelves as well as the furniture to create a perfect place to hang the artwork. The most common places for hanging oversized wall art are:

  1. In the living room above the sofa, especially if the sofa is near to the wall or in other words, on the sofa wall 
  2. In the bedroom, right above the bed 
  3. Above a small mantle  
  4. In between huge windows
  5. On accent wall in empty spaces

large artwork on a wall space

Design Inspiration for Oversize Wall Art

The best thing about oversize wall art pieces is that they are available in an infinite number of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are even customized. They are available in various designs such as abstract paintings, oceans, forests, mountains, horses, other animals, and even as an imitation of renowned artworks such as the famous Van Gogh’s painting ‘The Starry Night’. The oversized wall arts are readily available in the form of original artworks created by renowned artists or as beautiful photographs that are clicked by experienced photographers. You can also think about the design of your oversized wall art piece based on where you want to hang it. 

customized wall art

The oversized wall art may or may not have a frame attached to it. So, if you are a creative person or an artist then you can simply hang your own artwork on the wall as oversized wall art. Professionals suggest that the artwork should not be placed near a piece of fancy furniture such as an ornate mantle, else the focus of your room may shift from the art piece to the fancy furniture.

beautiful photograph

If you’re looking forward to hanging an oversized wall art piece in your home, you can check out the HomeLane because it has plenty of inspirational ideas for the same. 

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