The word ‘Bohemia’ was adopted from the french term ‘bohème’ in the mid-nineteenth century. Since the time of its coinage, the term has been used to describe people who don’t follow the common norms regarding literary or artistic interests.

Bohemian bedroom designs can be vivid and equally varied. But they all have some things in common. Earthy colours, textures and patterns are at the heart of boho decor.

Rugs, colourful pillows, macrame, plants and vintage items are perfect additions to make a bedroom more ‘boho’. It is all about a carefree outlook with no rigidity. If you are someone who doesn’t follow the bandwagon, then the boho style may be suited for you.

What is Bohemian-style decor?

The bohemian style consists of organic and natural elements. Modern bohemian bedroom decor is most appreciated and sought after by people who love a bold, chaotic and unusual style. If you like art, colours and textures, then the boho style room decor is for you.

Free-spirited people who love diverse art and culture find the bohemian room decor ideas fascinating. Bohemian bedroom designs combine colours, objects and patterns from various parts of the world.

bohemian style decor

The Various Elements of Bohemian Style Decor

The bohemian style originated in 19th- century France. This trend started by artists later became a lifestyle due to its popularity. The bohemian-style decor is characterised by different patterned elements, handmade items and plants. The purpose of such decor is to create a comfortable and earthly ambience.

Some of the common elements used in boho room decor ideas are as follows:


Greenery adds freshness and life to a living space. Creepers, climbers, cacti and other indoor plants add texture to the interiors. Plants are an essential component in most popular bohemian bedroom designs.

bohemian plants


Hand-made wall hangings like these can be found in different designs. They add texture and variety to blank spaces. Macrame can act as attractive centrepieces for walls.

Earthy colours

It is no surprise that bohemian bedroom designs comprise earthy colours like green, grey and brown. These add to the natural and rustic feel of the boho room theme. You may add shades of orange, purple and blue here and there to add flavour.

earthy colours

Layer rugs

One of the key aspects of bohemian bedroom designs is texture. Patterned rugs of different forms can be used to make any living space look vibrant and comfy.

The majority of the flooring in bohemian theme decor is in shades of brown. However, you may use different colours to suit your taste. After all, the core idea of the bohemian room style is to mix, match and break conventions.

layer rugs

Colourful pillows

Colour and comfort are key to the bohemian aesthetic. Adding colourful, patterned pillows to a bed or couch may brighten any room while making it feel homely. You may go for vibrant or more muted colours based on your preference.

colourful pillows


Just like the handcrafted wallhangings, handmade baskets can also add to the aesthetic of a bohemian-style room. These baskets add storage convenience, texture and flavour to a bohemian decor.


Furniture and lights

Rattan, wicker, wood and raffia are the primary materials used in bohemian decor for lights and furniture. These can make a living place bright and lively while retaining elegance.

furniture and lights


Mirrors of different shapes and sizes can add to the aesthetic of any room. Boho decor may be accentuated by adding unique mirrors. Mirrors with unusual wooden, metallic or cane frames may add a rustic style to a living space.

unique mirrors for boho decor


Art being at the heart of bohemian decor, it is certain that a unique painting may largely contribute to the feel and aesthetic of a bohemian living space. You can get a printed or handmade painting, depending on your choice. You may even paint it on your own to add a personal touch.

unique painting for bohemian decor

Popular Bohemian Bedroom Designs

There can be endless choices when it comes to Bohemian bedroom designs. You can mix and match things to your liking and add your personal touch. Some trending Bohemian bedroom designs are here for you to peruse.

Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

At the end of a hard day’s work, you will seek this bedroom’s comfort. Not too ‘over the top’, this decor is elegant and minimalistic.

bohemian minimalist bedroom

Heart of Nature

You could use a little more oxygen to liven things up. Plants are a great addition to a boho-style bedroom.

white bohemian bedroom

Yellow but Mellow

Mornings here are always bright and sunny. Even when they are not. The vibrant yellow provided by the background wall blends seamlessly with the greenery of the plants. The macrame/wicker hanging lights add a nice touch to the ambience. The low-level wooden bed is like the cherry on top.

yellow bohemian bedroom

Rustic Red

The finishing on the wall has a fitting earthen look. The wicker, rattan and seagrass furniture is the icing on the cake.

red boho bedroom

Modern Bohemian Bedroom

Where modernity meets bohemianism. You are a fan of patterns, textures and variety but want to keep things subtle. This just might be it!

modern bohemian bedroom

Your living space speaks a lot about you. It also helps create good impressions on your guests. Bohemian decor is all about mixing things up and being unconventional. There can be innumerable bohemian room decor ideas.

The key to a perfect design is to use the right combination of lights, colours, textures, patterns, and materials. With so many options, choosing the right style may seem daunting. Don’t worry, HomeLane has you covered. Visit the HomeLane website and help yourself with many bohemian bedroom designs.


1. What is a bohemian-style bedroom?

Bohemian bedroom decor combines different colours, patterns and textures to create a look inspired by many cultures. Earthy colours, macrame, wicker, rugs and blankets, patterned pillows, etc., are some characteristics of a bohemian-styled bedroom.

Bohemian bedroom designs embrace the maximalist and eccentric outlook towards art. Such bold tastes may characterise you, or you may like more subtle flavours. Either way, the Bohemian style covers you with its endless combinations and varieties.

2. How can I decorate my bedroom bohemian style?

The key is to keep the base neutral and add colour through layers. We recommend light colours for quilts and bedding. Add to this vibrant throws, blankets and cushions. This will make the colours pop and add life to your room.

Turkish or Moroccan rugs are a nice touch to make a bedroom more ‘bohemian’. Rattan seats, plants, macrame wall hangings and wicker lamp shades are nice touches. Add a scented candle, some personal trinkets, flowers and books, and you have your perfect boho abode.

3. What is the colour of the bohemian style?

Bohemian decorating is pretty flexible and doesn’t follow any rigid rules when it comes to colours. Warm earthy colours are common in this type of decor. Deep browns, greys and greens may act as base colours. These may be accentuated with jewel colours or metallic tones. Think fiery orange, electric blue or saturated purple with more muted base colours.

Layering different colours are unique to bohemian room decor ideas. If you wish to decorate your room or bedroom in a bohemian style, then feel free to try out different colours and textures. You may use dyed textiles and patterns from around the world, like ‘suzani’ from central Asia or ‘ikat’ from Cambodia.

4. What is the difference between bohemian and Scandinavian design?

Scandinavian design is a stark contrast to Bohemian design. In Bohemian decor, more is considered better. Bright colours, varied textures and a free-spirited outlook best describe the boho style.

Scandinavian decor, on the other hand, is all about keeping things simple. This type of design has simplicity and functionality at its core. Too many colours, textures and patterns aren’t apt here. Scandinavian design is about keeping things simple and clean, devoid of clutter.

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