High atop a Gurgaon skyscraper, Simanta and Barnana’s home is awash with the warmth of vibrant colours. Rich, colour-blocked walls and bright furniture bring vivacious energy to the living spaces, with each room showcasing a carefully curated palette. Playful patterns in the furnishings add colour tonality, while statement sofas and beautifully put-together wall art create focal interest and capture attention.

“When you buy your own home, you want to put your heart and soul into it!” says Barnana, taking us through her tastefully decorated apartment. “We have been here two years and everything is still functional and beautiful, just the way it was when we first stepped in!” For the lovely couple, their home is a canvas for their personalities and a reflection of their infectious enthusiasm for life. Every room celebrates the power of colours to evoke moods and narrate visual stories.

Here’s a glimpse of this Gurgaon couple’s beautiful home, crafted with love by the HomeLane design team!

The couple’s teenage son loves all things space-related, and his planet-themed bedroom is a riot of colours. The bespoke painted wall mural dazzles with an array of vibrant planets, swirling galaxies, and sparkling stars.

Neatly tucked into an alcove, his compact study desk is done up in primary colours, stimulating and inspiring him during study hour! The unit is thoughtfully designed with a pin-up board for study notes and overhead cabinets for books, while drawers below the worktop offer plenty of space for stationery and school essentials. To one side of the desk, the three-door sliding wardrobe grabs eyeballs and makes a stunning statement in warm pops of chrome yellow and lime green. The laminated wooden floor is practical and stylish, in equal measure.

The loft above the wardrobe, in matching shades of yellow and green, provides much-needed extra storage space and helps to keep the room organised and clutter-free. Additional storage is seamlessly integrated into a recessed nook, featuring steel grey doors fitted with a large vertical mirror.

Exaggerated florals take centre stage in this Insta-worthy living room. Keeping in mind Barnana’s love for colours, the HomeLane team has curated a charming blend of patterns, tones, and textures, crafting a harmonious and visually pleasing sanctuary where the family can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This space is designed around a biophilic theme, with various elements crafted to incorporate pops of nature. Atop the centre table, a lovely ceramic bowl embellished with a peacock holds a bunch of flowers, while a pretty mural on the far wall showcases a floral motif.

An old-fashioned entertainment unit in black and white provides ample space for curios and display collectibles all around the flat screen television set. Closed cabinets at floor level are used to stash away odds and ends.

Careful attention has been paid to the lighting layout in every room. An ornate chandelier in the living room falls in line with the floral theme in this space. In the dining area, a mix of black metal ceiling pendants and wall sconces, all fitted with warm yellow lamps, throws pretty pools of light on the ground below.

Barnana worked closely with the designers to ensure that every corner of the burgundy and peach kitchen met her exacting specifications. 

“The design was personalised to my requirements, and the double door pantry unit that I asked for holds all my dry groceries and kitchen staples perfectly!” Built around a highly practical, space-saving ideology, the compact kitchen is charming and functional, all at once.

Rustic square tiles in the backsplash impart a farmhouse feel to the kitchen, beautifully tying up the soft peach upper run of cabinets with the bold burgundy cabinets below the countertop. Carefully curated artefacts in wood and black metal are the perfect foil to the rustic narrative. LED strip lights below the overhead cabinets throw warm light on the speckled grey granite counters.

Glass-encased lift-ups on either side of the cooking hob provide easy access to spice jars and everyday cooking ingredients. The sink (not seen in the picture) is on the opposite wall, perfectly completing the triad of the kitchen work triangle. Steel racks on the wall hold cups and ladles within quick reach.

Done up in cafe-style colours, the pretty dining space houses a table topped with a cheery floral tablecloth. The gallery wall just behind holds an assortment of coffee shop posters that are artfully arranged.

Ever-practical and smart with finances, Simanta was all praise for HomeLane’s meticulous estimates and transparent accounting. He shares, “There was, of course, a price negotiation with HomeLane during the initial stages. And when the job was finished, I felt that their costs were very practical, indeed! All the products are genuine, the quality of work is very good and the final finishing is awesome. Even our friends told us the same!”

Loved Simanta and Barnana’s stylish interior, and want to explore design themes for your own home? The HomeLane team is more than happy to work with you to bring your decor ideas to life! All you need to do is call; we’ll take it from there! 


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